Learn how to be prepared for any and all emergencies. No-nonsense approaches to surviving everything from natural disasters to total economic collapse and governmental failure. If you are not prepared with at least basic survival knowledge you and your family will become prey.

Times being as they are with our government enacting legislation to control everything from food growth and delivery, smart grid technology to control how much electricity you can use, control of fishing and water, a whacked out czar who wants to ban hunting, Iran testing Shahab and Scud missiles to see if they can get them high enough in the atmosphere to cause an EMP to knock out our entire electrical grid, including transportation, it is better to be prepared and hope for the best than to not be prepared and have the worst happen.

Anybody that knows anything about "Extreme Living" knows that you can survive quite comfortably with the right gear and preparedness.

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What is a Survivalist?

I guess being a farmer/rancher most of my life gives you a suspicious nature about everything. Us country boys don’t like strangers, city folks, snoopy police and all things that disturb our quiet lives. I guess in that light it was only natural to consider surviving, but surviving what? My dad was a bit of a rebel like myself and he always would say that “if the government keeps spending money like a drunken sailor the whole damn country will go bust”. Well he’s been gone several years and it seems that it finally may do just that.

When we consider that any city has at best a 7 day supply of food before the grocery shelves are empty it gives a perspective that we hope that the trucks keep running to the stores. I have asked myself on many a night on the porch what would happen if we had a collapse of our system as we know it. We’ve probably all heard the horror stories of the cities emptying out into the countryside cause there is no food and the gangs are in charge not the police. What’s a farmer to do but defend his property and livestock. So I have always had things like this in my strategy to “survive” ….. but survival has evolved over the years.

Hurricane Katrina was a huge reinforcement for me. Roving bands of looting, shootings, gangs terrorizing, rape and people with no food or water. A good survivalist would not have been there I figure, he would size up the impending problem and be long gone. A troubling development in this tragic circumstance was that against the color of law the citizens were disarmed. This sweeping move scares any law abiding gun owner who has been battling government to keep our firearms from over zealous bureaucrats. We had soldiers, police, Black Water mercenaries roving the streets disarming citizens and leaving them to the roving street thugs defenseless. This is a less than desirable situation to be in for sure.

Of course the perfect survival retreat up in the mountains, a trout stream of pure water flowing by your little cabin well stocked with food, and everything needed for living “off the grid”. Of course it is far enough off the beaten path that the roving hoards of hunger crazed humanity won’t get that far. Sounds good don’t it? Unfortunately, not attainable for most people.

I was once asked by someone many years ago “why would you want to survive” …. A valid question. The only thing I could think of was, “so when we put society back together, we can do it right next time”. Touche’

So now I have been asked to put all the years of planning that I have done…. Apply the lessons learned and ideas that worked, and make it for todays problems. I have accepted this challenge and I will be posting on this forum my version of surviving the coming challenges that we face.

The first thing that you must do is evaluate what your situation really is, outline goals, establish what dangers (if any) that you face and the scenarios that will bring about the need to “survive”.

My first scenario will be to address a temporary situation like a Katrina event where society is interrupted, roving street gangs are looting the stores and making a nuisance of themselves. The mayor has declared the National Guard is coming and that citizens will be required to follow the “Emergency Preparedness Plan”. FEMA is coordinating with Homeland Security to keep order and ensure the safety of the citizens of “You Used To Be Free” State.

What do you do? The first thing you must ask yourself is “do I want to stay”? If you stay, then you must stay no matter what in my opinion. Leaving because things are getting too bad would be a serious mistake. Remember all the cars stranded on the interstate out of gas during Katrina. Traffic was hardly moving and people were running out of gas everywhere. Not good planning, and foolish decision making. If you stay then you should have bare minimum of 30 days food supply including water.

My evaluation of staying and needed items would be:

Is my home in a defensible neighborhood such as a suburb, is it in a flood plane or any other disaster prone area that would make me abandon my home in the middle of a disaster. What type of neighborhood? Can I defend it if need be?

If that is good then I would draw up a family plan with responsibilities for all members of the family. In this day of modern technology cell phones and the like one should be able to contact everyone immediately right? What if the cell phones aren’t working (9/11), then what? A back up plan must be implemented and all members familiarized with it, including rehearsals etc. Everyone should have a place to be and a backup (friends close to work, school, etc.) That way if stranded you are not one of the wandering masses.

Of course the best thing is if you are ahead of the catastrophe and you have the family home safe and sound, good, you were paying attention. If you are real lucky you have friends on your block that aren’t idiots and have weapons to defend their homes as well. Security will be much easier if this is the case, standing guard duty constantly tends to wear you down quickly. Do not attract attention with the “useful idiots” in the neighborhood. If the police come around announcing that there is food and water and all residents must turn out for rations at the fairgrounds, definitely stay put and keep outside activities to a minimum so as not to get turned in to the authorities for non-compliance. I would try and get personal property off the street if possible. Are the cars in the garage, if no garage how about the back yard. If you are in an apartment, you should have left long ago.

What do I need? Do yourself a favor and plan a weekend outing at home. Walk over to the breaker box and shut the electricity off put a padlock on it and then try and prepare food and do what is necessary to keep your family going and you will know for sure. Here is a partial list.

Coleman stove that uses unleaded gasoline, cast iron cookware, large quantity of paper plates, cups, etc. A way of water purification, I recommend the Berkey water purifiers. They will give you reliable potable water with minimum fuss, it is gravity fed and simple to use. You will need to pay attention to hygiene and a portable toilet is mandatory (the bathroom is off limits). I like the 5 gallon plastic bucket with a seat on it and liners. When changing liners have another bucket with a lid to store the waste in. This brings me to the 5 gallon plastic bucket, if ever there is a wonderful tool it is the plastic bucket. They can be acquired free all over. I get mine at restaurants, they throw them out constantly and will happily give them away. Make sure you get the lids if you can they will be handy for other items. They also throw out gallon sized containers with screw tops which work great for bulk foods for your survival pantry.

Staples: Staples are the things that are not made. It is not stuff that you dump out and all the ingredients are in the box. Making a meal from scratch is different, and believe it or not there are many people in this country that don’t or can’t “make” a meal. Staples a partial list: salt, pepper, sugar, flour, corn meal, canned meats, oatmeal, cooking oil, baking powder and baking soda, rice, wheat, corn, macaroni, onions and potatoes in the basement. The things that you can use for cooking, baking, maintaining your strength and morale. You are gonna need something to do anyway, might as well learn how to cook. I recommend cast iron cookware not the type that are pretty either, plain black cast iron cookery will cook on a stove as well as a camp fire or multi fuel coleman stove. Learn how to use it and season it and it will perform well for generations. I have several different pieces as well as a couple of “Dutch ovens”, they are wonderful. Oh and no fires or lights after it gets dark, that’ll bring people to you for sure. Even if you have a basement bright lights will ruin your night vision for 10 to 30 minutes.

Defense: In this situation assault rifles are ok, but I like shotguns. They are easy to use and with 00 buck are lethal at 50 yards and beyond. If you have to defend your property and your family then you must. You may not be able to grasp the idea of killing another human being. Hopefully you will get over that right here and now. Believe me, a lot of the people you may be dealing with will not hesitate to kill you or any family member to get whatever it is they want from you . Consider the fact that they may want your wife or daughter after they help themselves to your food ………grow up.

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