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April 2010

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How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)
by Ann H. Coulter

Obamaís Failures in Oil Rig Disaster Reminiscent of Bushís Katrina Failures
The Obama Administration failed to immediately send experts to the oil rig disaster, failed to position cleanup equipment, and failed to make sure the drill site was secured against leakage.

Arizona lawmakers OK several changes to immigration law
The follow-on legislation approved Thursday also would change the law to specify that immigration-status questions would follow a law enforcement officer's stopping, detaining or arresting a person while enforcing another law. Brewer's spokesman said that makes it clear that police cannnot question people just on the suspicion they're illegal immigrants.

If Democrats plan to run on their record...
DNC Chair Tim Kaine insisted this week that Democrats will run on their record of accomplishment in this yearís midterm elections. According to Pew, that strategy borders on political suicide. In a cycle where the economy will be by far the most important issue, the only people who think the American economy is looking rosy are Democrats.

Another Pelosi Easter egg in ObamaCare: IRS mandate on business
A few wording changes to the tax codeís section 6041 regarding 1099 reporting were slipped into the 2000-page health legislation. The changes will force millions of businesses to issue hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of additional IRS Form 1099s every year. It appears to be a costly, anti-business nightmare.

Dems now calling federal ObamaCare mandate a "tax"
This switch in constitutional theories is a tell: Defenders of the bill lack confidence in their commerce power theory. The switch also comes too late. When the mandateís constitutionality comes up for review as part of the state attorneys general lawsuit, the Supreme Court will not consider the penalty enforcing the mandate to be a tax because, in the provision that actually defines and imposes the mandate and penalty, Congress did not call it a tax and did not treat it as a tax.

Game over: UN elects Iran to its commission on...womenís rights
Without fanfare, the United Nations this week elected Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women, handing a four-year seat on the influential human rights body to a theocratic state in which stoning is enshrined in law and lashings are required for women judged "immodest".

Obama takes immigration reform off agenda
Immigration reform was an issue Obama promised Latino groups that he would take up in his first year in office. But several hard realities — a tanked economy, a crowded agenda, election-year politics and lack of political will — led to so much foot-dragging in Congress that, ultimately, Obama decided to set the issue aside.

Congress Approves Referendum On Puerto Rico Future
The House on Thursday approved legislation that could set in motion changes in Puerto Rico's 112-year relationship with the United States, including a transition to statehood or independence. The House bill would give the 4 million residents of the island commonwealth a two-step path to expressing how they envision their political future. It passed 223-169 and now must be considered by the Senate.

Democrats Could Triple Dividend Tax
Everyone knows tax increases are coming. But a Wall Street Journal editorial explains that these hikes will be bigger than expected, with taxes on dividends nearly tripling. Last week, the Senate Budget Committee passed a fiscal 2011 budget that includes a 164 percent increase in the top dividend tax rate to 39.6 percent from 15 percent now.

McCain Tells Newsmax: Crime, Drugs Sparked Arizona Law, Declares Bipartisanship Dead in Washington
In an exclusive Newsmax interview, Sen. John McCain says drug cartels have taken over Mexico and pose a direct threat to the security of the United States, the main reason Arizona passed its sweeping new immigration law. McCain also says bipartisanship is dead because Democrats are intent on pushing a left-wing agenda onto the American people.

Obama 2nd Circuit Nominee Abused Power, Helped Rapist and Serial Killer
Circuit court judges have a great deal of power and influence. Yet, this is a man who abused his power as a judge to help a rapist/serial killer, attempted to strike down the sex offender registry known as Meganís law (a decision later unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court) and sentenced child porn distributors well below the sentencing guideline range. In particular, his unethical handling of the case of "the Roadside Strangler," serial killer Michael B. Ross, is one of the most egregious displays of arrogance and abuse of power by any judge in recent memory.

Oklahoma House passes bill outlawing militias, but not Black Panthers
Recruiting membership in an unauthorized militia or the Ku Klux Klan would be a crime. "This is making unauthorized militias illegal," said Rep. Mike Shelton, the amendmentís author. Both groups were added in an amendment to Senate Bill 2018, which would increase the penalty for aiding or soliciting gang membership from one year in prison to five years in prison.

Fla. Gov Dumps GOP, Runs for Senate As Independent
Former GOP darling Gov. Charlie Crist defected from the Republican Party on Thursday to run as an independent for U.S. Senate after months of being ripped by conservatives as too supportive of President Barack Obama. "I don't have either party helping me. But I need you. I need you more than ever," the governor said, surrounded by cheering supporters carrying signs that included "Democrats for Crist."

OBAMA & BIG SIS Call In Riot Police on Quincy Tea Party Patriots
We did everything the local police asked. We moved where they directed us. We moved when they asked us to. We double-checked that we were in an acceptable place on the street. We did not disobey the police and stand and sing God Bless America as some kind of protest. We stood on the corner and sang because we were told it was OK to stand on the corner and sing. That report is a complete whitewash for the Obama Administrationís overreaction to old ladies with American flags.

Riot Police called on Peaceful Tea Party Protesters
More videos...

Puerto Rican Statehood Today!
Apparently there is to be a vote later today on a bill regarding Puerto Rican statehood. They are calling it "non-binding" but it is not non-binding! It is a trap. The bill makes eventual Puerto Rican statehood a virtual certainty. This is despite the fact that statehood has been voted down repeatedly. The Puerto Rican people donít want it!

New Report Shows Economic Impact of Firearms Industry
"During difficult economic times and high unemployment rates nationally, our industry actually grew and created 16,800 new, well-paying jobs," said NSSF President Steve Sanetti. "Our industry is proud to be one of the bright spots in this economy."

Boycott California, Support Arizona and Hereís How
I call on Tea party members and conservatives around this country to tell California elected officials to leave the great state of Arizona alone! Show them the error of their ways. Turn the tables. Melt the phone lines. Boycott California and all things from California and call them and tell them why. Nicely, but firmly. Shower attention and money on the good guys and governor of Arizona.

Google Just Killed Your Online Business
Google has been making a lot of changes to the SERPs, and it seems they are pushing a lot of well known brands to the top of the listings. One of their recent updates which I will coin as "Google Brand Links" can have a negative impact on online businesses. Online traffic visitors will generally search for keywords (not brands) to find a product online, and online businesses rely heavily on these Ďunbranded keywordsí.

Survey: Four in 10 Tea Party members are Democrats or independents
The national breakdown of the Tea Party composition is 57 percent Republican, 28 percent Independent and 13 percent Democratic, according to three national polls by the Winston Group, a Republican-leaning firm that conducted the surveys on behalf of an education advocacy group. Two-thirds of the group call themselves conservative, 26 are moderate and 8 percent say they are liberal.

Justice Department: Border Patrol Agents Assaulted Daily, Kidnappings Every 35 Hours in Phoenix, 1 in 5 Teens Using Drugs Predominantly Supplied by Mexican Traffickers
These facts are reported in the recently released National Drug Threat Assessment for 2010, published by the National Drug Intelligence Center, a division of the U.S. Justice Department. They ought to add some perspective to the national debate raging over Arizonaís new law that requires local law enforcement officers to make a "reasonable attempt" to determine the immigration status of persons they legally come into contact with and whom they reasonably suspect of being in the country illegally

Nashville Public Schools to help Muslims retain Islamic identity & pray in school
For your childrenís interest, accommodations for students taking a few minutes to catch their Dhuhr prayer are available. Please contact your childís appropriate teacher of that particular period via email (emails can be found on metroís website, and copy your schoolís guidance counselor. Your child can also personally request the teacher as well. Letters for prayer arrangements during Ramadan (along with PE and lunch alternatives such as the library) have already been sent to all the schools

Illegal Immigrants Plan to Leave Over Ariz. Law
Many day laborers like Diaz say they will leave Arizona because of the law, which also makes it a crime to be in the U.S. illegally and directs police to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are illegal immigrants. Supporters of the law hope it creates jobs for thousands of Americans. "We want to drive day labor away," says Republican Rep. John Kavanagh, one of the law's sponsors.

Republicans End Stall of Banking Bill, Vow to Fight Bailouts on Senate Floor
Republicans abandoned their blockade against legislation to clamp tough new controls on Wall Street Wednesday, clearing a road to likely passage for the most sweeping rewrite of financial rules since the Great Depression. Conservatives fear some elements of the bill could ensnare small business people for merely extending credit to their customers.

GOP Donors To Take Cash Back From Crist
Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican and chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, whose recruitment helped bring Mr. Crist into the race in the first place, said he hasn't heard any decision from the governor. If a switch is in the offing, he said, he will ask for a refund of the $10,000 his political action committee has given. "I suspect you'll see a number of Republican senators ask for their money back," Mr. Cornyn said.

Sen. DeMint: Obama manipulating, 'thinks Americans are stupid'
The president is the one who put the kibosh on working together, and now he's just trying to use the mainstream media to confuse the American people. The fact is I think he thinks Americans are stupid, and he's going to play this out until he gets a headline in every paper that Republicans are obstructionist. The fact is, he's the one who's obstructing real bipartisanship.

Exclusive: Gov. Brewer - We're Not Going to Put Up With Insecure Borders Anymore
...we have been fighting this issue, this problem that's facing Arizona probably for the last 15 years. And now, since I've been governor since last January, I have written numerous letters to the administration in regards to securing our borders with absolutely no response.

Bennet Bill Would Forever Bar Ex-Members From Lobbying
Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) introduced a K Street reform bill Wednesday that would place a lifetime ban on Members of Congress from entering the influence business. The proposal also would increase the cooling-off period to six years before Congressional staffers could register to lobby.

An investigative report detailing the Obama eligibility controversy
I cannot think of any other subject in recent American history that has been so mired in controversy, so factually misrepresented, mischaracterized and so misunderstood than the matter of the eligibility of Barack Hussein OBAMA II to hold the office of President of the United States. Despite its importance, the topic has been summarily dismissed as fodder for conspiracy theorists by many, while others insist that the question of OBAMAís citizenship has been "asked and answered." But has it really been answered, and if not, why not?

Proposal: All New Yorkers Become Organ Donors
Assemblyman Brodsky Introduces Bill That Would Give State The Right To Decide If You Are To Give The Gift Of Life. Brodsky introduced a new bill in Albany that would enroll all New Yorkers as an organ donor, unless they actually opt out of organ donation. It would be the first law of its kind in the United States.

Illegals Threaten To Murder Americans
With Axes and Shovels

Illegal Aliens Will Use 'Shovels and Axes' Against Americans
In Armed Rebellion April 28, 2010
An apparent No Show. Guess they are saving their rebeillion till their drunken revelry of cinco de Mayo.

FBI agent short on details on militia inquiry
An FBI agent who led the investigation of nine Michigan militia members charged with trying to launch war against the federal government couldn't recall many details of the two-year probe yesterday during questioning by defense lawyers. Even the judge who must decide whether to release the nine until trial was puzzled.

Texas lawmaker wants Arizona's immigration law for Lone Star State...
"The first priority for any elected official is to make sure that the safety and security of Texans is well-established," said Riddle, who introduced a similar measure in 2009 that didn't get out of committee. "If our federal government did their job, then Arizona wouldn't have to take this action, and neither would Texas."

High Court Says Mojave Cross in Calif. Can Remain
The Supreme Court has said a federal court went too far in ordering the removal of a congressionally endorsed war memorial cross from its longtime home in California. The justices said Wednesday that federal judges in California did not take sufficient notice of the government's decision to transfer the land in a remote area of California to private ownership to eliminate any constitutional concern about a religious symbol on public land.

Palin: Obama Pushing Racial Myth
There is no ability or opportunity in there for the racial profiling. And shame on the lame stream media again for turning this into something that it is not. Governor Jan Brewer did what she had to do as the CEO of that state. To help protect the citizens of her state she had to do what the federal government has refused to do, and that is help secure the borders. I think it's shameful, too, that the Obama administration has allowed, too, this to become more of a racial issue by perpetuating this myth that racial profiling is a part of this law.

Dannenfelser: Obama Undermining Constitution
"The consent of the governed is being ignored. The principles that our country was founded on are being set aside in order that a very charismatic leader can communicate and then get in the back door policies that undermine our constitution."

Why Reporters Are Down on Obama
Reporters say the White House is thin-skinned, controlling, eager to go over their heads and stingy with even basic information. All White Houses try to control the message. But this White House has pledged to be more open than its predecessors, and reporters feel it doesnít live up to that pledge in several key areas:
You'd think they would show their disdain instead of reporting the propaganda.

Congressional inquiry confirms: Waxman is an idiot*.
Unfortunately for Waxman and his colleagues, once you start an inquiry, itís kind of hard to stop (we call this bu-reau-crat-ic in-ert-i-a: annoying, isnít it?). Said inquiry is now out, and it concludes that, yes, the companies were doing what they were supposed to be doing all along.

Unions That Don't Learn
Teachers unions need to understand they're overplaying their hand. At a time when many Americans are out of work or taking furlough days or accepting pay cuts, there is little sympathy for organizations that -- by virtue of brute political force -- keep demanding more public money and less accountability without giving an inch.

Goldman Sachs Buys Constellation Energy's Carbon Trading Operation
Constellation Energy Group Inc (CEG: Quote) said on Tuesday it had reached a definitive agreement to sell the majority of its London-based commodities business to Goldman Sachs. The sale was a part of the Baltimore-based utility and power company's previously announced plan to boost its liquidity and cut its collateral requirements.

Stay at Home Mom vs. TARP Recipient, SunTrust
We signed a construction to permanent loan with SunTrust in May of 2005. SunTrust had our lot and plans appraised, subject to completion, for $2.5 million. We only borrowed $1.6 million. We owned the lot free and clear. We had zero debt, perfect credit scores, and $900,000 in equity. The construction loan was supposed to be for 12 months. The bank had us sign a builder direct disbursement agreement which allowed them to pay the builder directly, thus taking us out of the loan disbursement loop.

A carefully crafted immigration law in Arizona
Has anyone actually read the law? Contrary to the talk, it is a reasonable, limited, carefully-crafted measure designed to help law enforcement deal with a serious problem in Arizona. Its authors anticipated criticism and went to great lengths to make sure it is constitutional and will hold up in court. It is the criticism of the law that is over the top, not the law itself.

"Green" energy has great emotional and political appeal. However, before we wrap all our hopes -- and subsidies -- in it, let us take a hard look at some common misconceptions about what "green" mean, says Robert Bryce, a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute.

Orszag explains how ObamaCare imposes rationing
IPAB was set up specifically as a rationing system, which ObamaCare advocates denied, but which none other than OMB Director Peter Orszag confirms in this interview from earlier this month.

Fannie Mae owns patent on residential Ďcap and tradeí exchange
Patent No. 6904336 was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office on Nov. 7, 2006 - the day after Democrats took control of Congress. Former Sen. John Sununu, R-N.H., criticized the award at the time, pointing out that it had "nothing to do with Fannie Maeís charter, nothing to do with making mortgages more affordable."

Proposal to make voting mandatory riles Ridgway
Residents of this Old West- meets-New Age town can be fined if their fences are too high, they have too many chickens, their dogs aren't on leashes or their weeds are out of control. Tom Hennessy would like to add not voting to that list.

Blankfein supports financial reform legislation
A financial regulatory reform bill has at least one supporter outside of Congressional Democrats, Lloyd Blankfein, the head of investment bank Goldman Sachs.
Comment: "Of course he is backing the bill. He is nuts deep in the pocket of Obama and his agenda. Follow the money... how much does he and his firm stand to make in kickbacks for backing what is essentially the nationalizing of Wall Street? Bend over America..."

Mexico Issues Travel Warning for Arizona Over Law
"There is an adverse political environment for migrant communities and all Mexican visitors," Mexicoís ministry said. "Itís important to act carefully and respect the local laws."
Yes. Respect the laws. That means keep your illegal self in Mexico.

While Barack Obama's been talking, we've been listening to Main Street
With Barack Obama and Robin Carnahan together again at a closed-door campaign-style event in Macon, Missouri, the Roy Blunt campaign has launched a new web video, titled "Real Stories from Main Street." The new web video takes viewers to Main Street in Macon to hear real stories from local residents about the economy and how the policies of Barack Obama are impacting them in their home town. Missourians in Macon are concerned that Barack Obama has not listened to the American people.

The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated On The American People
Why Goldman Is Willing to Take the Heat

Faith, hope and charity: We used to seek God's blessings on the country, we used to pursue maximum freedom to solve problems and we'd rely on one another in times of need. Now we're being pushed towards what progressives have always found hope in: Dependency on regulations and administrations. Average Americans find that approach to be red tape. Our Founding Fathers found it to be slavery.

American capitalism gone with a whimper
It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

Communists want to rewrite our Constitution. A very disturbing document.
The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA has taken on that responsibility in the U.S. The members of the RCP, USA are united in their profound desire for a radically different and better world, and their understanding of the need for revolution to get to that world. They have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to revolution, and on the basis of that they channel their individual abilities and passions to the cause and needs of this revolution.

Did Sebelius Bury Damaging HHS Report Before Health Vote?
The economic report released last week by Health and Human Services, which indicated that President Barack Obama's health care "reform" law would actually increase the cost of health care and impose higher costs on consumers, had been submitted to the office of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius more than a week before the Congressional votes on the bill, according to career HHS sources, who added that Sebelius's staff refused to review the document before the vote was taken. "The reason we were given was that they did not want to influence the vote," says an HHS source. "Which is actually the point of having a review like this, you would think."

Texas Gives the Boot to Liberal Social Studies Bias
After three days of contentious meetings, Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) members gave preliminary approval to revised social studies standards they say are intended to rein in the liberal bias of teachers and academics. "We are adding balance," said Dr. Don McLeroy, leader of the conservative bloc of the board. "History has been skewed. Academia is skewed too far to the left."

Lawmaker wants to bring Arizona immigration law to Utah
Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, is drafting a bill that would require immigrants to carry proof of status and require law enforcement officers to question anyone they believe is in the country without documentation. The bill also would target employers who hire or transport undocumented immigrants as a preventive measure against the swell of undocumented immigrants he predicts would come to Utah from Arizona once the law there takes effect.

Unions link Whitman to Goldman in California race
Promising their biggest fight in a governor's race with 25,000 union members calling and going door-to-door, the 2.1 million member California Labor Federation unveiled a Web site,, which paints the former eBay Inc CEO and Goldman Sachs director as a creature of Wall Street.

AZ governor dismisses threat of economic boycott
Appearing Monday at an Arizona Town Hall in Tucson, Brewer said she doesn't believe the law is "going to have the kind of economic impact that some people think it might."

What A Concept: Honest Redistricting
Wonder if this could catch on. New York's candidates for governor -- including not-yet-declared candidate Andrew Cuomo -- are on record with a promise to veto any redistricting plan that's built to the advantage of one political party's control of Congress or control of either chamber in the statehouse, according to the Buffalo News.

Feds Say Judge Hampering Webcam Spy Probe
U.S. District Judge Jan DuBois, who is presiding over the civil case, two weeks ago ordered that evidence should only be disseminated to those connected to the civil lawsuit. (.pdf) U.S. Attorney Michael Levy wrote the judge, saying Friday that her freeze order "interfered with the governmentís obligation to investigate possible criminal conduct occurring within this district."

Physics professor tells U.S. government PUT UP OR SHUT UP on Global Warming Claims
Despite screams to the contrary, a vast number of scientists dispute the findings of the IPCC. Perhaps the Department of State believes that "the science is settled." If so, please let us know which of the two dozen models, see Fig. 1 showing a slight disagreement by a factor of 3000 among the models, settled the science so that all of the others can be thrown into the dustbin of failed science and de-funded.

'Pills to Be Electronically Outfitted w. Transmitters'
"Emerging technologies allow pills to be electronically outfitted with transmitters to communicate with the userís wristwatch that shows that the pill has been consumed," Felder continued. "Broadband connectivity of these devices would allow the electronic medical record to be updated with regard to medication compliance and efficacy."

Democrat Ben Nelson breaks with party, votes against forwarding financial reform
A series of Republicans who had been seen as wavering on the bill stuck with the GOP on the vote, though all 59 Senate Democrats had been seen as likely to join together to support the bill.

Texas town vows fight to keep illegal immigrants from renting houses
"Farmers Branch is a town of law and order ... a patriotic, American-loving town," Mayor Tim O'Hare said. "I think this is important for America. It's important to show other cities and towns that you can make a difference, you can stand up for what's right."

290 lbs of marijuana found on ranch and 8 illegals arrested day before AZ rancher was murdered
Robert Boatwright of the U.S. Border Patrol said because the illegals were a considerable distance away from the marijuana they were not charged with the smuggling and instead taken into custody for being in the country illegally.

Mexico's Immigration Law: Let's Try It Here at Home
Mexico has a radical idea for a rational immigration policy that most Americans would love. However, Mexican officials havenít been sharing that idea with us as they press for our Congress to adopt the McCain-Kennedy immigration reform bill.

Obamaís Chicago: Call in The National Guard
Two lawmakers who believe violence has become so rampant in Chicago that the Illinois National Guard must be called in to help made a public plea to Gov. Pat Quinn on Sunday to deploy troops. A recent surge in violent crime, including a night last week that saw seven people killed and 18 wounded -- mostly by gunfire -- prompted the request from Chicago Democratic Reps. John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford. They were joined by Willie Williams, whose son was shot and killed in 2006.

John Eastman for Attorney General
This man gets it about Obama and our Constitution

The 10 most hopeless bills
During 2007 and 2008, 11,077 bills were introduced in Congress, while just 460 were signed into law. That means for every new law that session there were 23 bills that didn't make it out of Congress.

Nationally, 60% Favor Letting Local Police Stop and Verify Immigration Status
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer last week signed a new law into effect that authorizes local police to stop and verify the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that 60% of voters nationwide favor such a law, while 31% are opposed.

Graham torpedoes cap-and-trade bill rollout.
Sen. Lindsey Grahamís (R-S.C.) decision to walk away from Senate talks on climate change and energy legislation, at least for now, has prompted the measureís remaining architects to scuttle Mondayís planned unveiling of the bill.

Congressman: US should fight Ariz. immigrant law
U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, a Democrat, and civil rights activists spoke to thousands of people gathered at the state Capitol and called on President Barack Obama to fight the law, promising to march in the streets and invite arrest by refusing to comply.

On financial reform, House Republicans fear sell out from Senate GOP
Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee says he "want[s] to see" financial reform legislation pass the Senate. But his fellow Republicans in the House fear exactly that.

Obama Rolls Out Midterm Strategy
President Obama lays out the 2010 election strategy for Democrats. It essentially boils down to re-engaging the voters who propelled him to the White House in 2008. Obama also warns that only by keeping the House and Senate under Democratic control will he be able to pursue his agenda.
Same old 2008 rhetoric. Have barf bags ready.

Four 2010 House races to watch for Tea Party impact
"Every race has a Tea Party presence in the electorate, but it tends to be vastly exaggerated in the media," Wasserman said. "The Tea Party is more noise than numbers, and top GOP pollsters tell me self-identified Tea Party voters account for 20 percent of GOP primary voters max in any one race." Tea Partiers, unsurprisingly, reject such a characterization and say they are well positioned to influence elections. A number of groups have released lists of targeted races they aim to sway.

Democrats Use Arizona Immigration Law as Rallying Cry for Federal Action
Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., said Sunday that Congress needs to act to make sure other states don't follow Arizona's lead. "The idea that state by state would start developing its own immigration laws in the country -- imagine what a patchwork that might look like," Dodd told NBC's "Meet the Press." "It's demanding a national answer to immigration policy, so before this even gets further out of hand, we've got to step up and do the job."

Jumping into immigration reform could cut both ways for Democrats
Arizonaís law has the potential to drive Hispanic voters away from the GOP, said Mario Lopez, president of the conservative Hispanic Leadership Fund. Democrats realize this, which is why they are pushing the matter, Lopez said. Democrats appear "perfectly content to use American Latinos as political pawns" rather than actually work on immigration legislation, he said

Public unions make a private sector power grab
All week, the unions and their allies in community organizing will be holding mass demonstrations across the country to decry the power of Wall Street and demand passage of the president's plan. Rallies and marches for a bank bill? What does that have to do with working for the government? Stephen Lerner, who is spearheading the movement for the Service Employees International Union, summed it up for Peter Dreier of the Huffington Post: They want the banks' money.

What You Need To Know About The Recent Bertha Lewis ACORN Rant
While it is important to consider the implications of Bertha using this kind of language to describe average Americans, the actual story is not just what she said, itís who she said it to. Bertha was addressing the Young Democratic Socialists. This is not just some fringe, esoteric, Socialist youth group. The Young Democratic Socialists is the on-campus section of the Democratic Socialists of America. The Democratic Socialists of America founded the incredibly powerful Congressional Progressive Caucus with self described Socialist-Democrat, Bernie Sanders.

Oil Contango Soars as Oklahoma Brims With Crude
Oil for delivery in June cost $1.95 a barrel less than the July contract as of April 21, the biggest gap since Dec. 15 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The premium for further-out delivery, or contango, mirrors the expense of stockpiling. It emerged after inventories jumped 5.8 percent in the week ended April 16 to 34.1 million barrels in Cushing, Oklahoma, where traders make deliveries for futures, government data show.

Small Riot Breaks Out at Immigration Protest
The fight over Senate Bill 1070 took to the streets of downtown Phoenix, as riot Police were called to the Capitol to control an unruly group of protesters. Witnesses say a group protesting against SB1070 began to fight with a man who was for the controversial immigration bill.

Dems Want ANOTHER $100 Billion Jobs Bill for City/State Govt Workers. SEIU Payback...
Concerned that a wave of municipal layoffs could set back the nation's economic recovery, congressional Democrats are pushing a $100-billion bill that would provide $75 billion in federal aid to help cities and counties preserve jobs.

Blood on their hands ...
Obviously, someone has been stirring up hatred and resentment against middle-aged white people, a/k/a "Teabaggers," accusing them of racism, sedition, and generally posing an existential threat to all decent, freedom-loving Americans. A member of the minority community was provoked by all the anti-white rhetoric that has been swirling around the air waves and decided to take matters into his own hands. Naturally the blame for Barrett's death lies squarely on those who have been openly hostile toward middle-aged whites.

H1N1 vaccine study investigating hints of complications from vaccine
The latest analysis of data has detected what could be a somewhat elevated rate of Guillain-Barrť syndrome, which can cause paralysis and death; Bell's palsy, a temporary facial paralysis; and thrombocytopenia, which is a low level of blood platelets, officials reported Friday. The data is being collected through five of the networks the government is using to monitor people who were inoculated against the swine flu.

Am. Fed. of Teachers is helping ACORN destroy America: Remember this when voting Sch. Bd. Budgets
The AFT sent ACORN $352,510 to help mitigate the damage caused when the skunks were exposed offering instructions on faking information on bogus loan applications, running a brothel and employing child prostitutes Americans for Limited Government (ALG) has reported.

Illegal immigrant law opponents to rally in Ariz.
The rally comes two days after Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill that requires police to question people about their immigration status, including asking for identification, if they suspect someone is in the country illegally. The law also toughens restrictions on hiring illegal immigrants for day labor and knowingly transporting them.

What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?
Over 80 percent of Americans demand secured borders and illegal migration stopped. But what would happen if all 20 million or more vacated America? The answers may surprise you!

Reimbursement rates threaten to cut access for Medicare patients
The recently passed federal health care legislation will place more Florida seniors into the Medicare program, but it does nothing to fix the broken system that pays physicians to provide their care. And unless the payment formula is repaired, fewer doctors will accept Medicare recipients at all, and patients will have trouble getting access to the care they need, the exact opposite of the health bill's intent.

As a Former Resident, I am So Proud of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer
Go ahead and complain about it all of you illegal immigrants and aliens. Have your temper tantrum demonstrations and cause a commotion that will get you arrested and then jailed, fined, deported just like you did minutes after the bill was signed yesterday. "Advocates vow challenges to Arizona immigration law." I see Sheriff Joeís job becoming a whole lot easier with a one stop and pickup. Respeto can now be declared an accessory to breaking the law.

U.N.'s Ballooning $732 Million Haiti Peacekeeping Budget Goes Mostly to Its Own Personnel
The United Nations has quietly upped this year's peacekeeping budget for earthquake-shattered Haiti to $732.4 million, with two-thirds of that amount going for the salary, perks and upkeep of its own personnel, not residents of the devastated island.

Is a primary challenge to Obama unthinkable?
Republicans like Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann routinely refer to Barack Obama as a one-term President these days, but that usually presumes that Obama will get defeated in a 2012 general election. NPR wonders if Obama will actually get the nomination. In a piece from earlier this week, NPR reviews the potential opponents that Obama may have to face, starting next year:

Advocates Vow Challenges to Ariz. Immigration Law
Arizona's governor vows the state's tough new law targeting illegal immigration will be implemented with no tolerance for racial profiling, but at least two advocacy groups were preparing legal challenges and Mexico has warned that the law could affect cross-border relations.

Court turns down ACORN request for help
The high court on Friday refused to throw out a decision by the federal appellate court in New York City. That court had decided to freeze a judge's determination that Congress acted unconstitutionally in yanking the group's funding.

Commerce clause
The Commerce Clause refers to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress the power "to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes."

How Obamaís Ďgreení policies will steal your freedom and bankrupt America
Chris Horner on His Book "Power Grab" & Obamaís Green Agenda

Obama: Arizonans "irresponsible" for immigration-enforcement vote
Border states have become frustrated beyond all patience with the federal governmentís inability, and reluctance, to enforce immigration laws. In Arizona, voters passed a law authorizing local and state police to investigate potential immigration violations, a measure that had overwhelming and bipartisan support in the state.

Crist appointee about to endorse Rubio?
For the moment, LeMieux stands behind Crist, but Hotline reports that party loyalty and his own political future will force LeMieux to repudiate his patron and endorse Rubio if Crist bolts the GOP.

Sebelius: We donít know what ObamaCare costs will be
Kathleen Sebelius appeared before the House Appropriations Committee to discuss the appropriations for high-risk pool subsidies that ObamaCare provides to the states. The bill appropriated $5 billion for this program, but as Sebelius tells the committee, that was just a spit-balling number. In reality, no one has the faintest clue how much money will actually get spent on this program.

How did GM pay off its bailout loans?
"Itís good news in that theyíre reducing their debt," Barofsky said of the accelerated GM payments, "but theyíre doing it by taking other available TARP money..."

Sebelius Says Florida Canít 'Opt Out' of Obamacare
Only hours after the Florida House and Senate voted to "opt out" of the new federal health law, the top U.S. health official said Thursday night that will not be permitted.

Holy Cow! Obama FBI Raids Amish Milk Farmers
Federal agents invaded an Amish farm in Pennsylvania at 5 a.m. to inspect cow-milking facilities then followed up the next day with a written notice that the farmer was engaged in interstate sale of raw milk in violation of the Public Health Services Act.

Liberals and the Violence Card
The latest liberal meme is to equate skepticism of the Obama administration with a tendency toward violence. That takes me back 15 years ago to the time President Bill Clinton accused "loud and angry voices" on the airwaves (i.e., radio talk-show hosts like me) of having incited Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. What self-serving nonsense. Liberals are perfectly comfortable with antigovernment protest when they're not in power.

How bad can it get for Democrats? Example #5,671
What would you say if I were to tell you that a Republican was ahead in a special election House race in Hawaii? Yes, you read that correctly. In Hawaii, Republicans are usually as rare as hens teeth. But the dissatisfaction with the Democrats runs so deep, that even in the bluest of blue states, the GOP is very competitive.

As Obama Justice Dept. Stonewalls Civil Rights Commission, Media Still Uninterested In Blatant Voter Intimidation
Voter intimidation is a serious threat to our democracy - a parasitic anomaly that many Americans have sacrificed a great deal to prevent. It is unconscionable that we live in a modern society in which such overt thuggery coexists with rational thought and practice. Even more perplexing and disturbing is a federal government, led by an incompetent Justice Department, which appears more than willing to tolerate such antics.

Border county reacts to Governor's new border plan
"There's so much activity happening down here," said Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada. Sheriff Estrada said he is ready to do whatever it takes to get some of the funding and support that Governor Brewer is offering. "Definitely they could put more boots on the ground, more Border Patrol agents, more people working the ports," Estrada said Thursday.

Congressman Seeks to Expand EPA's Control of Water
"It potentially puts government in charge of all waters, including mud puddles, irrigation ditches," said Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash. "If you take out 'navigable' in this bill, it could potentially lead to the federal government usurping state laws as it relates to water and regulating, therefore, mud puddles. I just think that's bad policy."

FCC commissioner says a major fight over net neutrality is not far off
Copps, one of the committee's members who supports net neutrality, said in an interview with Bill Moyers to air Friday that the dispute between the FCC and broadband providers over the commission's powers contains populist undertones. He suggested the FCC would thus have no choice but to push the issue aggressively, especially because it was in the "public interest" for the commission to implement net neutrality.

Democrats Admit Obamacare Raises Health Insurance Premiums
Democrats are just now figuring out what Republicans, Independents, Tea Partiers, GOP members of Congress, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and what the chief actuary at the Obama administrationís own Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have been telling them all along: Obamacare will cause costs to rise.

Nearly 4M to pay health insurance penalty by 2016
Nearly 4 million Americans, the vast majority of them middle class. will have to pay the new penalty for not getting health insurance when President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law kicks in, according to congressional estimates released Thursday. The penalties will average a little more than $1,000 apiece in 2016, the Congressional Budget Office said in a report.

Senate Democrats Gather In The Rules Committee To Eliminate The Filibuster
The radicals in Washington are giving the Marxists in Venezuela a run for their money. Senate Democrats have gathered in the Rules Committee to eliminate the filibuster. Republican.Senate.Gov reported:

What Do We Need in the New Supreme Court Justice?
I don't want a new justice who pushes my own agenda. Nor do I want one who opposes it. The role of the Court is to interpret the laws based on the U.S. Constitution. They are not supposed to decide if a law is a nice thing, or if a law is important to our society. They are simply to evaluate laws based on the requirements and limits of the Constitution.

Racial slur "white boy" shouted at tea party rally speaker caught on audio
On March 6, 2010 Michael Johns (former speech writer for George H. W. Bush) had racial slurs shouted at him.

Communist Party USA calls for Marxist revolution against the US state, sees Obama as crucial to their plot
Imagine if we called for revolution against the US state. Seriously, just imagine. Now the Communist Party USA is calling for revolution against America and we wonít hear a peep about it from the lamestream media. The American Communists are Obama supporters calling for the revolutionary restructuring of America by replacing American Liberty with Marxism.

Obamaís International Socialist Connections
Obama's socialist backing goes back at least to 1996, when he received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for an Illinois state senate seat. Later, the Chicago DSA newsletter reported that Obama, as a state senator, showed up to eulogize Saul Mendelson, one of the "champions" of "Chicago's democratic left" and a long-time socialist activist. Obama's stint as a "community organizer" in Chicago has gotten some attention, but his relationship with the DSA socialists, who groomed and backed him, has been generally ignored.

Obama's Sneaky Attack on Education
"We seek to help an additional five million Americans earn degrees and certificates in the next decade," said President Obama in July 2009. However, looking at the policies his administration is proposing, it is starting to sound more like "We seek to help Americans earn degrees that we think are worth earning, as we see fit, under our micromanagement."

Military Jury Clears Navy SEAL in Terrorist Abuse Case in Iraq
One of the Navy SEALS was cleared of charges in Iraq today. The SEALS were accused of mistreating a wanted Iraqi terrorist who was behind the murder of 4 US contractors in Fallujah in 2004.

Steele Says Blacks Have ĎNo Reasoní to Vote Republican
"You really don't have a reason to, to be honest, we haven't done a very good job of really giving you one. True? True," Republican National Chairman Michael Steele told 200 DePaul University students Tuesday night. Steele needs to go! He is nothing more than a DSA infiltrator.

Obama suggests value-added tax may be an option
After Obama adviser Paul Volcker recently raised the prospect of a value-added tax, or VAT, the Senate voted 85-13 last week for a nonbinding "sense of the Senate" resolution that calls the such a tax "a massive tax increase that will cripple families on fixed income and only further push back America's economic recovery."

FT: U.S. Debt to Hit $20 Trillion in 10 Years
The financial outlook for the United States is frightening if something isn't done to rein in the deficit. The size of the federal debt is projected by the Congressional Budget Office to increase by nearly 250 per cent over 10 years, from $7.5 trillion to a whopping $20 trillion.

Bill Would Shun Obama Birth Certificate Requests
Hawaii lawmakers are moving closer to passing a measure allowing the state to ignore repeated requests for President Barack Obama's birth certificate. A conference committee unanimously voted Tuesday to advance the bill to final votes in the House and Senate.

Millions Face Tax Increases Under Dems Budget Plan
Obama's Democratic allies in the Senate promise to cut the deficit by almost two-thirds over the next five years, but their budget plan could threaten about 30 million people with tax increases averaging $3,700 in 2012 and after because of the alternative minimum tax.

US Senator Lindsey Graham Asked To Admit Homosexuality
"US Senator Lindsey Graham is gay and while many people in South Carolina and Washington DC know that, the general public and Graham's constituents do not," said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. "I personally do not care about Graham's private life, but in this situation his desire to keep this a secret may explain why he is doing a lot of political dirty work for others who have the power to reveal his secrets. Senator Graham needs to come out of the closet inside that log cabin so the public can rest assured he is not being manipulated with his secret."

Bill Clinton Gassed and Starved Thousands of Children But Has the Nerve to Lecture Tea Party Protesters on Violence & Civility
In 1996 Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told reporters that Bill Clintonís policy that resulted in 500,000 dead Iraqi children was worth it. In a much forgotten exchange between Lesley Stahl and Madeleine Albright on "60 Minutes" back on May 12, 1996:

Iran boosts Qods shock troops in Venezuela
Iran is increasing its paramilitary Qods force operatives in Venezuela while covertly continuing supplies of weapons and explosives to Taliban and other insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to the Pentagon's first report to Congress on Tehran's military.

Conservatives Must Flood Primaries
As small-government conservatives, we should be giving no serious thoughts at this time to the 2012 presidential election, nor even to the midterm elections. There will be plenty of time to work on the fall elections after we have nominated our people.

Nine and Counting: Oklahoma Legislature Passes the Firearms Freedom Act
The Oklahoma legislature has passed Senate Bill 1685 (SB1685) the Firearms Freedom Act. It first passed the State Senate in March by a vote of 39-3 and the House concurred yesterday by a vote of 81-14.

Why U.S. Government Wants Citigroup (NYSE:C) Over $5 A Share
Itís incredible to me to see the U.S. government take taxpayer money, use it absolutely to not allow this giant bank to fail, then turn around after bailing it out and putting a huge portion of what Citigroup owes them in common shares of the company, then manipulating their position in the company in an effort to inflate the share price of Citigroup in order to make a huge profit.

Dick Morris 'Dead Certain' GOP Will Take Back House in Midterms
Veteran political analyst and best-selling author Dick Morris tells Newsmax.TV that the 2010 congressional elections will shape the economic future of America, and he is 'dead certain" that Republicans will win back the House.

Savage: Obama Regime Will Stage Violence To Crush Dissent
"The October surprise that they have in mind for this world is not to be imagined," continued Savage, "As we speak the enemies of freedom are planning their next move if it hasnít been done already, theyíve already planted the agent provocateurs in the Tea Parties and theyíre only waiting to set them off like the sleeper cells that Al-Qaeda allegedly had in the United States of America."

Southern Poverty Law Center Publishes Patriot Hit List
In a report on its web site dated April 2010, entitled "Meet The Patriots," the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) profiled 36 individuals at the heart of the resurgent [patriot] movement. (In reading the list, I counted only 35 "patriots" and 5 "enablers" for a total of 40. Iím not really sure how the SPLC came up with "36". Perhaps their ability to count is commensurate with their ability to appreciate patriotism and liberty.)

GOP seeks SEC records on Goldman
"[W]e are concerned that politics have unduly influenced the decision and timing of the commissionís controversial enforcement action against Goldman," Issa writes. Issa implied that the timing was a bit too convenient, saying President Barack Obamaís push on Wall Street reform "neatly coincided with the commissionís announcement of the suit."

ACTA treaty aims to deputize ISPs on copyrights
Both the Obama administration and the Bush administration had rejected requests from civil libertarians and technologists for copies of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA. Last year, the White House went so far as to invoke an executive order saying disclosure would do "damage to the national security."

Senate Democrats' budget to allow use of simple-majority rules for passage
Senate Democrats have written their budget resolution so they can pass jobs legislation using reconciliation, the controversial process used last month to move healthcare reform. The resolution does not specify what specific jobs measures could be covered, and does not explicitly allow for the use of reconciliation rules to pass energy legislation or the extension of George W. Bush-era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year.

Side Effects: IRS Could Eat Your Refund
Obamacare requires all individuals to carry health insurance for themselves and their families. Those who donít will have to pay a penalty. And the IRS is the agency charged with making sure the uninsured pony up.

Arizona House OKs Birther Bill
The Arizona House on Monday voted for a provision that would require President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate if he hopes to be on the state's ballot when he runs for re-election.

Virginia bans mandatory health insurance
The legislation, which states that Virginians can neither be required to have health insurance nor be penalised for not having it, passed both chambers of Virginiaís legislature with significant Democratic support, 21 of the Houseís 39 Democrats voted for it.

Reid Promises Immigration Reform 'Just Like We Did Health Care Reform'
Despite (or because of?) the newly polarized nature of the immigration reform debate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised marchers at a rally over the weekend that Congress will pass immigration reform this year. The Las Vegas Sun reports Reid told the crowd, "There are no excuses. This is something America needs. We're going to do immigration reform just like we did health care reform."

Congresswoman Gives Supreme Court Minority Quota Mandate
n a disturbing trend among federal lawmakers, a crazed minority quota mandate has been issued for the second time in a few weeks during a House Appropriations subcommittee hearing on an unrelated subject. The latest inappropriate decree by a legislator to hire more minorities in government came during a recent hearing with U.S. Supreme Court justices who are asking for more federal security funds due to the volume of threats the court receives.

Earmark Rejection Spurs Ethics Complaint
Entrepreneur Paul Asmus didnít get an earmark. And he thinks thatís unethical. So earlier this month, Asmus wrote to the Office of Congressional Ethics, calling for an investigation into the rejection of his request for $10 million in federal funds.

Clarence Thomas: We're "Evading" Eligibility Issues
"We're evading that one," answered Thomas, referring to questions of presidential eligibility and prompting laughter in the chamber.

Huge Chunk of America Failed to Return Census Forms
More forms were expected to be received over the weekend. Census workers will not begin going door to door until May 1 to count people who did not return their questionnaires by mail. As of early Friday, the mail participation rate was 68 percent. The mail participation rate, which the bureau is using this year for the first time, is the percentage of forms mailed back by households that received them.

US lawmaker returns Goldman campaign donations
Representative Mark Kirk of Illinois' campaign spokeswoman, Kirsten Kukowksi, said he would voluntarily return campaign contributions made by Goldman employees not accused of wrongdoing.

Gay rights protesters interrupt Obama speech at fundraiser
The protests brought the speech to a halt, and the protesters did not lower their voices after others in the crowd urged them to end their shouting.

Justices get personal over texting privacy
The question in a case argued Monday in the Supreme Court sounded both irresistible and important: Did a California police department violate the Constitution by reading sexually explicit text messages sent by an officer on a department-issued pager?

US senators: 3,000 more troops needed on US-Mexico border
10-point plan for beefing up security in the area, Senators John McCain and John Kyl also called for permanently adding 3,000 US Custom and Border Protection Agents to the Arizona/Mexico border by 2015. They also called for completing construction of 700 miles of fencing along the border and beefing up unmanned aerial vehicle patrols so that they could be run 24 hours a day.

Ignoring GOP Pressure, Florida's Crist Mulls Independent Run for Senate
Gov. Charlie Crist said Monday he is considering an independent Florida Senate bid despite growing pressure from top Republicans to drop out of the race if he thinks he can't win a GOP primary.

McCain: Sure, letís let cops arrest people on suspicion of being illegals
I can tolerate a RINO, but I canít tolerate a guy whoíll tell me whatever he thinks I want to hear to get reelected. The more he pulls this nonsense, the more I wonder: If the choice is between Hayworth and a McCain pretending to be Hayworth, why not vote for the authentic one? Points for honesty!

Unexpected unemployment chart of the day
For the past several months, the media has tried helping the White House spin unemployment numbers. Whenever initial jobless claims go down, media analysts hail it as a sure sign that the "recovery" is gaining strength. When initial claims rise, itís an "unexpected" sign that the recovery may take a while longer to show some effects. All of that is nonsense.

Unions going third party over ObamaCare in NC
Now, some of Obamaís supporters are mounting a defiant strike against the presidentís party. The nascent third party, North Carolina First, could endanger the Democratic congressional majority by siphoning votes from incumbent Democrats in Novemberís midterm election, potentially enabling Republican challengers to pick up the seats.

Why Texas May Lead the Nation's Turnaround
Texas has always been something of a separate country when it comes to politics and culture. Lately, the state seems to be functioning as its own economic republic. While it hasn't been immune to the issues plaguing the nation, the housing market, employment rate, and overall growth in Texas are relatively strong. Chalk some of that up to accidents of geology and geography. But the Texas economic tiger also reflects the conscious efforts of a once parochial place to embrace globalization.

"Congress may get fined by its own health-care law"
Congress may be fined tens of millions of dollars a year under its own health-care law, in part because the bill dumps members of Congress and their staffs from their current health-care plans. But no one really knows for sure what the bill does, not even the experts. For instance, exactly who qualifies as an "employer", and therefore is subject to fines up to $3,000 per employee, is undefined in the bill.

London Observer: Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasnít a mistake - it was a con
Big Finance in the 21st century turns out to have been Big Fraud. Yet Britain, centre of the world financial system, has not yet levelled charges against any bank; all that we've seen is the allegation of a high-level insider dealing ring which, embarrassingly, involves a banker advising the government.

Mayor wants to fire employees for smoking -- at home...
Brooksville Florida Mayor Lara Bradburn said she supports the creation of a tobacco-free workplace and any program that encourages employees to quit smoking. She also agrees with the practice of not hiring people who smoke.

Timeís Klein: Beck, Palin Potentially Committing Sedition against U.S. Government; Heilemann Adds Limbaugh
Liberals are all too often eager to charge conservative personalities of using hyperbole to gain a political advantage, especially when it contradicts their world view - whether it's suggesting the Obama administration is taking the country down the path of socialism, fascism or any other -ism.

US strike could delay Iran nuclear program-Mullen
The nation's top military officer said on Sunday that a U.S. strike against Iran would go "a long way" to delaying its nuclear program but that he considered doing so his "last option" right now.

Obama goes golfing instead of attending Kaczynskis' funeral
The Icelandic volcano travel debacle left an open spot in the US president's schedule. US President Barack Obama went golfing at the Andrews Air Force Base yesterday, it was reported, just hours after Poles had laid their late president to rest. US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden had taken the time to visit the Polish Embassy to sign a book of condolences, President Obama had not yet taken the time out to do so.

Obama-Dodd financial bill would further enrich Goldman Sachs
Obama and Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) are pushing a bill would reward the firm with potentially billions of dollars by instituting a so-called "resolution authority" that would, in practice, be a permanent bailout fund.

Secret Gates memo warns that U.S. has no strategy for dealing with a nuclear Iran
How could they possibly fathom that diplomacy might fail? The core plank of "smart power," such as it is, has always been the Obama charm offensive. Simply by being the anti-Bush and offering an open hand to Iran, he would convince Tehran to unclench its fist and open a dialogue. Bush was the problem (he always is!) and once the problem was removed, solutions would inevitably follow. So why bother developing a Plan B?

CNN: Darn it, this free speech at Tea Party rallies might just be protected
Letting disgruntled citizens vent is important to national security, experts say, but some messages emanating from angry Americans in recent weeks have pressed the boundaries of free speech. But the angry rhetoric is not isolated to fringe groups. Both mainstream liberal and conservative camps have joined the chorus, and while some of the language sounds threatening, most of it is protected.

Liberal WaPo Columnist Attends Tea Party Rally; Discovers Refreshing Rationality
I went to the "tea party" rally at the Washington Monument on Thursday to check out just how reactionary and potentially violent the movement truly was. Answer: Not very. Based on what I saw and heard, tea party members are not seething, ready-to-explode racists, as some liberal commentators have caricatured them.

Man Faces Gun Charges After Cache Of Weapons Found
Police stopped Muslim's vehicle on the city's southwest side in October. He was wanted on charges of identity theft and trying to falsify a passport. After being arrested, federal agents went to his home and said they found an arsenal inside, Hirsch reported. Investigators said they found two AK 47s, a 9mm semiautomatic rifle and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, pipe bomb materials, a ballistic face mask and vest, and a flak jacket.

And the Hits Just Keep On Coming: Van Jonesís Anti-Government Rap
On this anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, with all the ginned-up media concern over the potential for tea party fervor to morph into acts of domestic terrorism, just wait until the media catches wind of this virulently anti-government song published by a very prominent political activist:

Top Ranked Islamic Site Calls for the Final Jihad!
The weapon in this jihad must be knowledge, but do not believe this to be solely an educational jihad. Knowledge can be wielded with the precision of a sharp sword to effect any desired social/political change necessary for the fulfillment of Islam.

Reaching Out Quietly to Muslims in America
Muslim and Arab-American advocates have participated in policy discussions and received briefings from top White House aides and other officials on health care legislation, foreign policy, the economy, immigration and national security. They have met privately with a senior White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

Clinton Warns 'Demonization' of Government Leads to Threats, Chides 'Right-Wing Media'
Former President Clinton on Sunday broadened his warning that Tea Party protesters could feed violence reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing, suggesting "right-wing media" and the blogosphere could be culpable for any future politically fueled extremism as well.

How Clinton exploited Oklahoma City Bombing for political gain
With the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing Monday, former President Bill Clinton is playing a starring role in the liberal effort to draw what the New York Times calls "parallels between the antigovernment tone that preceded that devastating attack and the political tumult of today." The short version of the narrative is: Todayís Tea Partiers are tomorrowís right-wing bombers

Indoctrination on Campus: SEIU Arrests Give New Meaning to ĎCutting Classí
Itís a good thing the governmentís taken over the student loan industry. Now our precious young college students will receive every opportunity to spend hours learning in the college classroom, enlightening their minds and enriching their lives. Oh wait, no, thatís not how that "free money" is spent

Is the Obama Administration Behind An Astroturf Anti-Tea Party Website?
Sunstein advocates that the Governmentís stealth infiltration should be accomplished by sending covert agents into "chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups." He also proposes that the Government make secret payments to so-called "independent" credible voices to bolster the Governmentís messaging

Violent Tea Party Infiltrator Steve Belosi: Dem Official, Truther & Code Pink Contributor
This same kook, who viciously attacks women at tea party protests, says heís worried about right-winger violence? Heís not only dangerous, heís crazy.

Why So Few Conservative And Libertarian Professors?
Two researchers offer a new twist on an old question---why do college professors overwhelmingly lean to the left? Bias against conservatives is not the main reason, nor are the allegedly higher IQs of liberals, say Neil Gross of the University of British Columbia and Ethan Fosse of Harvard. Instead they suggest a theory of "path dependence" --few conservatives are attracted to work in scholarly fields dominated by the left, just as few males want to be nurses in a traditionally female field. People tend to giggle when a man wants to become a nurse, they say, and conservatives tend to feel similar embarrassment in entering leftist academe.

Obama's frightening new attack on the Constitution
Imagine how people would have reacted if President Bush had been caught trying to sneak through legislation that would have illegally given him the power to take over and destroy any financial institution he pleased, on a whim, with zero checks and balances. That is what Democrats are quietly rushing through Congress for Obama. It's called H.R. 4173 and it is already through the House.

ABUSE OF POWER? Wall Street suspects GOLDMAN charges 'not coincidental' to financial reform effort...
Barclays banking analyst Roger Freeman comes right out and blasts the SEC effort as "a well-timed, and perhaps not coincidental, effort to sway some on-the-fence Republicans" to get tough on financial reform.

FEAR: Obama claims fresh crisis without new financial rules...
The U.S. is destined to endure a new economic crisis that sticks taxpayers with the bill unless Congress tightens oversight of the financial industry, Obama said Saturday. The overhaul is the next major piece of legislation that Obama wants to sign into law this year, but solid GOP opposition in the Senate is jeopardizing that goal.

The collapse of South Dakota Democrats
Less than ten years ago, a Democrat from South Dakota ran the US Senate. Just six years ago, Tom Daschle still led Senate Democrats as minority leader. Now, in 2010, South Dakota Democrats wonít even present a candidate to run against the man who unseated Daschle in one of the strangest and most total collapses in political history.

Taxpayers foot State Department's stiff liquor bill
Months after President Obama urged federal agencies last year to cut wasteful spending, the U.S. Department of State paid $3,814 to fill an order of Jack Daniel's whiskey for gratuities at one of its many overseas embassies.

DOJ Wants to Read E-mail Without Warrants
The Justice Department wants Yahoo to give it access to e-mails sent by the company's users, according to Justice Department officials have filed a motion in a Colorado federal court arguing that a federal law addressing the privacy of e-mails does not apply to previously read e-mails.

The Crashers: They came, they saw, they failed
You were ready for the Tea Party saboteurs. And boy, did they fail epically. Saul Alinsky would be ashamed. Grass-roots activists smoked out the infiltrators and tagged them immediately. Reader Celeste in Columbus, Ohio, sends photos of a great comeuppance. Check out the Captain Obvious crasher getting called out for attempting to paint their peaceful protest as an incitement to violence and faking a vile sign:

Obama: Tea Party Should Be Saying 'Thank You'
"So I've been amused in recent days by these people having rallies," he said to laughter. "I think they should be saying thank you." Big applause, and calls of "Thank you" from the crowd.

Big mouth liberal promise to 'crash the party' fizzlies ignomiously
Now that the rallies are over, watch the meme develop today on the left that the right is paranoid, that there was never a serious effort to disrupt the protests. No doubt they will make fun of efforts to counter the disrupters.

Obama's Quiet War on Red States
There's an element of score-settling to Mr. Obama's big-governmentism. Blue-state liberals and their Washington allies must chafe at the affront red states pose to the blue states' enlightened liberalism. Big-government states should be so much better off than smaller-government states. Yet it's blue states, not red states, which are suffering decades-old decline and an economic descent marked by steady population loss and abandonment by commerce and industry.

Pelosi Changes Vote Schedule - Disrupts Republicans' Plans To Attend Tea Party Rally
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) recessed the House in the late afternoon on Thursday and called for a vote at 7:30 p.m., the time when many Republicans had planned to speak at the Tax Day Tea Party gathering near the Washington Monument.

Rep. King: ĎIím For Abolishing the IRS and the Federal Income Tax Codeí
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said he supports "abolishing" the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the federal income tax code. He made his remarks at a pre-tax-day event on Capitol Hill with other Republicans and several conservative activists.

Bill Clinton Takes Aim at Tea Parties
"Because of the Internet, there is this vast echo chamber and our advocacy reaches into corners that never would have been possible before," said Mr. Clinton, who said political messages are now able to reach those who are both "serious and seriously disturbed."

The Contract from America
The Contract from America serves as a clarion call for those who recognize the importance of free market principles, limited government, and individual liberty. It is the natural extension of a movement that began in the local communities and quickly spread across America in response to unprecedented government expansion, reckless spending, and a blatant disregard by our leaders of the nationís founding principles.

N.C. Says Tea Party Flags Are Weapons?
The rule states that demonstration participants can't carry "signs, banners, posters and other similar displays" attached to metal, wood or plastic posts. That includes flagpoles more than a foot in length, according to Jill Lucas, a department spokeswoman.

How to spot and tag a Tea Party infiltrator
Happy Tax Day Tea Party. Be safe out there. A few tips on how to spot and tag a Tea Party infiltrator:
1. Ask them what the 10th amendment says.
2. Two letters: B.O. (and Iím not talking about the presidentís initials).
3. Glaringly obvious lack of subtlety.
4. Upside-down flags.

Birther Officer 'Reassigned'
The U.S. Army says a surgeon who has publicly refused to follow any further orders until he sees documentation that Barack Obama is eligible to be president is being "reassigned" at Walter Reed Army Hospital after he refused to deploy to Afghanistan as scheduled.

Oregon Teacher Panel Probes Educator Determined to 'Demolish' Tea Party
A middle school teacher in Oregon who announced his intention "to dismantle and demolish the Tea Party" on his "Crash the Tea Party" Web site is under investigation by his state's Teacher Standards & Practices Commission.

Foreclosure Rates Surge, Biggest Jump in 5 Years
U.S. homes taken over by banks jumped 35 percent in the first quarter from a year ago. In addition, households facing foreclosure grew 16 percent in the same period and 7 percent from the last three months of 2009. "We're right now on pace to see more than 1 million bank repossessions this year," said Rick Sharga, a RealtyTrac senior vice president.

White House Press Corps Turns on Barack Obama
At the coalface, thereís a lot of frustration. Thatís been an undercurrent for while but it seems the issue is now bubbling to the surface. Take these two pieces in the Washington Post. The first, by Jason Horowitz, is a pretty unflattering profile of Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary. It is drawing most attention because of the way it implies that Gibbs is lobbying/auditioning to take over from David Axelrod. But consider this passage (especially the parts I have bolded):

Job killer: New federal rule effectively bars 85% of construction workers
(non-union ones) from federal contracts

The federal rule, which went live yesterday, implements an executive order President Obama signed within weeks of taking office. It encourages federal agencies to require "project labor agreements" for all construction projects larger than $25 million. This means that only contractors that agree to union representation are eligible for work financed by the U.S. taxpayer.

Bloomberg presses Obama to take away guns
After months of waiting in vain for gun control supporters in Congress to take aggressive action against semi-automatic firearms, gun shows and NRA-supported restrictions on the abuse of instant background check records and firearm trace information, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging President Obama to make 40 changes to federal gun law interpretation and enforcement on his own-without congressional approval.

Watch Video: Bernanke Warns: U.S. Debt Could Balloon to More Than 100% of GDP
[EDIT] The Coming Meltdown "Warning". We all knew it was coming...

SOS - RED ALERT - New York Times About to Put American Troops in Deadly Peril
I have just received word that the New York Times is preparing to go public with a list of names of Americans covertly working in Afghanistan providing force protection for our troops, as well as the rest of our Coalition Forces. If the Times actually sees this through, the red ink they are drowning in will be nothing compared to the blood their entire organization will be covered with. Make no mistake, the Times is about to cause casualty rates in Afghanistan to skyrocket. Each and every American should be outraged.

Graham: Hey, letís hike gas taxes!
The tax, which according to early estimates would be in the range of 15 cents a gallon, was conceived with the input of several oil companies, including Shell, BP and Conoco Phillips, and is being championed by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Jobless benefits bill hits speed bump in Senate
Despite winning the single Republican vote they needed, Democrats Wednesday fell just short of the 60 votes necessary to defeat a GOP challenge to the jobless benefits measure. Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy was absent to attend the funeral of a close friend.

Nuclear blast victims would have to wait
The White House has warned state and local governments not to expect a "significant federal response" at the scene of a terrorist nuclear attack for 24 to 72 hours after the blast, according to a planning guide.

Judge Tells Residents in Broke County to 'Arm Themselves'
Ashtabula County Common Pleas Judge Alfred Mackey was asked what residents should do to protect themselves and their families with the severe cutback in law enforcement. "Arm themselves," the judge said. "Be very careful, be vigilant, get in touch with your neighbors, because we're going to have to look after each other."

ObamaCare may have accidentally stripped Congress of health coverage
The law apparently bars members of Congress from the federal employees health program, on the assumption that lawmakers should join many of their constituents in getting coverage through new state-based markets known as insurance exchanges.

Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit
World leaders arriving in Washington for President Obama's Nuclear Security Summit must have felt for a moment that they had instead been transported to Soviet-era Moscow.

Beef price surges following harsh US winter
"It may be the biggest rally in fed cattle prices from December till April in the last 30 years," said James Herring, president of Friona Industries, a Texas feedlot operator that supplies Cargill, the US agribusiness group.

Congressional committee reports ObamaCare is a $3.9B tax hike on middle class
Barack Obama promised during his presidential campaign that he would cut taxes for the middle class. Every time his big-spending agenda got challenged by Republicans as a deficit buster that would require vast, broad tax hikes to sustain, Obama insisted that his agenda would save money for the middle class by shifting the burden to the rich, and nowhere did he make that pitch harder than on health care reform. Now the Joint Committee on Taxation says that ObamaCare will hit the middle class with $3.9 billion in higher taxes by 2019:

Arizona Clears Strict Immigration Bill
Arizona lawmakers on Tuesday passed one of the toughest pieces of immigration-enforcement legislation in the country, which would make it a violation of state law to be in the U.S. without proper documentation. It would also grant police the power to stop and verify the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being illegal.

Tea Party battles for 'soul of this country'
As Tax Day approaches, Tea Party activists are uniting to voice the message they've been honing for more than a year: It's time to reduce the size of government, honor the Constitution and return to fiscal responsibility in Washington.

Nebraska Governor Signs Landmark Abortion Bills
Republican Gov. Dave Heineman signed both bills, one barring abortions at and after 20 weeks of pregnancy and the other requiring women to be screened before having abortions for mental health and other problems. Both sides of the abortion debate say the laws are firsts of their kind in the U.S.

Battle-weary House Dems eye short weeks, easy votes ahead of election
House leaders are preparing a schedule of short weeks and relatively easy votes over the next seven weeks as they aim for a smooth entry to election season. If December marked the point at which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) shifted mentally into "campaign mode," April marks the point at which she and other House leaders are finally beginning to implement a campaign-first legislative ground game.

More than 60 doctor-owned hospitals across the country closed
The new health care overhaul law, which promised increased access and efficiency in health care, will prevent doctor-owned hospitals from adding more rooms and more beds, says a group that advocates physician involvement in every aspect of health care delivery.

Healthcare overhaul won't stop premium increases
Public outrage over double-digit rate hikes for health insurance may have helped push President Obama's healthcare overhaul across the finish line, but the new law does not give regulators the power to block similar increases in the future.

Security chip added to Swiss Army knife
The Victorinox Swiss Army Brands people, taking a page from the "Mission: Impossible" archives, recently introduced a new thumb drive in London that fits into some models of its multitool knife. The memory chip in the drive, called the Secure Pro and available in sizes up to 32 gigabytes, self-destructs if any attempt is made to tamper with it.

Experts: Nuclear Terrorist Attack on Major City 'Probable'
Despite hosting the largest single gathering of world leaders in 60 years, President Barack Obamaís summit on nuclear proliferation probably wonít change the horrible likelihood that terrorists someday soon will obtain and explode a nuclear bomb in a major city, experts assembled at the conference said. Most leaders simply donít see nuclear terrorism as an urgent threat.

Ted Kennedy FBI Files To Be Released
The FBI is giving the family of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy the rare privilege of previewing their files on the lawmaker before they release them to the public. The files are being released after media requests under the Freedom of Information Act, and some journalists are already anticipating embarrassing, tabloid material in the 3,000 pages, according to the Boston Globe

Recovery to Remain Sluggish Into 2011
The pillars of Americans' financial security, jobs and home values, will stay shaky well into 2011, according to an Associated Press survey of leading economists. The findings of the new AP Economy Survey, released Monday, point to an economic recovery that will move slowly and fitfully this year and next. As a result, the Federal Reserve will be forced to keep interest rates near zero until at least the final quarter of this year, three-fourths of the economists said.

Okla. tea parties and lawmakers envision militia
Frustrated by recent political setbacks, tea party leaders and some conservative members of the Oklahoma Legislature say they would like to create a new volunteer militia to help defend against what they believe are improper federal infringements on state sovereignty.

Lieberman: Sarah Palin Canít Be Underestimated
Sen. Joe Lieberman tells Newsmax that anyone who underestimates former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a political force "does so at some peril."

Extension of Jobless Benefits Clears GOP Roadblock
Monday's vote to begin debate on the bill was but a first step. Democrats continued to insist that the jobless benefits should be extended without cutting spending elsewhere in the government's $3.7 trillion budget to pay for them. But Republicans, including a key moderate, Susan Collins of Maine, said the measure would have to be changed on the floor so that it is "paid for" and won't increase the deficit.

The First 'Death Panel' Victim?
A woman battling a cancer battle was dealt a surprise blow by Uncle Sam this month. Diana Smith has gone through six months of radiation and chemotherapy -- one week out of every month. She is in remission and had a donor for a transplant; being in remission is prerequisite for the transplant.

Gillibrand proposes $1 billion plan to build grocery stores in 'food deserts'
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand proposed $1 billion in loans and grants Monday to help build 2,100 grocery stores in areas around the nation that lack access to fresh food.

U.S. Military Warns of Oil Shortfall
The US military has warned that surplus oil production capacity could disappear within two years and there could be serious shortages by 2015 with a significant economic and political impact. The energy crisis outlined in a Joint Operating Environment report from the US Joint Forces Command, comes as the price of petrol in Britain reaches record levels and the cost of crude is predicted to soon top $100 a barrel.

SEIU: White Workers Are So 'F---ing Rabidly Racist'
According to Executive VP Gerry Hudson even the African-American union members are very anti-illegal immigration. He portrays the African-American workers as easy dupes "it doesn't take a whole lot to argue African-American workers to another place." But those white workers are "so f***ing rabidly racist." All Hudson has to do to motivate the African-Americans is point over there to the white guys and say "look at what's there.'

'Climate Deniers' May Face Prosecution
A campaign to declare the mass destruction of ecosystems an international crime against peace - alongside genocide and crimes against humanity - is being launched in the UK. The proposal for the United Nations to accept "ecocide" as a fifth "crime against peace", which could be tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC), is the brainchild of British lawyer-turned-campaigner Polly Higgins.

10 Reasons Why Obama Is the Most Naive U.S. President Ever
In honor of this weekís cringe-inducing nuclear summit in Washington, which represents yet another step towards American decline under the current US administration, here is a list of ten key reasons why Barack Obama qualifies as the most naÔve president in US history.

Key U.S. Allies Absent From Obama's Nuke Summit
President Obama is holding one of the biggest global summits ever on U.S. soil starting Monday, but for all the hoopla, the event will be missing Americaís strongest allies. As remarkable as it is, the fact that neither British Prime Minister Gordon Brown nor Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are attending President Obamaís nuclear security summit in Washington Monday and Tuesday is not altogether surprising.

As Ranks of Insured Expand, Nation Faces Shortage of 150,000 Doctors in 15 Years
Experts warn there won't be enough doctors to treat the millions of people newly insured under the law. At current graduation and training rates, the nation could face a shortage of as many as 150,000 doctors in the next 15 years, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

White House Science ĎCzarí Tells Students: U.S. Canít Expect to Be Number One in Science and Technology Forever
The Obama administrationís top science and technology official, who has argued for the economic de-development of America, warned science students last Friday that the United States cannot expect to be "number one" forever.

Incentives Not to Work
"The second way government assistance programs contribute to long-term unemployment is by providing an incentive, and the means, not to work. Each unemployed person has a 'reservation wage'-the minimum wage he or she insists on getting before accepting a job. Unemployment insurance and other social assistance programs increase [the] reservation wage, causing an unemployed person to remain unemployed longer." Any guess who wrote that? Milton Friedman, perhaps. Simon Legree? Sorry

Soros Doubled Gold ETF Investment, Buys Citi
The New York-based firm also disclosed in a filing on Tuesday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it bought almost 95 million shares of Citigroup during the quarter, worth $313 million by the end of the year. Soros reported no holdings of the troubled bank's shares at the end of the third quarter.

Obama going off the deep end
Obama sees himself as the greatest man to be president in all time. He truly believes it when he said "we are the ones we have been waiting for," and "this is the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and the planet began to heal." He believes that he can do anything he pleases and the people will love him for it. Obama plans to radically transform this country and go down in history as, in his mind, the greatest ever. Obama is clearly disconnected from reality.

GOOGLE CEO and Obama political activist Eric Schmidt declared this weekend that his machines will help decide what news you receive! News sites should use technology to PREDICT what a user wants to read by what they have already read, Schmidt told the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEWS EDITORS, where a few humans still remained in the audience.

Professor bemoans the stupidity of his Ďteabaggerí students
The usually impressive Inside Higher Ed today runs an unusually insipid piece about the Organization of American Historiansí annual meeting. In addition to panels like Footnotes: Pros and Cons, Why We Are Still Relevant, and Should Dogs Be Allowed in the Office?, there was apparently a delightful rant session on reinterpreting the New Deal:

WHO sets up swine flu probe
The World Health Organisation is forming a panel of 29 external experts following accusations that the agency-led international reaction to A(H1N1) influenza was overblown and may have been tainted by commercial interests.

Crash course: Your illustrated guide to the Tea Party saboteurs
The one-year anniversary of the nationwide April 15 Tax Day Tea Party counterinsurgency is fast approaching and publicity-seeking malefactors of all stripes want in on the spotlight.

Herman Cain's SRLC Speech
This man needs to be on Rush Radio. He needs a national audience. Great speaker.

GOP Striving to Unify Vision for Voters before Elections
Socialist. Secularist. Liar. National security naif. Republican leaders are calling President Barack Obama all that and more as they jockey early for the party's 2012 nomination. But name-calling alone won't beat the Democratic incumbent.

Polish president dies in plane crash after pilot ignored warning not to land
President Lech Kaczynski, 60, who with his identical brother Jaroslaw, had dominated conservative politics in Poland for 20 years since the downfall of communism, was killed with his wife, Maria, 66, an economist, and 95 other people, including some of the countryís top military and civilian leaders, as the plane plunged into the forest about 300 yards short of the runway

GOP promises "whale of a fight" if court pick "too liberal"
Republicans are promising a "whale of a fight" during the congressional election campaign if President Barack Obama picks too liberal a nominee to succeed retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

SCLC Board Ousts Its Embattled Chairman, Treasurer
The ousted chairman, Rev. Raleigh Trammell of Ohio, and treasurer, Spiver Gordon of Alabama, face state, federal and internal investigations that some board members say weakened their effectiveness as leaders and jeopardizes the SCLC. Last month, 23 board members called for the men to step down from the civil rights organization, which was co-founded by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1957. They refused.

Surprise: Obama nominee for Office of Legal Counsel withdraws
Ms. Johnsen, an Indiana University professor, was a strident critic of the Bush administrationís counterterrorism policies and the legal theories used to create them. Those views and her past work for a group that supports abortion rights led stiff opposition from Republicans and some Democrats. The opponents made sure she never got a final Senate confirmation vote, although she was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens retiring
Stevens said Friday he will step down when the court finishes its work for the summer in late June or early July. He said he hopes his successor is confirmed "well in advance of the commencement of the court's next term."

Union Memo Hints At Gov.'s Death
The memo is the latest salvo in a war of words between Christie and the union over wage and benefits concessions. Association president Joe Coppola says the "prayer" was a joke and was never meant to be made public

Jason Mattera: U.S. Youth 'Brainwashed' for Obama
Mattera, author of the book "Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation," also says conservatives should learn from the Obama teamís tactics during the 2008 campaign and reach out to young people - or risk losing an entire generation of young voters.

Tea Party Target Stupak Won't Seek Re-election
Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan tells the Associated Press he'll retire from Congress rather than seek a 10th term this year. Stupak has drawn stinging criticism from opponents of the recently enacted health care overhaul after leading a bloc of anti-abortion Democrats whose last-minute support was crucial to its approval by the House.

Andrew Maguire exposes systemic fraud by CFTC and JP Morgan
Andrew Maguire exposes the largest financial fraud in human history (except for the Federal Reserve) and is almost killed in car crash shortly thereafter. JP Morgan is manipulating the market, and for every 100 ounces of silver and gold held in paper or electronically, there is only 1 ounce in the vault.
Whistle-blower on market manipulation, injured in hit-and-run accident
A London trader walks the CFTC through a silver manipulation in advance
More Videos...

Florida says challenge to healthcare reform widens
"We welcome the partnership of Indiana, North Dakota, Mississippi, Nevada and Arizona as we continue fighting to protect the constitutional rights of American citizens and the sovereignty of our states," Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum said. South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Louisiana, Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, Idaho, and South Dakota had previously joined Florida's lawsuit.

Palin, Bachmann enthrall Minn. rally
In a reference to the crowdís energy, Bachmann, who spoke first, exclaimed, "Take that liberals!" The Minnesota Republican opened her remarks by attacking the presidentís recent decision to narrow the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear arms.

Census Bureau concerned about head count problems
As the U.S. census nears its final stages, the government is preparing for possible debacles that could derail its $15 billion head count, from mass identity theft and lawsuits to homeowners who refuse to answer their doors.

Cows absolved of causing global warming with nitrous oxide
The research will reignite the argument over whether to eat red meat after other studies suggested that grass fed cattle in the UK and US can also be good for the environment as long as the animals are free range.

White House to media--'Don't report what you discover'
In light of numbing revelations over the last several days concerning fraudulent statements on Barack Obama's resume, this piece of information curiously comes to light. The White House has instructed the 'mainstream media' not to report what they may discover.

Investigation reveals numerous bogus claims on Obama resume
In what is being called 'the biggest hustle in human history,' a special investigation has discovered numerous bogus claims on Barack Obama's resume, including the outright lie that he was a 'Constitutional scholar and professor.'

Roberts: Inability to Compromise Stops Consensus
U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts said Wednesday that the lack of consensus in many of the Supreme Court's decisions reflects its fundamental inability to strike compromises on laws, as Congress can when writing them.

What CNN saw at the Tea Party
But hereís what you donít often see in the coverage of Tea Party rallies: Patriotic signs professing a love for country; mothers and fathers with their children; African-Americans proudly participating; and senior citizens bopping to a hip-hop rapper.

True Confessions of America's Census Workers
Sorry, Mr. Rove. Playing the Founding Fathers card isn't going to quell conservative criticism of how the Obama administration has exploited the census boondoggle for both economic and ideological gain.

5 Stumbling Blocks That Could Wipe Out Many Dems
Democratic strategists and independent political experts identify roughly five stumbling blocks that the party must overcome to avert big losses: history, jobs and the economy, an apathetic base, ethics and anti-Washington sentiment. Almost every Democratic strategist acknowledges the party will lose seats in Congress this fall. The question is whether the loss will be moderate or severe, or even enough to give Republicans control of the House.

Virginia Gov Proclaims Confederate History Month
In a move that will surely fuel controversy in Richmond and beyond, Virginiaís Governor Bob McDonnell has issued a proclamation declaring April Confederate History Month in Virginia. While this is not something new to the Commonwealth, it had been absent from the state since 2002 when Governor Warner did away with the tradition. The previous governor, Tim Kaine, chose not revive it during his term as well.

Is Eminent Domain Eroding Property Rights?
Jing Jiang and his family were shocked to learn the city of Auburn wants to seize their Shanghai Buffet Chinese Restaurant on behalf of a private developer. "We were really surprised," said Jiangís daughter Xue Jiang, 25, who was born in communist China. "I didnít know there was such a law in the United States."

Greenspan says Congress pushed Fed on housing boom
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan chastised critics on Wednesday by pointing out that Congress pushed the U.S. central bank to make sure lending to poorer Americans kept rising in the 2000s.

Black conservative..."You have to be honest and true to yourself."
Johnson and other black conservatives say they were drawn to the tea party movement because of what they consider its commonsense fiscal values of controlled spending, less taxes and smaller government. The fact that they're black, or that most tea partyers are white, should have nothing to do with it, they say.

Gallup: GOP enthusiasm still increasing for midterms
Ed Morrissey: "Republican enthusiasm has increased in the last three weeks, going from 39% on March 14th to 54% now. Is Gallup saying that it needs another week of increase to call that significant?" [EDIT] We agree Ed.

GOP Rejects Graham's Compromise on Immigration
Most Republicans considered likeliest to join Sens. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, and Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, in writing a bill either have taken a pass or are still on the fence. Key figures say the country does not have the kind of consensus needed to tackle the issue.

Top RNC Fundraiser Resigns Over Steele Controversy
Sam Fox was "one of the RNC's few remaining connections to the deep-pocketed Republican establishment and was viewed as the heaviest hitter among its fundraisers," Smith wrote.

Is This Conservatism's Finest Hour?
We are not yet a people apt to acquiesce in dictates handed down by our lords and masters. When Britain and Canada drifted into socialism, there were no tea parties spontaneously formed by ordinary citizens to buck the trend. The British and the Canadians lacked the spirit of resistance, though, to be fair, it lived on in the likes of Margaret Thatcher. We Americans are made of sterner stuff. During the Cold War, we defended the Free World. In our absence, I am convinced, everyone else would have given way...

IRS Chief: Buy Insurance or Lose Your Tax Refund
Individuals who donít purchase health insurance may lose their tax refunds according to IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. After acknowledging the recently passed health-care bill limits the agencyís options for enforcing the individual mandate, Shulman told reporters that the most likely way to penalize individuals that donít comply is by reducing or confiscating their tax refunds.

Increase in Arctic Ice Confounds Doomsayers
The amount of sea ice covering the Arctic dramatically increased last month, reaching levels not seen at this time of year for nearly a decade. Returning ice - after years of declining cover - has astonished climate scientists who blamed unusually cold weather over the Bering Sea. Researchers said they recorded the most ice in March since 2001 - and that the cover is approaching long-term average levels for the first time in 10 years.

School Propaganda in Texas
If you ever thought that the word "indoctrination" is overused by conservatives as it relates to the education of our children, check out the following document given out by a teacher in Texas to her high school government class. She distributed this without parental consent, and did not allow her students to take the paper home. I think you can see why. Notice first how the "angel" is beside "Liberals," and the "devil" is beside conservative.

From boxing ring, Bachmann decries Ďpantywaist Republicansí
Rep. Michele Bachmann entered a boxing ring in Duluth Saturday to speak at the Win Back Washington rally, a Tea Party inspired campaign event. She told the audience that Democrats were fabricating incidents of aggression by anti-health reform protesters and issued a challenge to moderate Republicans to move out of the GOP.

Judge says threats to confiscate children may be coercion
An Arizona homeschool family's constitutional lawsuit against authorities, including sheriff's deputies, social service workers and even an assistant attorney general, has been advanced by a judge who ruled that a threat to take the family's children into custody could have been perceived as coercion.

Kyl, Top GOP Lawmakers Want Accountability from Steele
In a clear signal that Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is under increasing fire, two senior GOP lawmakers on Sunday declined to express confidence in his leadership after revelations that the RNC spent $2,000 entertaining potential contributors at a sex-themed nightclub.

Poll: 40% of Tea Party Dems, Independents
The national breakdown of the Tea Party composition is 57 percent Republican, 28 percent Independent and 13 percent Democrat. Two-thirds of the group call themselves conservative, 26 are moderate and 8 percent say they are liberal.

Lieberman: Domestic Terror Is Real Threat
The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee said Sunday that domestic terrorism is a real and growing danger. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, Connecticut independent, said the political discourse in the United States turns extreme and incendiary at times, and that can lead some people to take radical actions.

Chicago Tea Partyers: Rallies Not Enough
Protests and rallies weren't enough for tea party activist Tim Kraulidis. That's why he got himself elected during the February primary as a precinct committeeman in the Chicago suburb of Plainfield, a grass-roots post that gives him a say in Republican Party politics.

Terrorists Strike U.S. Consulate in Pakistan
The coordinated attack involved a vehicle suicide bomb and attackers who tried to enter the consulate by using grenades and weapons fire, the U.S. Embassy said in a statement.

Why a SCOTUS vacancy by Stevens may actually diminish liberal influence on the court
As the senior associate justice, Justice Stevens speaks immediately after Chief Justice John Roberts at the court's private meetings, where the justices follow seniority to decide which cases to hear and conduct straw votes after oral arguments. He has used his seniority and influence to shape decisions in cases where he has been on the opposite side from Chief Justice Roberts.

Rep. Steve Cohen, D, Compares Tea Party to KKK
U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen is drawing national attention for remarks he made about the tea party movement in a recent radio interview. The Commercial Appeal reports that the two-term Democrat said the tea party - "without hoods and robes" - has shown an angry, hardcore side of America that's against diversity.

Even Obama's Fans Notice He's a Phony In How He Writes, Talks, and Even Walks
Obama is a Slick Barry, a "shape shifter." Obama even admitted to rhetoric what should be obvious -- how he changes "dialects" depending on the audience he's talking to.

Congressman Plans to File Complaint Against Anti-Obama Doctor
A spokesman for Rep. Alan Grayson, who angered Republicans last year when he said they wanted sick Americans to "die quickly," told that Florida Democrat is helping a constituent who was affected by the sign to file a complaint next week with the proper authorities. Grayson will also file additional complaints with all relevant boards or agencies, Grayson spokesman Todd Jurkowski said.

Why is Government Blocking Access to ATF Whistleblower site ??
We've discussed CleanUpATF numerous times here at Gun Rights Examiner. They're the group of ATF employees who are fed up (pun intended) with corruption and incompetence at the bureau, and who formed "a non-profit organization dedicated to returning integrity, accountability and decency to the management of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE or 'ATF')."

Bomb threat closes Kansas City federal courthouse
Authorities say the federal courthouse in Kansas City is reopening after a suspicious package flagged as explosive was found to contain nothing but phone books. The courthouse was evacuated and employees were sent home Monday morning after a package was found near an entrance for prisoners. A note on the package said the contents would explode. Mauri Sheer, the U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Missouri, says bomb and arson detectives investigated the package that contained only phone books.

Disgruntled Democrats join the Tea Party
Roxanne Lewis expressed a similar point of view. A small business owner in Grand Junction, Lewis described herself as a lifelong Democrat and called the president a "phenomenal speaker." She voted for him because she "believed in what he was saying: change." But, Lewis added, "I should've listened a lot closer when he talked about 'spreading the wealth.' " Asked how she feels about having voted for the president, Lewis said "I feel lied to, cheated and raped."

Limbaugh Hits Back at Obama for Criticism
In a response on his radio show, also posted to, the talk radio king said, "Who has called him a Nazi? Who do we know that has called him a Nazi? Socialist? Yeah. Stalinist? Yeah. Marxist? Yeah. Nazi? We have compared healthcare in America to what the Nazis tried to do in Germany and get the control of the people going in that regard."

Justice Stevens Says He'll Decide Soon On Retiring
Justice John Paul Stevens says he'll decide soon about retiring, for his own peace of mind and to give President Barack Obama and the Senate plenty of time to replace him.

McCain: Hayworth attack 'dishonest,' 'disgraceful'
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is fighting back hard against claims made by his primary opponent J.D. Hayworth that he is soft and wavering on immigration reform calling Hayworth's comments "dishonest," "disgraceful" and "despicable." Oh but the truth hurts John

American Indians Furious Obama Broke Treaty
"The president of the United States invited Native American leaders to Washington, D.C., in November and looked us in the eye as a sign of good faith in his pledge to protect federal treaties," Snyder said. "Now, four months later, he has betrayed that promise."

Obama Plans to Levy Internet Tax
The National Broadband Plan is focused on increasing beneficial use of the Internet, including e-commerce and new innovative business models. The current patchwork of state and local laws and regulations relating to taxation of digital goods and services (such as ringtones, digital music, etc.) may hinder new investment and business models. Entrepreneurs and small businesses in particular may lack the resources to understand and comply with the various tax regimes.

Obama's Census Choice: Simply African-American
He may be the world's foremost mixed-race leader, but when it came to the official government head count, President Barack Obama gave only one answer to the question about his ethnic background: African-American.

Is he not bi-racial? Yes. Then he just falsified his response on his Census form. Is that not cause for a fine? And, of course, once again he chooses one race over another as has been the standard of this administration.

53% Now Trust Republicans More Than Democrats on Health Care
Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on nine out of 10 key issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports, but the gap between the two parties has grown narrower on several of them.

Bachmann: Pelosi May Have Incited Tea Partyers
"In three years, I have never seen Nancy Pelosi cross the street, the way that you saw in that picture. They deliberately went through that crowd perhaps to try and incite something."

Should America Bid Farewell to Exceptional Freedom?
Americans are preparing to fight another American Revolution, this time, a peaceful one with election ballots...but the "causes" of both are the same: Should unchecked centralized government be allowed to grow and grow in power ... or should its powers be limited and returned to the people?

The Principle of Repeal
Itís true that the GOP cannot completely dedicate itself to the repeal of one piece of legislation for the next three years. Instead, they should dedicate themselves to slaying the blasphemous, rotting leviathan that gave birth to ObamaCare, and whose tentacles are visibly squeezing the life out of the American economy. Big Government is a parasite that is more than willing to kill its host. Ordinary people are beginning to see it for what it is. They understand that something is terribly wrong with their government.

Amnesty International condones jihad?
Letís consider the ramifications of an AI-Taliban partnership on its face. What exactly are the Talibanís methods of detention, interrogation, and adjudication? The Taliban conducts kidnappings for ransom, beheads its victims when ransoms donít get paid, and routinely torture people in villages they control for violations of their radically strict religious code. Somehow, this appeals to AIís sensibilities while Gitmo remains their bete noir?

Danger for Democrats
There is danger for Democrats in recent attempts to dismiss the tea party movement as violent racists deserving of contempt. Demonizing these folks may energize the Democratsí left-wing base. But it is a big turnoff to voters who have problems with the Democratic agenda that have nothing to do with racism.

Obama to sign new CO2 restrictions by executive order
Obama plans to sign an executive order by next week to unilaterally impose new laws mandating CO2 restrictions since he canít get the laws passed through congress.

What Should States Do When the Federal Government Usurps Power?
1. In Federalist No. 46 (1st para), James Madison says the ultimate authority over both the State and federal governments resides in the People. What, then, are the People of a State to do if the authorities in their State refuse to resist encroachments & usurpations by the federal government?

Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III Arrested for trying to Expose Government Corruption
Retired Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III, a citizen of Monroe County Tennessee, attempted to affect a legal citizenís arrest this morning as the new 2010 Monroe County Grand Jury convened for the first time.

The Fate of the Republican Party
The Republican Party is a minority, a supposedly insignificant force. Abhorrent legislation seems destined to remain law. The country is riven by disagreement over our basic civil rights. The Democratic Party labels us an "opposition party" or "the party of no." I'm talking about 1854.

Independent Voters Turn from Hopeful to Angry
At the end of the bitter, intensely partisan battle to pass Mr. Obama's health care overhaul plan, independent voters, once captivated by hopeful campaign promises, are feeling burned and appear eager to oust Democrats in November's midterm elections.

FBI Warns Extremist Letters May Encourage Violence
A group that calls itself the Guardians of the free Republics has a plan to "restore America" by peacefully dismantling parts of the government, according to its Web site. As of March 31, more than 30 governors have received letters demanding they leave office within three days or they will be removed, according to an internal intelligence note by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Ariz. Governor Signs Bill Authorizing Health Suit
Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill giving her authority to skirt the state's Democratic attorney general and file a lawsuit challenging federal health care legislation. Brewer signed the legislation Thursday after requesting last week that lawmakers approve it.

Justice Dept Supports AP Digital News Registry
The Justice Department is supporting a proposal by The Associated Press to create a voluntary digital registry to help news organizations track their content on the Internet, including unlicensed use of their materials. Can we say State Controlled Media?

Florida Doc Refuses to Treat Obama Supporters
"I'm not turning anybody away, that would be unethical," Dr. Jack Cassell, 56, a Mount Dora urologist and a registered Republican opposed to the health plan, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. "But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it." The sign reads: "If you voted for Obama seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years."

Frances Fox Piven Joins Board of Project Vote. What Could Go Wrong?
On their face, Pivenís views seem harmless - registering low-income people to vote is how itís framed publicly. But it was Pivenís strategy that served as the impetus for the creation of the National Welfare Rights Organization, led by the radical George Wiley. Wiley had a young protťgť, named Wade Rathke, who was eventually dispatched to Arkansas to establish a beachhead in the South for the social justice movement. He founded, of course, ACORN.

Democrats Hide Over Recess As Polls Show Rising Anger Over Obamacare
The week after passing their trillion-dollar healthcare reform and handing President Barack Obama an important victory, Democrats are strangely lying low as they return to their districts for recess to justify their votes. Republicans, meanwhile, are making quick plans to harness the rising voter discontent.

Election Theft Underway in Wisconsin
According to a Republican Wisconsin state senator, Democrats there plan to change the election rules in November with inadequate scrutiny. In other words, a stealth attack on the integrity of the electoral process. Like ObamaCare, this is a change-the-game legislative proposal that could not withstand scrutiny.

States delaying taxpayer refunds to maintain their budgets
Holding on to the refunds allows states to use the money for other purposes, earn interest on it or simply wait until there's enough cash to cover the checks. But the cost can be an unhappy public.

'Civil Disobedience' Starting Against Obamacare?
A top House Republican predicted last night that Americans will engage in "civil disobedience" to protest healthcare reform. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), the ranking Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has partial jurisdiction over healthcare, told Fox Business Network that Americans would refuse to comply with mandates to buy insurance.

Texas Town on High Alert as Mexican Town Across Border Braces for Cartel Gun Battle
Residents of a small Mexican border town under siege by at least one of the countryís most notorious drug cartels are fleeing into a tiny Texas community, which is on high alert and preparing for a surge of illegal immigrants should a street battle break out with another cartel, or if gunmen begin carrying out a threat to start killing the townís children.

RNC Chairman Meets Immigration Group
Everyone agrees that Michael Steele, RNC chairman, met with a group of activists from the Fair Immigration Reform Movement. Afterwards, FIRM put out a statement implying that Steele was firmly in their camp. The statement said that the activists "walked away with a commitment from Steele to work with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and the partyís leadership to enlist another Republican senatorís support for comprehensive and bipartisan immigration reform."

Dem Leadership - From The "Out There Files"
VIDEO-Hank Johnson, "If Guam gets too overpopulated, it might tip over" [EDIT] Do we sleep better now, knowing that we have leaders like this at the helm?

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