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Do you think there should be term limits for SCOTUS?
I don't worry too much about circuit court nominees at this point, although any appointed by Obozo will not be of judicial talent but of radical socialist ideology. What scares me the most is any SCOTUS nominee. I hold my breath that during his tenure in office no more decide to retire, even the leftist ones. For Obozo will appoint the most radical, far left, Marxist, ie: Koh, to the bench, who would be even more devastating than the ones in place now.

I've often pondered whether Supreme Court Justices should have term limits and/or a retirement age. Maybe a requirement that they must be at least 50 yrs old and retire at 70 y/o. It makes me skeptical when we have a 90 y/o Justice. There does come a point in all our lives when we start to lose our faculties, however so slight it may be. And at 90 I'm just not sure that tack is as sharp. I know there are two sides to that coin.

Maybe an appointee that has never had a case overturned by SCOTUS could be a requirement. If we had that we wouldn't have ended up with Sotamayor.

Judicial activism has no place on the Supreme Court. It is about LAW not social justice. But how do we prevent it when those responsible for confirmation don't put up a fight? The Right needs to gather some testicular fortitude in this dept. The left sure has.

"What's More Important/Necessary?"
What happened at this year's CPAC is a microcosm of what has been going on for years. We've seen it on the net and other places. We see daily in Washington and our State capitols...among some of our friends and family... it was time to "put it to a vote" and see how all the many factions laying some claim to the "Conservative Mantle" really feel.

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Do you think foreign born citizens should be allowed to run for public office?
With the upheavel over Obozo's citizenship status being an issue I ask "Do you think a foreign born person should be allowed to run for political office in the U.S.?"

The position of POTUS requires that "only a natural born citizen" can hold this office. The position of POTUS is a titular (figure) head. One that does not make laws but only signs legislation produced by congress into law. Or at least that is how it is suppose to work.

If the citizenship requirement pertains to a titular head then why do we not require it of those that actually make the laws?

Our Senators and Representatives hold the fate of our national security, our constitutional and inalienable rights, and our future in their hands. Why do we allow any foreign person to come in and decide these fates for 300+ million Americans?

How can one person with so little power be required to be a NBC when those that wield the greatest power do not?

Do You Plan To Participate In The 2010 Census?

Do you know your Constitutional Rights concerning the Census?
Here is a great video on the subject.

Census Getting Too Personal

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