Breaking up all the crap of the day with a little humor keeps your head from exploding. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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 Vol. VI                                      1 AuGuest, 2009                              Numb. Sixteen

A Partisan Publication     Representing    A Majority of Scoundrels


“Hope n’ Change”

 In Cohesion with other Statist,  et. al.    A Conclave  of  Illicit  Mafia  Upstart Politicians  

Bureaucratic  Buffoons   Unruly  Usurpers   A  Caucus  of  Criminals   Common Street Thugs


Uncontrollable  Unconstitutionalists


12:00 Mid Night O’clok


Pres-elect promotes

Bernie to top inside job in North Carolina



Bernie is now a Czar



 Better than a Supreme Court Appointment, Bernie is guaranteed 150 years of seacure employment with benefits. . .

He now has an official government lie-cense to cheap the American People…AGAIN!

All expenses paid!

Tax exempt to boot!

Official says Madoff has been moved from New York jail to North Carolina facility to begin his 150-year sentence.

Prison czar

-  Bernard Madoff  -

Prisoner No 1727-054

We have just been advised that Bernie will actually be“Teaching” Business Scenarios, Economics WhoDoism, Guvment Evasion Tactics & other Perverse Shenagins at The Butner Reeducation Camp only a convenient short drive from the State House & Capitol in Raleigh, NC.

Bernie remains Politically Connected. Second Thougght!

 No Carolina is known to be a “Swing State” & sum bodies sho nuff did sum “Swingin” to  merit Bernie’s Endowed Professorship dis hear in No Caolina’s education extention facility…Fed subsediz3ed.

How weuns inherit dis astute Ecomics scholar fer life is a case study in itself . . .

Course Bernie $101

For investments & accommodations contact www.PrisonCzarBernie@specialassignmentCaughtintheAct.guv


- The Argus Democrat - is an on-line newspaper published with sophistication, bravado, sporadically, & humorless during any given day for the purpose of distorting the news to our benefit & slammin anyone who gets in our way.  Literary bias is our motto & spin is our game – no spoof allowed – we tells hit like we wants hit to be – cuz we beeze donkee democrats & we gets our kicks & highs when we lies politically discrediting  rascally republicans, constitutionalists, & all 1776 types.

Disclaimer Understood – © Unsubstantial – www.MindNumbedRobots@USSR//ext1600PennAve.gubv

~  Publick  Necessaries  ~

 Perma-Potties  Out behine da Whitehouse  ~  Complements of Congress




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