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     Vol. VI                         15 July, 2009              Numb. 4teen

A Partisan Publication
Majority of Scoundrels
In Cohesion with other Statist
et. al.

A  Conclave  of  Illicit  Mafia  Upstart Politicians
Bureaucratic  Buffoons
Unruly  Usurpers
A  Caucus  of  Criminals
Common Street Thugs
Uncontrollable  Unconstitutionalists


6:20 am O’clock


  Good Morning, America, from the Underground Bunker (undisclosed) deep in the heart of a secret cave in Stokum County, No Carolina.




Animal Rights



Rev-Rouser  Al  Bob  Baboon

Anudder  Furst  for  O’s  Administration

  PresBo, who cannot, or, will not make publick his own birth certificate, is proud to announce  his

 new Animal Rights Czar.

 He is the only known, fully certified, member of his administration to have been born within the Washington Beltway - The National Zoo.

 A true Washington Insider, his Baboon Credentials are unimpeachable.

The Wrong Reverend Al Bob Baboon has served as Chaplain of his Compound since the age of nine having been washed, licensed & orstained by the notable

 Rev-Rousers Al Sharkton & Jessie Jakson Certified Monkeys, Religious Extortionists, & Licensed Racists.


Baboon served with distinction as the head of the Community food chain Organizer/Distributor at the Zoo,

He learned his craft from his Daddy, Willie B. Baboon, who presided over the Chickago Zoo until his death in 1776.

Rev-Rouser Al Bob Baboon is profoundly schooled to manage the

 Office  of  Monkie C. MonkieDo.


“Bobbie” Baboon, as he is affectionately known,

will be featured on the daily Circus with his Snake Oil Selling Boss

at  town  hall  meetings, press conferences,

McDonald burger stops & other uncaged appearances.


“Bobbie” is definitely a rising star among Warshington Statists.

 It is rumored that he may be in line to replace

 O’s current spokesmouth.


Story Developing . . . go to:



Always on top of the pile. . .
Gomer  Whatze-His-Face,
Editor & Chef of Staff (for the moment)
Obber & Out!



- The Argus Democrat - is an on-line newspaper published with sophistication, bravado, sporadically, & humorless during any given day for the purpose of distorting the news to our benefit & slammin anyone who gets in our way.  Literary bias is our motto & spin is our game – no spoof allowed – we tells hit like we wants hit to be – cuz we beeze donkee democrats & we gets our kicks & highs when we lies politically discrediting  rascally republicans, constitutionalists, & all 1776 types.

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