Breaking up all the crap of the day with a little humor keeps your head from exploding. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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A Cowboy Says Grace

Yer lookin at a man that never learned to cook
unless you count pork and beans.
And a flowery grace like you'd read in a book,
is really beyond my means.

But you can believe I'm a a thankful man
though it might be undeserved.
And I'll eat whatever comes out of the pan,
no matter what's bein' served.

I don't take it lightly if it's real good,
'cause I'd eat it anyway.
See I know there's people, in all likelihood,
that might not eat today.

So count me in if yer needin' grace said.
and bless those who provide it.

The farmers and ranchers, the bakers of bread, the loving hands that fried it.

But most of all, Lord, we give thanks to You,
'cause we who work on the land,
Know how much our harvest and bounty is due
to the gainful touch of Yer hand.

So bless this food and the life we embrace,
and please forgive us our pride.
When others with tables a-plenty say grace,
for what we've helped You provide.


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