Bio: TerryCSA is co-editor of The Conservative Activist, with a background in business management, accounting, and mental health. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother that refuses to let tyranny rule over her family. As a patriotic American and conservative activist she spends her time educating people about the threat to our freedoms and what role they have in taking America back.

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My Apologies
by: TerryCSA

Snikks and I would like to extend our apologies for the lack of updates to The Conservative Activist for the past month and half or so. Unfortunately there are times when tragedy strikes and peoples attention is directed elsewhere where things are more important. That' is not to say that each and every one of you are not important because you are very important to us.

My beloved husband, Snikks, had a stroke on July 5th, thus turning our world upside down. Snikks spent a couple weeks in the neuro unit of our local hospital, Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, a visit I wouldn't advise for anyone. From there he spent a month in rehab at the Sticht Rehab Center. We have nothing but praise for the therapists and the doctor at the Sticht Center. The therapists have performed miracles. Snikks is now home and attending outpatient therapy.

This stroke came out of the blue. Snikks was having a cup of coffee at our daughters house the morning he was stricken. Thank goodness for our daughters immediate awareness of what was transpiring and rushing Snikks to the hospital. The hospital and Rehab Center allowed me to stay with him 24/7 which reduced his stress level as well as mine.

Now that we are home we will be updating The Conservative Activist on a regular basis once again between therapy sessions and doctors appointments. We missed being here to keep our faithful followers updated on the news, activism, and legislation going on. We will do our best to gain your readership once again. Thank you for hanging in there with us.

If at anytime time you notice a stall in publication please visit our forum for information on what is going on. The forum members are not just members but our friends and they have done a great job of staying in contact with us during these turbulent times and updating other members on the forum as to what is happening. We want to thank them for hanging in there with us and continuing the activity of keeping others informed, not only of our personal plight, but with news that is going on in our country as well.

We love you all,
TerryCSA & Snikks


I Watched a Patriot

I watched a Patriot suspend her run for the Presidency today. Michelle Bachmann gave the best concession speech I have ever heard. An elegant, honest, and heartfelt oratory of her love of country and her desire to save it from the march of socialism trying to overtake it.

I think we missed the boat. Michelle is a true social and fiscal conservative. She isn't a politian, but a true representative of the people. She has fought for all the right things and against all the wrong things in government. She knows the dangers we face from within and from foreign sources. I think we missed the boat here people.

I listened to Matt Kibbe say this morning that the Tea Party hasn't found its' candidate. "Hey Matt! She just left the building." Of the candidates running Michelle Bachmann most represented what I thought was the best Tea Party candidate, a true social and fiscal conservative. A Patriot that truly believes in the Constitution.

I wish Michelle Bachmann had said during her campaign what she said in her concession speech. In my opinion, she spent too much time on talking points and not getting her message out there. Maybe...if only...she would have gotten more support and more financing for her campaign.


The Perfect Candidate
by: TerryCSA

I listened to Sarah Palin talk anout the candidates in the Presidential race. She said their is no perfect candidate. She said we need to look at the candidates and find the one that most fits. I disagee. There is a perfect candidate. The only problem is she isn't running. Sarah Palin needs to only look in the mirror. She IS the perfect candidate.
Sarah Palin has all the attributes this country needs in a President. She is social and fiscally conservative. She believes in the greatness of our country and its' people. She believes in the sovereignty of our country. And she believes in the Constitution. Her record as a Governor speaks for itself. Sarah has the kahunas to take on the Washington DC elite. She has the experience to tackle the problems facing our country today.

Sarah look in the mirror! The perfect candidate will be staring back at you.


Must We Settle AGAIN?
by: TerryCSA

I am sick of holding my nose in the voting booth and choosing a political candidate based on the lesser of two evils. I am not encouraged by the remaining candidates in the 2012 Presidential race. In my opinion none of them represent me, my family, or our country. Yet I must choose one. I cannot opt out of the voting process, nor can anyone in this country. It is not only a right, but a duty of every American.

The GOP elite will cram their candidate down our throat as usual. But it doesn't matter which candidate we choose as long as in November Obama does not get re-elected. Although the choice between Obama and Obama-lite doesn't thrill me either.

I know many people are so fed up with government and politicians that they are talking about not voting in November. This is wrong. It will mean the total transformation of our country from what is left of the Republic to a full blown socialist country. If Obama is re-elected he will get to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. If this happens the court will be loaded with a majority of extreme left leaning socialists. We can kiss the Constitution good-bye. We can kiss the Bill of Rights good-bye. The first thing they will do is abolish the Second Amendment, which is our only protection against a tyrannical government. Obama already signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which, in effect, does away with our First and Fourth Amendment Rights. Sections 1031 and 1032 allows for indefinate detention of any America without due process.

So it comes down to holding our nose and voting for another politician that will grow government and continuing to spend money we don't have in exchange for our freedom and liberty. Yes, it sucks. But until we institute term limits for all elected and appointed officials at all levels of government we won't break this moronic cycle in Washington DC. Until we institute term limits we will not have true representation in government. The Beltway has become so dirty that few real country loving Americans will run for political office.

It is not only you right, it is your duty to vote. Even if you have to hold your nose to do so.




Fast & Furious Saga
by: TerryCSA

What has failed to make it to the news cycle in this story was the real reaason behind this operation.

Back when Obama went to Mexico (days prior to the swine flu distraction) I ran across a story about guns going to Mexico from the US. Those guns were authorized to the mexican police and military on the directive of the State Dept. (Hillary Clinton). We were already well aware of the corruption going on in mexico. Hillary knew those guns would end up in the hands of the drug cartels IMO.

Now while Obama is in mexico he and Cauldiron are blaming guns in mexico on the US. They were correct in that statement because they were authorized by our State Dept. But the purpose of the statement was to pave the path of gun control.

First our government floods mexico with military grade weapons. Then they blame our lenient gun laws on the problem in order to lay the groundwork for draconian gun control laws here. In their haste they failed to realize the weaponry given to mexico was not obtainable in your local gun store. Sooooo, along comes Fast & Furious. They had to flood the market with guns actually purchased in gun stores in the US.

But like all things leftist nothing stays secret. Someone blew the whistle.

Now in the past month Obama has let slip that he is working on gun control and not through legislation. The entire agenda has been to take our guns. We know this. And anyone listening and paying attention knows this. The socialist administration has been more than willing to sacrifice thousands of mexican citizens lives and the lives of our Border Patrol Agents AND US citizens to achieve their goal.

The ends justifies the means.


Fast & Furious was to make up for Hillary's original faux pas.

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Demand Term Limits!
by: TerryCSA

Aug 17, 2011

I don't know about you but I am about fed up with the work schedules of our elected officials. This country is in terrible shape and these overpaid prima donas need to be in DC working on straightening it out, not taking a 5 week vacation. I was already ticked off at the two weeks on one week off they were taking to start with. Boy wouldn't any of us love to have that kind of schedule while making $174,000.00 yr. Shoot I'd take that work schedule at half the pay, which is, IMO, what they should realistically be making while working full time, not part time. If this country was in good shape I wouldn't have a problem with our elected officials not being in DC. Matter of fact I would prefer it. They could do less damage that way.

I ran across this link http://majorityleader.gov/JobsTracker/. It lists job creating bills that have passed the House and are stalled in the Senate. There is no excuse for this obstructionist behavior. The Senate needs to bring these bills to the floor and vote on them. One bill was passed in February. 7 months ago! These people have no clue what Americans are going through, nor do they care, obviously. Now Obama is going to present a jobs bill after he takes another vacation. Geesh! Why not pass what is already on the table first?

While the bozo's in Washington enjoy their vacations in Hawaii on our dime or Israel on our dime, or Martha's vineyard on our dime, cities all across this country are changing course and instead of running off homeless people they are setting up tent cities for the ever growing number of Americans who have lost jobs, homes, everything and reduced to living in tents and wooden shacks. This isn't America anymore, least of all the one I grew up in.

Obama says Unemployment Benefits creates jobs. The Ag Secretary says Food Stamps creates jobs. I feel my blood pressure rising just typing that. I'm no economic guru, but have enough common sense to know that is horse hockey. Unemployment Benefits for most people doesn't even cover the rent let alone the rest of the bills. So who does it create jobs for? More government employees.

You collect UIB.
You pay rent to landlord.
He pays mortgage payment to bank.

Oh! Ok, I get it! It keeps the bankers employed. Hmmmm....I should have been a banker.

You collect food stamps.
You pay grocery store for groceries.
Ok, now you have a few minimum wage jobs saved.
And from there the money goes to farmers in 27 different countries from which the majority of our food comes from while we pay our own farmers not to farm.
Or better yet we flood out our own farmers then the Army Corp of Engineers after flooding them out walk in and offer the farmers pennies on the dollar for their land so Monsanto can set up huge conglomerate farming operations and feed us genetically manufactured food stuffs that are harmful.

I don't want unemployment benefits or food stamps. I want an economy that is conducive to me being employed. I want to work. I want to pay for my needs from the fruits of my labor. I have worked since I was 14 years old. I grew up believing that a man was only as good as his last days work. I felt good when I bought my first car all by myself at 17 years old. I didn't have to have a brand new car with a $400 a month car payment. I bought a $400 car. I was proud of myself when I bought my first home and provided a nice place for my family that we could call home and without government handouts or subsidies. That is the American Dream.

Our political system is broken. There is no doubt about it. IMO the biggest problem is career politicians. Power in Washington is in the hands of a few well established politicians that control the rest of the herd there. Power in the hands of a few that control all but were elected by a few. You and I didn't elect these elitist power mad career politicians. They were elected over and over by a few in the districts they come from, yet they make the rules for all of us and our elected officials follow along like lambs to slaughter. IMO the answer is Term Limits. We restrict the highest office in the land to two terms, yet we let the lawmakers to grow roots to their seats for a lifetime. We just have to look at the legacies of the likes of Byrd, Kennedy, Thurmond, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, Lieberman, etc. It is time to demand term limits for our lawmakers. Two terms just like the President. This would prevent this powerhouse conglomeration of a few.

These career politicans go to Washington and after time they forget who they serve, they become wealthy. Power and greed corrupt. These people no longer serve us. They serve those who line their pockets. We need to change the way things are done in Washington alright. We need to clean the swamp and not expect career corrupt politicians to do it. They have no intention of it. But they know that. They also think we are too stupid to see past the rhetoric. They have admitted such.

It is time to demand our representatives put forth a Constitutional Amendment that limits our elected officials to two terms. Period. Take away this lifelong retirement pay while we are at it. You and I don't get to retirement pay after 4 years on the job. Why should these so called Public Servants get it? Our soldiers don't get it and they put their lives on the line for us. They have to die to get such benefits.

We have heard all the rhetoric about millionaires and billionaires being the bad guys. Well we sure have an awful lot of those millionaires and billionaires sitting in political office. We have more millionaires in Washington than ever. Let's see we have John Kerry (gold digger left $150 million wife to marry $750 million wife), Harry Reid ( poor guy from Searchlight, NV who became a millionaire as Public Servant?), John McCain (gold digger who married wealth), Nancy Pelosi (worth millions and comes from life long line of Public Servants), Obama ( lowly State Senator to multi millionaire POTUS). That is just to name a few of the wealthier. The list is extremely long for Public Servants. Then we have millionaire/billionaire candidates running for POTUS - Romney (millionaire), Huntsmen (billionaire). I don't know about you but these people don't represent me. I'm not a millionaire, not even close. Money doesn't make you smarter or better qualified IMO.

I like my Congresswoman. She votes like I expect her to a majority of the time. But, IMO, she has been in there too long. I don't know what her financial status is, but I think she is in there coasting along. She doesn't introduce legislation. She will co-sponsor someone else's legislation, but that is coasting to me. It is time she goes as well. She has been in there so long that she is just as guilty as the rest of them of creating this mess our country is in. She gets fiesty from time to time on the House floor. But that doesn't make up for the rest of the time coasting.

Term Limits! We need people that understand the original intent of their jobs. If you agree you know what you need to do. Demand it! Call, email, tweet, text, write, but do it! I don't care what your ideology or political affiliation is. If you agree - Demand Term Limits!


Obama's Propaganda and LIES!

Obama threatened Republicans not to call his bluff. Obama threaten congressional leaders that if they didn't agree with him he would take it to the people. Obama threatened that Social Security checks wouldn't go out if Republicans didn't agree to raise taxes. Now the Obama propaganda begins.

The truth is Social Security is in a Trust Fund and has the funds to pay Social Security to seniors for a few more years. According to the SSA Actuary there is enough current revenue to pay benefits. See chart above. The Actuary also states that the ONLY reason checks wouldn't go out would be purely political. In other words if Obama ordered they not be sent.

According to my sources the Social Security recipients in North Carolina have received notices that checks wouldn't be going out. Yet sources in some other states have not received this notice. Why? NC is a key state for Obama in 2012. He won here in 2008. In 2010 Republicans swept in and took control of the state legislature for the first time in 112 years. Obama is not guaranteed to win NC in 2012. Thus Obama begins his "scare" campaign in NC.

Obama continues his propaganda campaign by saying 80% of Americans want tax increases. I really have to laugh at that. Does he really think because he says so that it is true?. Any American hearing him say it has to think they might need their hearing checked. How can anyone want taxes raised? The only ones that want it are Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party. They love spending our money. Maybe he should ask George HW Bush what happens when you raise taxes.

Obama doesn't stop there. He accuses congress of spending this country into debt. He is correct. He just fails to indicate which congress did this. It was the Democrat controlled 111th Congress, not the current 112th. He has depended on the blame Bush rhetoric they will no longer fly. Democrats controlled congress from 2006 - 2010 and they still control the Senate and the WH. So who actually spent like there was no tomorrow?

Obama has blamed Bush for TARP, which Obama pressured Bush to sign, and the Stimulus and Porkulus packages that came under Obama's reign, which Obama signed. Does he really think the American people are that stupid? Well, yes he does and has publicly said so.

According to the Obama administration the American people don't understand the debt ceiling, only professional politicians do. According to the Obama administration the American people aren't concerned about the unemployment rate and it won't have any impact on his re-election in 2012. Yet , 80% of Americans are paying enough attention to want taxes raised.

Obama is delusional and so are his advisors. We, the American people are well aware of the inner workings of the debt ceiling. We, the American people are well aware of the unemployment rate and are concerned. We, the American people are well aware of who spent this country into oblivion. We, the American people are well aware of Obama's use of a bully pulpit. We, the American people do not want taxes raised. We know it won't stop at the Obama demogoued millionaires and billionaires. We, the American people do not consider people making $250k per year to be millionaires. We, the American people are not stupid.

Obama needs to eat his own darn peas. I ask you to join me in sending him peas for him to eat. Show him we are paying atterntion. Today I am sending a package of peas to:
Barack Obama
c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC. 20500


Fast & Furious Heating Up
by: TerryCSA

What has failed to make it to the news cycle in this story was the real reaason behind this operation.

Back when Obama went to Mexico (days prior to the swine flu distraction) I ran across a story about guns going to Mexico from the US. Those guns were authorized to the mexican police and military on the directive of the State Dept. (Hillary Clinton). We were already well aware of the corruption going on in mexico. Hillary knew those guns would end up in the hands of the drug cartels IMO.

Now while Obama is in mexico he and Cauldiron are blaming guns in mexico on the US. They were correct in that statement because they were authorized by our State Dept. But the purpose of the statement was to pave the path of gun control.

First our government floods mexico with military grade weapons. Then they blame our lenient gun laws on the problem in order to lay the groundwork for draconian gun control laws here. In their haste they failed to realize the weaponry given to mexico was not obtainable in your local gun store. Sooooo, along comes Fast & Furious. They had to flood the market with guns actually purchased in gun stores in the US.

But like all things leftist nothing stays secret. Someone blew the whistle.

Now in the past month Obama has let slip that he is working on gun control and not through legislation. The entire agenda has been to take our guns. We know this. And anyone listening and paying attention knows this. The socialist administration has been more than willing to sacrifice thousands of mexican citizens lives and the lives of our Border Patrol Agents AND US citizens to achieve their goal.

The ends justifies the means.


Fast & Furious was to make up for Hillary's original faux pas.

Read more on the Fast & Furious story


My View on the News
by: TerryCSA

June 14, 2011

Sarah Palin emails: Enemies sent a series of death threats
"She doesn't belong to the NRA to support the right of each citizen to have weapons in an aim of self-defence, but just to support the right of every southern white citizen to shoot all non-white people legally! Sarah Palin MUST BE KILLED!"

The death threats aren't surprising considering how much the left hates and is afraid of Palin.

But that statement blew my mind. Is that what those looney tunes really think?

Over the years I have tried to comprehend the anti-gunners motives and angst against guns. I came up with all the usual reasons:

victims of gun violence,
a loved one being shot and killed,
high violent crime in their neighborhoods,
and then the tree hugging, anti-war, anti-violence, anti-spanking sissy ass wierdo.

But I never ever came to that conclusion. WOW! That is beyond delusional.

Romneyís strategic faux pas
There is a disengaged, even high-handed politics-by-rules sclerosis in his approach Ė and it just doesnít resonate. He wonít be able to get away with toting all his ďissueĒ baggage Ė RomneyCare, anthropogenic global warming, flip-flops and ambiguity on abortion and gay marriage Ė while also declining to submit himself to the hard work of face-to-face politicking and actual votes.

Romney is nothing more than your typical "It's my turn, it is owed to me, good 'ol boy beltway politician who thinks that he doesn't have to shake hands and listen to the American people. They are beneath him and a total waste of time. Afterall, it's his turn.

Romney is nothing more than Obama-white. His policies and ideologies are online with the leftist administration of Obama. The GOP will see a bigger separation from the party if they nominate Romney. And they may very well lose the election. You would think they would take their cue from the 2008 campaign of McCain and not elect to back a loser candidate.

In my opinion if the GOP wanted to return the balance of power to the Republican Party they would look at the 2010 elections and learn that the American people are no longer sleeping and we intend to participate in our governance from here on out. I will no longer hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. There are good, viable candidates out there that are immensely more capable of executing the office of POTUS than Romney. His record speaks for itself.

Obama May Ease No Child Left Behind Law
States may avoid requirements of the No Child Left Behind law that, for example, more students pass standardized tests each year if they agree to administration-backed ďreforms,Ē U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a press briefing.

No Child Left Behind was in theory a good thought, but a poor solution to the state of our education system. The biggest problems with the education system is the NEA followed by the teachers unions. The best reform would be to turn education back over to the states and have the federal government get out of it.

The "reforms" Arne Duncan refers to is teaching 5, 6, 7, and 8 year olds how to have sex and homosexuality is okay, teaching 14 year old the homosexual perversion of "fisting". These are not subjects that I want my children learning in school. It is a parents responsibility to teach "the birds and the bees" in a healthy environment, not the sick perverted environment that Duncan envisions.

More "reforms" include rewriting and removing American history from the classrooms. Here in North Carolina they no longer teach any history prior to the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes. that was the beginning of the "progressive' (Marxist) movement. This means that our children will not learn about the founding of the United States, the Revolution of 1776, the /constitution and Declaration of Independence. This mean our children will not learn about the Civila War, not that the truth has been taught about that era in a very long time. They wouldn't learn about all the struggles and triumphs that made this country great in the early years.

The "reforms" would include extended school hours so that our children can spend more time in indoctrination learning "Alinsky's Rules for Radicals", and "Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx. They will get to learn the greatness of mass murdering radical Marxists Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. The government will control every meal our children eat and what they eat. They will be taught the Al Gore mantra, "Don't listen to your parents. You know more than they do already."

The "reforms" of this administration on our educational system will lead to the devastation of our country for future generations. We must not allow this to happen. The Marxist indoctrination must be removed from our schools and parents need to reclaim their rights in their childrens education.


You are not owed anything!
By: TerryCSA

May 03, 2011

Chart that the US is Screwed

Click HERE for larger image

This probably angers me more than anything else. As a former accountant it is a no brainer as to what needs to be done. 58% of expenditures are entitlements. No household can survive by giving away 58% of their income to support others.

Unfortunately there are so many out there that looks at that chart and sees pretty colors. Of course these are the same people that spend 58% of their income at the local bar complaining about their landlord wanting the rent and the utility company shutting off their electricity.

Why so many people are screaming not to cut social security is beyond me. For 30 years we have been told social security was going broke. That it would not be there when we reached retirement age. We have had 30 years to get prepared. It has been drilled in our heads. I have never counted on it. I will work till the day I die. That is why it has always been so important for me to pay cash for everything, to own my home and property, to make myself as self sufficient as possible. The less expenditure I have in old age the easier it will be to live.

If they really want to offer something of value in my sunset years then waive all property taxes for senior citizens. I would be quite content with that when I get there. As for medicare, I don't have insurance now and I don't expect to have it then. Again I am quite content in knowing when this ol body has had enough and succumbs to the lifelong abuse I have reaped upon it that it will quietly say "enough".

If I have spent a lifetime squandering health and wealth I have no deluded expectations of continuing said path at the expense of others.


Raise taxes on the Rich?
By: TerryCSA

April 19, 2011

Does Obama and the Deranged Dems think Americans are stupid? Well, of course they do. "Tax the Rich!". "The Rich need to pay their fair share!"

There are several thing so very wrong with the ideology and rhetoric. It all sounds good to the young who donít know better. It sounds good to the poor because they get more and they donít pay taxes anyway.

The truth is this is nothing more than socialism, redistribution of wealth. The is Obama and the Dems ideology. In my opinion they are the stupid ones. Letís look at the facts.

The top 5% of the wealthy Americans pay 70% of the taxes.
49% of Americans DO Not pay taxes.
Those in the middle pay the remaining 30%.

Just looking at those statistics it is apparent the Rich pay MORE than their fair share. What they pay allows 49% of Americans to not pay their fair share. The 49% are the ones that reap all the benefits. Welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, free housing, free utilities, free fuel for their vehicles, etc.

People making $250K or more a year are small business owners. Letís take the guy that owns a convenience store. He makes $250K per yr. He also creates 5-6 jobs. He pays at least minimum wage of $7.75 hr or more, depending on what state he is in. He provides group health insurance for his employees. Those 5 or 6 employees get a weeks free pay called a vacation. Two weeks if they stay more than a year. Not only does he employ people to run his business he provides employment for numerous others not in his direct employ like the lawn maintenance crew that keeps the grounds nice and neat. That is usually a 4 man crew. The truck driver that delivers the fuel and incidentally the people who work at the refinery. The delivery drivers that deliver the products he sells in his store - the grocery distributor, the beer distributor, the soda distributor, the ice cream distributor, the cigarette distributor, the lottery sales agent, the hardware distributor, the ice distributor. Each one of these distributors employ warehouse help, maintenance crews, office personnel, and bookkeepers. Then we have the bookkeeper and accountant that keeps track of his taxes. The HVAC maintenance guy who services the stores heating, air, and refrigeration units. I think we can say he does more than his fair share.

Basic economics in retail - cost increases to business are past on to consumers. Thatís you and me. So who is getting taxed here? It isnít the business owner who makes $250K yr. It is middle America. These are costs we do not get tax breaks on. We will be paying those taxes that Obama and the Deranged Dems want to levy on those Rich people. Those of us who pay our taxes and are not entitled to the benefitís the "have nots", or better known as moochers, receive.

The poor are considered anybody making under $22K per year. Thatís everybody that makes under $423.00 per week or $10.75 hour. Iím sorry but that is only considered poor by the Marxist elitists. If you are making $400 wk you can afford to pay your own housing costs, i.e.; rent, food, utilities, fuel, etc. Granted you may not be able to buy a luxurious million dollar home or a luxury boat or an expensive sports car, but that does not make you poor. You can afford a modest home, a car, maybe even a 20í Criss Craft or a Jet ski. It is called saving a little at a time to afford the extras. I donít consider this poor. If I can provide a roof over my families head, food on the table, and clothes for them to wear, I am not poor. I am blessed. I donít need to impress anyone with fancy toys. That is not the American way.

The American way is raising your children with morals, values, pride in their accomplishments, love of God and country. Obama and the left want to take that away. They want to strangle the economy and thus the American people and American way of life. This must be stopped. We need to educate our families, friends, neighbors, and strangers just exactly who will be paying these taxes on the Rich that Obama and the left are pushing on us. They are NOT taxing the Rich. They are taxing the average hard working American.


Obama Stereotypes the Black Population
March 16, 2011

Obama, Holder, and the liberal left are doing their best to prove that every stereotype of the black population is true and the election of a black man to POTUS is everything that we have feared.

One just has to look at the actions of the Obama administration and read the news to see that the above statement contains alot of truth.

Let's review some of the stereotypes first. Black folk are lazy, stupid, prone to criminal activity and sexual irresponsibility.

Well Obama has the lazy part down pat. He would rather have lavish parties on the taxpayers dime, spend his days golfing or on the basketball court, anything but actually work. Although I don't know why anyone would be expect any less. Soon after his election it was revealed that the one "real" job he had at a law firm he spent his days with his feet propped up on his desk writing his memoirs. Memoirs? He hadn't accomplished anything. But then he was given a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.

This all feeds into the black stereotype of "gimme, gimme". "I'm entitled because I'm black and you owe me because of slavery". I hate to inform not only Obama but all blacks but I don't owe you crap! Not a darn one of you today were slaves. Learn your history. According to the African Chieftains being sold into slavery was a kindness. The alternative was death. But I'm not going to get off on that soapbox. I'll save it for another time.

We have but to look at our educational system to see the self imposed stereotype of blacks being stupid and inferior to every other race. For decades now we have been dumbing down our students to accomodate the black population. Blacks at every turn claim testing descriminates against blacks? So we have lowered our standards to accomodate the self-proclaimed lack of intelligence of black people instead of elevating them. It isn't about intelligence because there are some very intelligent black folk out there. It is laziness. Recently a young black man put it in perspective for me. He said that I could study for a test and get an "A". He could not study and still get a "D". The result is the same. We both pass the test. The difference is he gets to hang with his "homies" and partying while I spend my time studying. With the effects of affimative action he will get into college or get a job other a better educated more qualified white person. So in his mind why should he show any initiative and work hard because it is going to be given to him anyway. "Gimme, gimme."

(a)To further facilitate this argument the Dayton, Ohio Police Dept. has been ordered by Attorney General Eric Holder to lower its testing requirements for "black" applicants because Holder feels there aren't enough blacks on that police force. So instead of having to acheive a 66% on the civil service exam, which would be a "D", the new standard is 58%, an "F". This is for black applicants only.

This brings several questions to mind;
Since when does the federal gov't have to authority to interfere in hiring practices of a municipality?
Why does this new standard not apply to ALL applicants?
Why does this not constitute racism?
By this action isn't the Obama administration saying blacks are too stupid to pass a simple civil service exam and should just be given the job because the applicants are black?

I don't think the Obama administration or the liberals had to do much to reinforce the stereotype that blacks are prone to criminal activity when 1 out of every 4 black males are in or have been in prison. That pretty much speaks for itself. Of course the scream descrimination in sentencing when the fact is blacks receive lighter sentences for repeat offenses than whites do. The fact is more blacks are involved in criminal activity since the "gimme, gimme" attitude is prevelant in the black population.

(b)The liberals in Seattle, Wa administration has enacted its' "Race and Social Justice Initiative". Under this initiative the City Attorney has decided that blacks will no longer be prosecuted for certain crimes because a disproportionate number of those crimes are committed by blacks.

City Attorney Pete Holmes defends the cityís progressive policies. For example, driving with a suspended license is almost always charged when a personís license has been suspended for failure to pay a fine, Fox News reports. But Holmes says 44 percent of those prosecuted for the crime were African American. According to Holmes, the disproportionate number of blacks being charged is a direct result of economic inequalities.

Racial minorities are more likely to be poor than whites and unable to pay their fines, Holmes says, adding that itís a waste of city resources to prosecute those cases. ďIf we start to learn and understand that one of those institutional causes of racism is actually in the criminal justice system,Ē Holmes says, ďitís our obligation as prosecutors to address it.Ē

There are just a whole host of things wrong with this action but I will again stick to the topic of stereotypes that black folks are prone to criminal activity. Obviously the Seattle administration agrees and decided to give them a pass for their criminal activity. In my opinion this is a direct result of the attitude of the Obama administration and specifically the actions of Attorney General Eric Holder who refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for criminal activity. It has come to light from those inside the DoJ that black on white crime is not to be prosecuted.

Will these actions reduce crime among blacks? I would bet money that now that blacks have been given the message that they have a free ride to commit crime the statistics will skyrocket. The statistics are already off the charts.

(c) * Between 2001 and 2003, blacks were 39 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than the reverse, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.Ě

* Between 2001 and 2003, blacks committed, on average, 15,400 black-on-white rapes per year, while whites averaged only 900 white-on-black rapes per year.

* Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.Ě

* Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.

The Obama administration is encouraging criminal activity and violence. One just has to look at the recent endorsement by Obama of the violent union thugs in Wisconsin and other states. Or look at the criminal activity conducted by Obama, Holder, and the Obama administration. Their refusal to uphold the laws of this land is criminal. Does this reflect that no matter the position of status and wealth the black man will always revert to criminal activity? Obama seems to reflect the stereotype.

As for sexual irresponsibility the statistics speaks for themselves. Considering this you would think Obama would not be promoting the homosexual lifestyle, would not be refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, and would be supporting the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Since PP was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger to rid the world of the black population you would think they would be a target of the first black president.

(d)* In 2006, black men who have sex with men (MSM)2 represented 63% of new infections among all black men, and 35% among all MSM. HIV infection rates are higher among black MSM compared to other MSM. More new HIV infections occurred among young black MSM (aged 13Ė29) than among any other age and racial group of MSM.
*In 2006, the rate of new HIV infection for black women was nearly 15 times as high as that of white women and nearly 4 times that of Hispanic/Latina women.

(e) Black women had higher abortion rates and ratios than white women and women of other races.

(f) In 2009, blacks had 8.7 times the reported chlamydia rates of whites, 20.5 times the rate of gonorrhea, and 9.1 times the reported syphilis rate.

So where are the stereotypes wrong? With the Obama administration supporting the stereotypes then the stereotypes aren't racist but fact based. The only racism being purported is by the Obama administration. Remember the comment about the Stimulus money - "No white construction workers need apply". And more recently (g) "Too many whites, men leading military." The same was said about staff within the White House and Congress when the Obama administration ordered more blacks to be appointed to Chief of Staff positions.

This ideology was always the fear of electing a black as president and, obviously, a justified fear. If Obama thought he could get away with it I have no doubt he would re-institute slavery, with the black man as the slave master. In truth that is what he is doing through his Marxist ideology of wealth redistribution. Take from the rich white business owner and give to the black worker. No skill needed. White workers need not apply.

I think Obama has reinforced time and time again why people were leary of electing a black man to potus. The sad part is there are probably some good black candidates out there that will never get a shot at the position because of Obama. Considering the lazy, stupid, criminal, and racist actions of Obama and his administration would the American people ever trust our country in the hands of the inept black man? With such stellar black representatives of the black community such as Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Shirley Jackson Lee, and Maxine Waters, I don't think that will happen for a long, long time.

(a) City Lowers Police Testing Standards Because Not Enough Blacks Passed... Under pressure from Obama administration

(b) ĎShut Up and Be a Good Little Socialistí: Seattle Policeman Blasts CityĎs New íSocial Justice Initiativeí

(c) The Color of Crime: Study on Racial Differences Released

(d) HIV among African Americans

(e) Black women had higher abortion rates and ratios than white women and women of other races

(f) STD Rates by Race or Ethnicity

(g) Report: Too many whites, men leading military

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What happened to "Everybody has to have skin in the game"?
Feb. 22, 2011

Guess Obama meant that for the rest of us and not himself and his union buddies.

The behavior exhibited by the teachers in Wisconsin is a prime example of why public education has failed our children. When the "adults" that we have entrusted our childrenís education to behave more immature than the students they teach our children suffer. And who encourages this behavior? Why who else but Barack Obama, the community agitator, and best bud, union boss, Trumka.

With the entire country tightening the household budget the teachers of Wisconsin feel that we should tighten more so they donít have to. Greedy leeches best describes these over paid under performing public employees. If those of us in the private sector performed as poorly as the Wisconsin teachers we would be unemployed, 2/3 of all 8th graders in WI read below grade level. That is absolutely disgraceful considering their teachers are some of the highest paid in the nation.

It is time Wisconsin cleans house. I would dare say that school boards all across WI terminate these under performing teachers and replace them with teachers that actually want to teach. With an average salary of $89,000.00 annually there are plenty of teachers that would be more than willing to move to WI.

What has happened in WI this past week is a prime example of what is wrong in this country. Nobody wants to accept responsibility. They all want to be victims. Well we are sick and tired of this victim hood state in our country. It is time for these people to grow up and realize life has real consequences. It is time for these people to feel what it is like to live in the real world, not this leftist kumbiya utopia they seem to live in.

A question I havenít seen rear its head in all the reporting is, "Did the teachers who brought their students to the protests obtain a field trip permission slip from the parents of those children and under what ruse did they profess this field trip was for?"

Pelosi stated she stands behind the protestors in WI and this is "democracy in action". We sure didnít hear that the past two years when the TEA Party marched on DC, held rallies all across the country, and attended town hall meetings. She and her cohorts in the Democrat Socialist Party called us racists, un-american, accused us of carrying swastikas and Obama-Hitler signs. I didnít see any such behavior then, but I sure have seen it this past week by the Marxist protesters in WI.

The behavior of elected officials is disgraceful.

Nancy Pelosi touted that the actions in WI was "Democracy in action". Well considering Democracy means "mob rule" I would have to agree with her. But since we are a Republic this is not how we expect our elected officials to behave. Matter of fact it is treasonous, seditious, and at least dereliction of duty. The lawmakers who walk off the job in the manner the WI Dems did and the Indiana Dems are doing today should be immediately recalled and replaced. I can only imagine what she would have said had the Republican lawmakers in Congress had done this.

It is time for change.

Yes it is time for change in this country. It is time that we return to our roots as our Founding Fathers intended. We have allowed the communist founded unions take over our workplaces and our government. It is time that unions be disbanded. With the amount of labor relations legislation that has been enacted of the past half century unions are no longer needed. They have and are doing more damage to our country and economy on a daily basis. We are no longer an industrial nation thanks to the greediness of unions. The unions do not serve their members as stated by AFL-CIO boss Trumka.
Union Boss Trumka Admits Main Goal is Using Unions To Fundamentally Change America Not Negotiate Member Salaries .

Are we going to continue to allow these organizations tear down our Republic? Public service unions should have never been allowed to start with. Private unions should be disbanded as well. They have not represented their membership for decades. They have only picked the pockets of those hard working Americans who have been forced into union membership in order to have a job. Nothing good comes from unionization.


Obama the Deceptive
February 14, 2011

Been reading different news reports on Obamas budget that was submitted to Congress today. First it is apparent he doesn't have the rudimentary knowledge of balancing a budget. But we all knew this already. Not much in the way of budget cuts but sure is alot of spending and tax increases. Thankfully we have people like Paul Ryan in congress to double check Obozos work.

When Bush left office the budget was $1.2 trillion. Obozos budget is $3.7 trillion. Hmmm... that's a whole lot of inflation.

Is the smartest man in the world an absolute moron? Well, yes, we already know the answer to that. Does he think he is so slick that he could slide this budget pass congress? He must. Or he just thinks congress is as stupid as he perceives the American people.

We are now at 102.6% of GDP. Does Obozo understand the consequences of that? I think he does and has manufactured it.

How much longer are we going to put up with this traitor before the call for his ouster goes out?


It is time for Obama to step down
February 14, 2011

In light of his performance over the past two years and recent events the call for Obama to step down needs to be repeated and repeated often.

In two years in office he has enacted Marxist agendas.
He has alienated all of our allies.
He has given away our defenses.
He has betrayed our allies by giving their defense secrets to Russia.
He has failed to secure our borders and put American citizens in danger.
He has betrayed the American people by being a divider and antagonist.
He is encouraging our enemies and inviting them to our country.

This is the United States of America, a Republic, a Christian Nation.

Just how much longer are we going to sit back in the name of "Political Correctness" and allow him to erode and destroy this country?

It is time every Patriotic American demand his ouster.


I'm happy to be a Redneck
February 14, 2011

We have enjoyed the redneck jokes for years. It's time to take a reflective look at the core beliefs of a culture that values home, family, country and God. If I had to stand before a dozen terrorists who threaten my life, I'd choose a half dozen or so rednecks to back me up. Tire irons, squirrel guns and grit -- that's what rednecks are made of. I hope I am one of those. If you feel the same, pass this on to your redneck friends. Y'all know who ya are.

You might be a redneck if: It never occurred to you to be offended by the phrase, 'One nation, under God..'

You might be a redneck if: You've never protested about seeing the 10 Commandments posted in public places.

You might be a redneck if: You still say ' Christmas' instead of 'Winter Festival.'

You might be a redneck if: You bow your head when someone prays.

You might be a redneck if: You stand and place your hand over your heart when they play the National Anthem

You might be a redneck if: You treat our armed forces veterans with great respect, and always have.

You might be a redneck if: You've never burned an American flag, nor intend to.

You might be a redneck if: You know what you believe and you aren't afraid to say so, no matter who is listening.

You might be a redneck if: You respect your elders and raised your kids to do the same.

You might be a redneck if: You'd give your last dollar to a friend.

I believe that you, like me, have just enough Red Neck in you to have the same beliefs as those talked about in this email.

God Bless the USA !

Keep the fire burning, redneck friend.



Entitlements Need To Go
By: TerryCSA
Jan. 24, 2011

Lame stream media keeps reporting and citing polls that Americans donít want to see entitlement programs cut. My first question when I hear this is, "Who are they polling?. It must be those who are benefiting from those very entitlements. I know they didnít ask me or a majority of the people I know. My opinion is widely different from those phantom polls they keep citing.

Back in the 90ís there was a lot of talk of welfare reform and many states enacted some type of reform. What happened to the reform? Welfare needs a drastic overhaul. We now have three or more generations being raised on welfare. Was this the intent of welfare? Welfare was never supposed to be a way of life, but a safeguard for women and children who saw the household bread winner (husband and father) desert the family. Over the years this safety net became a way of life.

We could go on forever about how and why this occurred. We will save that conversation for another time because the end result is the same. Entitlement programs are abused and it is way beyond time to correct this phenomenon.

-Welfare needs to have a time limit. Two - three years. Thatís it. During that two year period the adult recipient should be required to attend occupational training whether through a technical school or college. Either venue offers education that enables a person to become gainfully employed in a profession in which they can support themselves and their families.

-If the recipient becomes pregnant during her tenure on welfare there should not be an increase in the cash assistance of said recipient.

-Children should be covered under Medicaid until such point as the parent can obtain private insurance through the employment gained through the required educational or technical training requirement.

Welfare reform will benefit not only the tax payers, who shoulder the burden of this entitlement, but benefits the welfare recipient even more. It gives the recipient a sense of purpose in life to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Iím sorry folks but watching the Jerry Springer show while stuffing cheetoes (paid for with food stamps) in oneís mouth while living in free housing, with free utilities, free phone, and free gas does nothing to inspire the welfare recipient to better their lot in life or become productive members of society.

SSI benefits have become as widely used and abused as welfare. Originally intended to assist people who had become so physically disabled they are unable to work. Now every person who is an alcoholic or drug addict, or has a mental health diagnosis is eligible for SSI benefits, Medicaid, food stamps, and all the freebies of their cousin - the welfare recipient.

I take serious issue with supporting these derelicts of society as they continue their unhealthy lifestyles. In the 90ís it became a windfall for those that didnít qualify for welfare or saw a new way to make a living off their children. Let me explain. As the mental health industry began to expand in the 90ís there was a need to expand the client base as well. The logical choice was to get those who would use their services if it was paid for. So every child admitted to any behavioral facility was now eligible for SSI benefits since their behavior seriously affected their ability to function as a decent human being in life. The same held for every alcoholic and drug addict. Well that worked so well letís add anybody who gets any diagnosis that is considered to impair the way they interact with others.

A whole new society of entitlement leeches was born. The mental health industry and pharmas benefited greatly while hard working Americans (the tax payer) took another beating. No good deed goes unpunished. SSI needs to be eliminated for all except those for which it was originally intended for. Period.

Now to the biggie, or at least perceived biggie, Social Security. When the socialist FDR instituted Social Security the age of eligibility was 65 years old. The average life span of Americans was 63. It was not meant to be a way of life, but a safety net for those in the immediate last days (not decades) of their lives were they fortunate enough to live longer than expected.

For 30 years we have been told over and over that Social Security is going broke and will not be available for the massive amount of baby boomers that will be eligible for benefits beginning this year. We have had 30 years to prepare. Social Security needs reform as much as any program.

The eligibility age for Social Security needs to be raised. According to the Center for Disease Control the average life expectancy is 77.9 years. We have a healthier, active, older population that can still be active members of society. The eligibility age needs to be raised to at least 70 years old. By all rights the age should actually be 80 if we take into account the original formulation used when FDR created this monstrosity.

Social Security should be for those who have no other retirement income. If a person has retirement income they have no need for the safety net of Social Security.

I can hear the screaming now. "We paid into it. It is owed to us!". Horse hockey! We pay for schools when we have no children in school. In some areas of this country that we pay for fire services and do not receive those services. We pay for road maintenance and receive none. The list of benefits we pay for and do not personally receive is long. We pay them knowingly and willingly either because they benefit others or we have been given no other option.. The same is applied to Social Security.

Medicare is another entitlement that is rampant with fraud and needs some serious overhauling. It also needs to have the same limitations for eligibility as Social Security. If you have insurance as part of an employer or private retirement plan then you have no need for Medicare.

Itís time people accept responsibility for their lives, livelihoods, and futures. No one has a God given or natural right to a free ride in life. Not me. Not you. Not Joe Blow down the street. Somewhere along the line the thinking that Ďlife is suppose to fair and if not you owe meí has overridden common sense and respectability. Itís time we stop this line of thinking and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, not to exclude putting a boot to the seat of Joe Blow down the street to let him know where his boots are, and gain some self-respect.


The ignorance of "useful idiots"
By: TerryCSA
Jan. 18, 2011

Day after day we are inundated with the most asinine bullcrap that I have ever seen in my lifetime. It makes me wonder how those on the left can show their faces in public let alone defend the actions of the Democrat Socialist Party and their fraud-in-chief. Do they ever listen to themselves? Do they even think through what they say? Do they have a truly coherent thought? Probably not. Least I havenít heard one yet.

The "useful idiots" of the left are quick to defend the draconian liberty stealing actions of the DSP all for the "greater good" because it makes them feel good, compassionate. Oh hell, letís all smoke some more pot and sing kumbiya while we watch our country go down the tubes. But we are compassionate, right?

Are they so stoned or so stupid that they canít see what is happening all around us? Is it that they have their head firmly planted in the sand? Or is it that they are more than willing to believe the rhetoric when it benefits them?

They are so willing to be pawns to the class warfare agenda. "Oh the poor people are so downtrodden." Unable to advance in society because of the mean old white rich people. They listen to the rhetoric of the Democratic Socialist Party without thinking for themselves. If they had a coherent thought they would realize that it is those compassionate Democrats that have kept them down. The DSP knows that as long as they keep the "useful idiots" on welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and SSI that they can keep them right where they want them - controlled on the bottom of the heap. The DSP knows as long as they keep the entitlement programs going that the recipients of them are willing to stay in their place. Why not? No need to aspire to achieve anything when you get everything for free and have "advocates" screaming to continue the entitlement legacy. No need to face the truth of their own plight in life, just blame it on those that have more self-respect, more initiative to better their lot in life. The DSP doesnít want the "have nots" to have what the "haves" have. They want everyone to be "have-nots". It is the strategy of the Marxists. Donít believe me? Then read Karl Marxís "Communist Manifesto". Itís all there in black and white.


Chi-Com flag flying over the White House ABOVE the U.S. flag
By: TerryCSA
Jan. 18, 2011

If this doesnít piss you off, it should. That is a total disgrace. It is a slap in the face to every American. It is a slap in the face to every person who has fought for and died for our freedom and freedom all around the world. It is just the beginning of the Chi-Com onslaught.

If you are paying attention you have seen the commercials on TV. The one of a Chinese lecturer speaking to an auditorium full of what appears to be a group of Chinese college students in which he recounts the fall of the United States and ends with laughter as he tells his audience, "We own them."

This is a very real scenario if we donít wake up to what is going on. Truth is the Chi-coms only own 11% of our dept. 11% more than they should, but they donít own us - yet. The Chi-coms havve been strategically orchestrating to overtake America. Just look at the facts:

A top Chi-com military general stated that they are increasing their military in order to take over the U.S. within ten years.

Their military has ramped up the strength of their military to the point they have produced 80 submarines to our one. Not to mention an increase in production in air craft carriers, jets, etc.

They are undervaluing their own currency in order to overtake and replace our dollar with theirs as the world currency.

They have systematically been purchasing all the precious metals they can get their hands on, mostly gold and silver. Why? They know if they control all forms of currency we wonít be able to return to the gold standard that we should be using per our Constitution.

They are consuming more oil for the first time than the U.S. which gives them the advantage of controlling the oil market to the detriment of the U.S.

Venezuela is supplying the Chi-coms with oil in exchange for arms.

And this is only the short list. Our fraud-in-chief has been complicit with the Chi-com agenda as well. He is facilitating the decline of our defenses with the START Treaty. While the Chi-cons establish strongholds in Cuba, Panama Canal, Venezuela, Africa, and once U.S. held strongholds in southeast asia.

Everytime Americans make a purchase at Walmart, Dollar Store, and many other retailers that carry a majority of Chinese made products they are advancing the Chi-com agenda.

Are you ready to learn Mandarin?


No More Normalcy
by: TerryCSA
January 2, 2011

Like many I have been involved in the political quagmire for over two years, educating not only myself, but everybody I come in contact with. In the past few months I have looked to Saturdays being a day that offers a sense of normalcy. A day when we can get away from politics and do some of the things we used to do prior to the overthrow of our government by the socialists called the Democrat Party.

Now I will admit I am not a big TV watcher. Mostly because there isnít a whole lot of stimulating programming anymore. I think the Sunday night lineup on Fox is the worst programming ever. I donít watch all the ridiculous reality shows and what passes as entertainment. I did make an exception when Bristol Palin was on Dancing With The Stars. But for that season only. I stopped watching many of my regular shows due to the producers of those shows inflicting the Obama and the socialist agenda into their shows.

I thought since this new year began on a Saturday it would be a great start for the year. Saturdays had become a day to get away from politics. I could watch the Rose Bowl Parade which had always been a tradition in our house and spend the day watching TV with my seven year old granddaughter, which I did. Boy, was I wrong!

Politics has been interjected into even the most mundane programming, especially childrenís programming. I watched about 20 minutes of the Rose Bowl Parade before I was so angry that I turned it off. The commentator was inserting political agendas into every comment he made. He was talking about the Kodak Theaters "Cirque du Soleil" float and felt the need to tell us that this float was constructed without government money which was a good thing considering the deficit. Now considering that I seriously doubt that anything in the "artist" community is done without grants from the National Endowment of the Arts, which is government funding, I really didnít need to hear about how the float was funded or to be reminded that our deficit was in the tank. People that live in the "real world" know that any parade is done at an extreme cost of governmental funding at the local, state, and federal level. We know this! But for one day let us just enjoy the parade. Then not five minutes later here comes the Northern Japan Band. Already irritated because my enjoyment of the parade had already been dissipated seeing this band sent me through the roof. The Rose Bowl Parade is an American event. But now thanks to the Socialists agenda it has been transformed into an international event. I am not a member of the "global community". I am an American! And I want to enjoy and participate in things wholly American. At that point I turned it off and ended a lifelong tradition.

I have had issues with childrenís programming so I decided to spend time watching TV with my granddaughter. It is alarming the amount of propaganda is interjected into childrenís programming from cartoons to the teen/pre-teen shows like icarly. icarly was the most glaring example of socialist propaganda. The group was going to Japan to compete for an award. Now the concerns of the group was whether Japan was a democracy and whether they offered "universal health care" among other agenda issues. Please tell me what those subjects have to do with a childrenís program based on an internet comedy show. It is appalling how this administration and the socialists in Hollywood are indoctrinating our children. Maybe this has always been standard operating procedure and maybe I am just becoming aware of it. I remember when my daughter was younger my biggest issue was the pervert PeeWee Herman doing a childrenís show, which I would not let my child watch, and music by Two Live Crew, which I wouldnít let her listen to. I may not have been real successful with the latter since it was so pervasive outside the household.

I wonder if things will ever return to "normal". In my heart I know it cannot. We must remain forever vigil on what goes on in politics, not only on the federal level, but local as well. Our lack of vigilance almost caused us to lose our country. As it is our country is teetering on the cliff but we can still wench it back up onto level ground. We must for the sake of our children and grandchildren. I donít think any of us want our grandchildren to look at us one day and say, "How could you let this happen?".

So our lack of diligence has cost us our normalcy. That is the repercussion of our inactions and ignorance. We still have a huge fight on our hands. This new congress is not the saving grace, only the beginning. At least I hope it is the beginning. We have a long road before we restore this great Nation to what it once was.


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I didn't vote for these jackasses to go to DC and play games.
by: TerryCSA

What is with these idiots in DC?

And the game playing begins. I didn't vote for these jackasses to go to DC and play games. Games are reserved for the football field. I voted for them to do their job which is to do right for the people of this country.

The tax deal may not be the optimal deal but it is a good deal in the intermediate. Tax rates get extended for two years, unemployment extended for 13 months. But is anybody happy? Hell no.

Dems aren't happy, of course, not because they didn't get a tax hike, but because they didn't get the kitchen sink in the trade off. They wanted not only the UIB extension, they wanted DREAM Act, DADT, START, and God knows what else.

The GOP isn't happy cause the tax rate extension isn't permanent.


This deal is a win-win not only for both parties, but the American ppl. It may not be the BEST deal, but is a good start. It stops the socialist tax hike from taking effect on Jan. 1st and it provides some much needed stress reduction for 15 unemployed Americans.

Jim DeMint and several others in the GOP are saying they won't support the deal cause it isn't permanent. Well sometimes you gotta get a first down to advance to the goal line. A two year extension puts us just that much closer. By the time the extension runs out we will have taken back the WH and more of congress, provided the GOP stops acting like the moonbats.

The GOP doesn't like the unfunded UIB extension. Well come January they can enact legislation that funds it from unspent stimulus money, which is what they wanted to start with.

The Dems want more goodies simply cause they are spoiled little delusional brats. And they know their agenda is history. But the UIB extension puts them in a good light, yet they want to throw it away. They are willing to do so cause they really don't give a shit about the American ppl. Wetbacks, queers, and more of our hard earned money to spend is what they care about. They need the useful idiots.

Oh, excuse me. That should have been ILLEGAL Aliens and Sexual Deviants for the PC crowd.

What is it going to take for these bozos in Washington to get a grip and do what is best for the American ppl?


Is it any wonder why Obama idolizes Lincoln?
by TerryCSA
November 18, 2010

Many times during his campaign we heard Obama say how he has studied Abraham Lincoln, how much he has modeled Lincolns ideology and policies. Well it is no wonder why he idolizes Lincoln:

Lincoln coerced the South to fire the first shots when, against the initial advice of most of his cabinet, he dispatched ships carrying troops and munitions to resupply Fort Sumter, site of the customs house at Charleston. Charleston militia took the bait and bombarded the fort on April 12, 1861. After those first shots were fired the pro-Union press (liberals) branded Southern secession an "armed rebellion" and called for Lincoln to suppress it.

Congress was adjourned at the time and for the next three months, ignoring his constitutional duty to call this legislative branch of government back in session during a time of emergency, Lincoln assumed dictatorial powers and did things, like raise an army, that only Congress is supposed to do. He shut down newspapers that disagreed with his war policy, more than 300 of them. He ordered his military officers to lock up political opponents, thousands of them. Although the exact number is not known, Lincoln may well have arrested and imprisoned more than 20,000 political opponents, southern sympathizers, and people suspected of being disloyal to the Union, creating what one researcher has termed a 19th century "American gulag," a forerunner of the 20th centuryís political prison and labor camps in the former Soviet Union. Lincoln denied these nonviolent dissenters their right of free speech and suspended the privilege of Habeas Corpus, something only Congress in a time of war has the power to do. Lincolnís soldiers arrested civilians, often arbitrarily, without any charges being filed; and, if held at all, military commissions conducted trials. He permitted Union troops to arrest the Mayor of Baltimore (then the third largest city in the Union), its Chief of Police and a Maryland congressman, along with 31 state legislators. When Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney wrote an opinion that said these actions were unlawful and violated the Constitution, Lincoln ignored the ruling.

From the time Lincoln entered politics as a candidate for state legislature in 1832, he championed a political agenda known as the "American System." First advocated by his idol and mentor, Henry Clay, it was a three-part program of protective tariffs, internal improvements, and centralized banking. This program "tied economic development to strong centralized national authority,"

The "internal improvements" he advocated were simply subsidies for industry, i.e., corporate welfare. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to give us centralized banking, with paper money not backed by gold.

When the South lost, instead of a Jeffersonian republic of free trade and limited constitutional government, the stage was set for the United States to become an American Empire ruled by a central authority. In starting his war against the Confederate States, Lincoln was not seeking the "preservation of the Union" in its traditional sense. He sought the preservation of the Northern economy by means of transforming the federal government into a centralized welfare-warfare-police state.

Sound familiar?

The economic issue which spawned the war was Lincolnís devotion to government intervention in the economy. Lincolnís Northern backers favored the high tariff which Lincoln passed immediately upon taking office. The Lincoln tariff was intolerable to the South for the simple reason that it directly benefitted the North while directly harming the South. The South was an exporter of raw materials such as cotton, and an importer of European manufactured goods. With a high tariff, Southerners would be induced to buy lower-quality Northern goods instead of European goods which had been priced out of the market by the protective tariff. In the process, the busy ports of the South would lose a great deal of business, and the Northern-controlled Congress would spend the vast majority of the money raised by the tariff on pork-barrel projects in the North. Recall that in 1860, the Northern states had such a majority in the Congress that they could pass any measure they desired without a single southern vote.

Slavery, meanwhile, was announced as a war aim by Lincoln only after the war was two years old.

This article seeks to encourage Americans Ė and people the world around Ė to reevaluate FDR and Lincoln in light of reality, rather than in light of the brainless sound bites taught in grade school, high school and college, and repeated fawningly by television and newspaper editors and writers who either a) have nothing else to do, b) are crooked peddlers of influence, c) have not bothered to investigate thoroughly or question conventional wisdom, or d) are just plain fools.

I'm not interested in rehashing the cause of the civil war. My intent is to point out how wrong Obama's ideology is for America, and how Lincoln influenced that same un-american ideology.

A Jeffersonian View of the Civil War
LBJ, FDR, and Lincoln: Peas in a Pod

Another reason Obozo idolizes Lincoln:

Lincolns place of birth is one of great debate. Now devoid yuourselves of the history you learned in high school and chew on this for awhile.

Mary Hanks (Lincolns mother) was from west Virginia, an illegitimate born child. She ended up in North Carolina and was a servant to the Enloe family of Bostic, NC. During her servitude there she became pregnant. Now she worked in the Enloe's residence, not the fields. And if you know anything about slave history, only mulattos worked IN the house, as was the norm. Mulattos = being part white and normally born of the owner or another member of the family or white employees.

Now upon hearing of little Miss Mary's pregnancy, Mrs. Enloe was furious and said Mary had to go. After the birth of little Abraham, Mr. Enloe arranged for a ne'er-do-well named Tom Lincoln to marry the little hussy and take her to Kentucky, where lil' Abe became the "adopted" son of Mr. Lincoln.

Was Mary an endentured servant?
Was Mary a mulatto?
Was Abraham, who did not have a birth certificate and could not prove where he was born a mullato like Obozo?

Just a little tidbit that was left out of your history books. A tidbit among many.


Democrats Dirty Politics
by: TerryCSA
September 10, 2010

The Democrat Socialist Party are and have always been the biggest mudslingers of any party. This year is no exception. This year will go down in history as the biggest year of smear campaign ads ever. When you conduct business with total disregard for the people you were hired to represent you have nothing to stand on.

ObamaCare, their crowning glory of socialism, is not even being uttered. Why? Because they know the American people did not want it and fought strongly against it. But, in the words of AFL-CIO union boss Trumka, "We shoved it down their throats!". So what tactics do they use? Smears, slander, lies, and deceit. Blame Bush. GOP party of No. Drove the car in the ditch. Return to Bush policies. None of which are going to work because the American people know better.

The facts are the one thing the Democrat Socialist Party cannot hide from and the facts are THEY drove the economy in the ditch. The Democrat Socialist Party has been in control since 2006 - 4 long years. They forced the bailouts and the $787 Billion stimulus package down our throats. Then they forced another $410 Billion porkulus package down the throat of the American people. This they did all on their own. Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party took over the auto industry, turned GM into Government Motors, and decimated Detroit with a 25% unemployment rate. These actions were not Bush policies or GOP policies. They ARE the policies of Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party. They have had the keys for 4 long years.

Then came ObamaCare, socialized medicine, rationed care, eugenics, death panels, and sky rocketing insurance premiums. The GOP wasn't the party of No, but of HELL NO!, on the 2,000+ pages of socialism being crammed down the throats of the American people. In the past month alone BC/BS have raised premiums 30%. The most needy have seen their Medicaid and Medicare benefits drastically cut, and we still have 12 million Americans uninsured.

Now Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party want another $50 Billion in so-called stimulus money. They have not spent the money from the first $787 Billion stimulus and don't plan to, not until 2010. So why do they want more? Because this is their last big hurrah before being removed from the offices they have defiled for the past 4 years.

The fact is when Bush left office the deficit was less than 1/2 billion dollars. In less than 18 months Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party have created a $1.3 TRILLION deficit. THEY have run our economy into the ditch and are now trying to bury it in manure. The sad part is they are not done destroying our country.

Obama is out to blame everyone but himself. Blame Bush. Blame Boehner. Blame the GOP. None of which works in this scenario. He just doesn't get it. This week Obama is spewing forth rhetoric that the GOP wants to return to the Bush policies. Well if the only options were Bush policies vs. Obama policies I'd have to say Bush wins. But even that is not what we want. We want to go back even further. I would prefer the policies set forth by our country's founders in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but would settle (for now) on the policies of Ronald Reagan, the last true President of the American people.

Fact are facts and the Democrat Socialist Party cannot hide from them any longer. We, the American people, are going to take this country back from their destructive hands. Our voices will be heard in 2010, in 2012, and beyond. Our elected officials will do the job we expect of them or we will remove them from the office they hold. The bar has been raised. Our expectations are higher. The sleeping giant is wide-awake and pissed off.

The Democrat Socialist Party is done. We are sick of their lies and thievery and blatant destruction of our Nation. Americans have awakened to the truth. The GOP is on notice, for they, too, can be replaced. We will no longer put up with politicians that forget who they really work for. Take heed your actions speak louder than words.


Dems Steal From Poor To Enrich Unions, Again!
by: TerryCSA
August 11, 2010

The Democrat controlled congress awarded $26 Billion to unions. Another crony bailout, ie. PAYBACK, of the Obama administration. With the biggest deficit ever in history congress is still piling it on.

Where did this money come from? You would think with billions in stimulus money still unspent that a wise congress would use that reserve for this union payoff. No. Not a chance. Instead the Obama administration takes $26B from a program that feeds 48 million poor Americans and their children. The union payoff comes from the Food Stamp program, a service already stressed due to record unemployment and a distressed economy.

Dems have long claimed, erroneously, to be champions of the poor. Are they so self assured that they have sufficiently duped a large portion of the population that they can take food from the mouths of millions of poor and hungry children? Just how many needy families will have their food stamp benefits reduced or denied altogether?

Now the Dems will justify this action by saying they included an increase in the food stamp program in the stimulus. The increase was to account for increases in food prices, which we see everytime we go to the grocery store, yet now they are ignoring those facts.

This is nothing more than congressional embezzlement. You cannot claim to be for the poor and downtrodden and steal from them at the same time. Yet, that is exactly what they are doing and still expect all to hail the Democrats. Dems view those in need as being stupid, uneducated dregs of society. Unworthy of honesty. Those in need may not be among the societal elite, in the Dems eyes, but they do know what is right and what is not.

Just what will this $26B stolen from the food stamp program go for? Well, the propaganda from the Democrat controlled congress is that it will save teachers jobs. But, it is going to teacher and other public (government) employee unions. And what has been the biggest complaint from the teachers union as of late? Viagra not being paid for on their insurance plan. They are demanding coverage for VIAGRA!

$26B stolen from the food stamp program, a program that feeds hungry children, given to teachers for sexual satisfaction. Now considering the perverted ideology of Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings this makes perfect sense. Afterall, sexual perversion and gratification is more important than reading, writing, arithmetic, and history education. And it is infinitely more important than a hungry child.

If you are one of those that are getting food stamp benefits, when the time comes that you are looking in the eyes of your hungry children, how are you going to explain that the Democrats, that you have voted for time and time again, think sexual gratification is more important than their grumbling bellys?


Invaded and Conquered?
by TerryCSA

August 10, 2010

Every time a mosque is erected in our country it is a slap in the face to every American. Each mosque, according to Muslims, represents an area invaded and conquered. We are passively allowing this to happen. Would we allow Russia or China to waltz in here and claim an area of our land as their own and erect the flags? No! Then why are we allowing Muslims to do it? Why? Because they are operating as a religious organization. This is deceit and fraud. Islam is a political ideology operated under the guise of religion to overthrow a people. Those people being us - American citizens. Submit or die, that is the ideology of the Quran and the Islamic Nation. For decades now we have been invaded and have allowed it to happen under the guise of political correctness. Islam is not our friend. Will we allow our enemy to destroy us?

Now they are brazenly slapping every American in the face with their intention of erecting a mosque at Ground Zero, the site of the biggest attack on Americans by Muslims. 3000+ people died in this attack. 3000+ Americans died because the Quran mandates the killing of infidels - non-Muslims.

One has but to look around the world to see the Muslim invasion. England has sections of their cities where British citizens are not allowed to enter because their land has been invaded and overthrown by Muslims. Their laws have been usurped and replaced with Sharia law. Turkey had long been a Christian mecca since the days of Christ with Constantinople (Istanbul) as its' religious center. In less than one century it has gone from a Christian state to a country where 99% of its' inhabitants are Muslim. The lone Christian monastery remaining is being destroyed. When Muslims took over the government of Turkey they passed a law that forced the monastery to close its' school that trained future monks. The monastery is the last vestige of Christianity in all of Turkey. There are less than 400 Christians remaining in Turkey and less than a dozen attend church for fear of retribution. When Oh Holy One Bartholomew dies that will be the end of Christianity in Turkey. If you think what is happening England and Turkey cannot happen here you are dead wrong. It already is.

The invasion has come to the United States. In Tennessee and Michigan Muslims are trying to force the school systems to acknowledge Muslim holidays and allow Muslim children to pray in school. Yet, many schools have stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance because it contains the name "God". Christians are not allowed to even discuss religion in our public school system, but we are being forced to acquiesce to Islam.

In New Jersey a judge has ruled that a Muslim man has the right to RAPE his EX-wife because his "religion" gives him that right. Never mind the fact that we have laws that make that a crime.

In several states "honor killings" have gone unpunished. Sharia law is usurping our laws and our Constitution. The King James Bible says "an eye for an eye". Yet if we, as Christians, were to act upon our religious ideology we would not be allowed to use our religion to usurp the laws of our land and the Constitution of our country.

Are you going to passively sit back and allow this to happen under the guise of tolerance and political correctness? We have done that for so long that our society has suffered. Immorality and perversion has usurped written law, natural law, and God. What will you do when they tear down YOUR church and take your bible? What will you do when our laws and Constitution are replaced with Sharia law? At that point it is too late.

It is time to get our heads out of the sand and stop saying "it can't happen here". It IS happening here. Our laws are being usurped. Our religion is being usurped. Our land is being invaded. Our citizens are being murdered all over the globe in the name of Islam. It is time to stop this invasion. What will you do? Shall we bathe our land in swine blood to stop this invasion? Shall we remove officials who allow and promote the usurping of our laws? It is time to take back our government, our courts, our schools, and our land. It is time to stop the immorality and perversion of our society and way of life.


by: TerryCSA
August 1, 2010

One of the issues surrounding illegal immigration is the lack of their willingness to assimilate into established society. This is not unique to the Hispanic community, but all immigrants, legal and illegal. Throughout the history of this country non-assimilation has been a constant.

When the Europeans came to this country their intent was not to assimilate into the established society, but to conquer the original inhabitants. There are points in the beginning of that history where the immigrants received free benefits from the established society. Benefits that came from the labor of the established inhabitants, which without, the immigrants would have perished.

How did the immigrants repay the life saving freebies received? They told their friends and families in their native countries how great it was here and invited them to come to this country to get their share of that Thanksgiving pie. Once here they repaid the generosity of their hosts with death, disease, and enslavement. Ultimately the immigrants forced assimilation of the original inhabitants into their new society, resulting in the destruction of the original inhabitants culture, ways of life, and religion.

Look to the past to see the future.

In less than 200 years the original inhabitants population went from 3 million people to approximately 300,000. The immigrant invasion resulted in a 90% decimation of the original population.

Now let's fast forward to today. We are the established society. Americans born and bred. The Native population, so-to-speak. What are we facing?

Illegals invading our country, coming for the freebies, living off the graciousness of the established society. How do they repay their hosts? Their repayment is a bankruptcy of their hosts and demanding more. Their repayment is a refusal to obey the laws of the established society. Their repayment is a staunch unwillingness to assimilate into the established society. Their intent is to force the established society to become enslaved, under threat of annihilation, to the invading society.

We are not only being invaded by an illegal population, but by another population whose sole purpose is to destroy us, as a people, our laws, our way of life, and our religion, by force and subterfuge. Their war is their religion, which states the infidel must be destroyed. They are an invading force that is replacing our laws with their own, refusing to assimilate, and claiming areas of land and populations conquered by erecting their religious monuments as markers of ownership. They are hunting us down all over the globe. Yet we still allow them to come to our land and take over our businesses, our schools, our courts, our politics, even our White House, and shred our Constitution.

Look to the past to see the future.

Unless we stop being the gracious host and fight for the very survival of our way of life we have but look to the past to see our future. After all, now, we are the original people with an established society headed toward oblivion.


Wingnuts Abound
by: TerryCSA
July 24, 2010

We live a world gone mad. The insanity of those in power has a trickle down effect on the rest of society and wingnuts abound in all facets of it.

One has but to look around them from news sources to the blogosphere. Common Sense is becoming an endangered species. Idiocy is over-taking a once intelligent society, Just look around.

We have a no-name criminal moron, who beat out an incumbent politician, running against Se. DeMint in South Carolina. Here is a guy nobody has ever heard of, who doesn't work, and can't put a cohesive sentence together. Yet, he managed to raise $10,000.00 to register to run for office. Sounds a lot like Obama. I guess he figured if a crook like Obama can become POTUS he could become a Senator. After all, people admitted they voted for him because they liked his name - Al Greene.

Then we have an individual running for Governor of Tennessee that clearly appears to be mentally handicapped. Now, granted, he probably couldn't do any worse that the current politicians in control of this country today. But, there needs to be an investigation of those behind the Basil Marceau campaign. Common sense tells us he is not a viable candidate for office and that those behind this campaign are using him to embarrass the GOP and promote a candidate that they know they will be able to defeat in November. There are more campaigns across this country like the two mentioned above and they only serve to further corrupt an already corrupted electoral system. Insanity breeds insanity. Corruption breeds corruption.

While there is a strong anti-incumbency fervor in this country there isn't an iota of common sense being executed in selecting candidates. It is only promoting the further demise of our own political system. Add to that a deficient electorate and we have an impossible battle ahead of us.

Deficient electorate? Yes, a deficient electorate. All across this country we have elected politicians that reflect the constituents that have elected them. Elected officials that don't know that Arizona IS a border state. Elected officials that think if they destroy businesses you will have create jobs. Elected official that think Guam may actually physically tip over. Elected officials that think there is a "Good and Plenty" clause in the Constitution. Nope, you will find "Good 'n Plenty" in the movie theatre along with the voting populace living in a Hollywood fantasy land.

Then there are the "Chicken Littles" screaming, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!", connecting dots of conspiracy that just don't connect. Granted there are enough "conspiracies" going on that a reasonable person can plainly connect the dots. But, one must use common sense when connecting those dots. You don't cross a raging river by jumping in the water headfirst when you can't swim.

In this time of chaos, corruption, and uncertainty we all must be careful to investigate those people and organizations we choose to align ourselves with, lest we all be deemed wingnuts and lose whatever credibility we may have. We must be careful to not blindly follow those who blunder forward with a "just" cause but inept execution. This is not the 60's and we are not a bunch of young idealists whose indiscretions can be forgiven. We are adults in a real world fight for liberty & freedom. We must maintain credibility to succeed. We must use Common Sense.

Being a re-actionary without common sense leads to defeat. Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) said there isn't any common sense in D.C. So let's regain control and practice a little common sense in our own endeavors. If we fail to do so the wingnuts will abound and our country as we know it will be lost forever.


Social Justice My Ass!
by: TerryCSA
May 26, 2010

I have had it up to my eyeballs with "social justice". The bare fact is that for one group to have "social justice" another must suffer "social injustice". We have seen it for decades and people, out of political correctness, keep pussy footing around the subject. Well I have had enough and it is time to call a spade a spade. I'm sure the left wing moonbats and those of the "PC" crowd will consider that a racial slur, Screw 'em! It is time we start talking truth and fact otherwise we will forever be stuck in this load of crap.

The only ones that reaped social justice for decades, which should in reality be called Marxist subversion and white guilt, are the blacks in this country. Poor pitiful black folk are so poor and downtrodden, we must help them out and raise them up. What a load of crap this has been since its inception. A look throughout history shows that black folk can pull themselves up same as anybody else. All it takes is pride, initiative, and guts, which thanks to "social justice" have been stripped away from them.

What has social justice produced in the black race? One in four adult males in prison. Rampant breeding. Drug addiction/dealing and gang violence. Sloth, filth and destruction.

Harsh words? You betcha! Why? Because truth hurts. Will you call me a racist because of it? Most likely. Think I care? Nope. For 50 years I have watched this country cater to one race over another. For 50 years I have watched and listened as the benefactors of "social justice" cry "Give me mo. Give me my money." It ain't yo money! It is my money that crooked ass politicians think they have a right to redistribute to your sloven, lazy, greedy carcass. Why? Because in Marxist terminology you are "useful idiots".

The same as the Black Robes turned the American Indians into alcoholics, "social justice" has turned the blacks into something worse - a black sucking hole. "Entitlements", a nice word for an excuse to sit on ones lazy carcass and whine and cry about how bad things are while getting a government check every month, food stamps, free housing, free medical, free cell phones, gas vouchers, free electric, free computers, etc., etc. The list is endless. With all one needs being handed to them without an expectation of return why on earth would anyone want to work and struggle and succeed? Why that just doesn't seem like an intelligent thing to do.

This is not exclusive of the black population by no means. They are just the biggest recipients and abusers of "entitlements", so far. We must include the SSI crowd. Those drunks and druggies and the ones that some social worker deems mentally inadequate in that group as well. These derelicts of society that some damned social worker tells, "It is okay to be a drunk or a drug addict. It's not your fault. Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let you play with matches and burn the house down. Let me get you a "crazy check" and you can continue to get drunk and stoned and not be accountable while all your needs are met. And while you're at it I have job security because I get paid by the government to encourage you to continue your anti-social ways."

The black activists invoke the words of Martin Luther King, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." But, yet, the black population has done a disservice to that statement. Or better yet have fulfilled a prophecy. You are judged by the content of your character and it is found lacking.

I think these words of MLK have been bastardized and skewed and misinterpreted, "But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice." I don't think he meant sit on your duff with your hand out and expect someone else to fulfill your every need. It seems that the black activists backed by Marxists and their Communist Manifest have twisted MLK's word to say, "But we refuse to believe that the bank of entitlements is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of this nation. And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of social justice."

Just as the Indians voice was drowned out by the blacks screams for "give me mo", the black voice will be drowned out by the Chicanos scream of "Deme! Deme!". The black population has reached their pinnacle of "useful idiocy". They are coming to realize they have been played by their black brother in the White House. Now is the time the Marxists will overload the system with a new breed of useful idiots - the Latino. Why? 20 million new voters who will be the "useful idiots" of the Democratic Socialist Party. 20 million new people to fulfill the Cloward-Piven strategy to bring the United States Republic to its end. And they come ready made with an abundance of drug dealing and violence, over-breeding and lawlessness, and a ready-made sense of entitlement. Gee, what an idyllic tool for the Democratic Socialist Party. Karl Marx must be dancing with delight in hell.

The Declaration of Independence states, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".

It does not guarantee a particular race that all things belonging to one person should belong to them, no more than it guarantees me access to the coffers of the Getty's or Rothschild's. It guarantees each and every one of us, regardless of our heritage, the opportunity to achieve in life that which we work hard for and EARN. Until such time that all people realize that simply fact there is no freedom, not for the black man, not for the red man, not for the yellow man, not for the brown man, and not for the white man.

The white man, through his own doing, has become the slave of all other races because of because of Marxist ideology, because of the "white guilt" crowd, because of political correctness, because of "social justice".


14 Myths Commonly Held by Progressives
by TerryCSA
May 17, 2010

As Virginia Foxx (R-NC) said, "There isn't any common sense in D.C." Trying to understand their line of thinking is mind boggling. Where did these people come from. It's no wonder they don't want any history prior to Rutherford B. Hayes being taught, they have never read history. If they had they wouldn't be under the misconception that any of the following myths have any validity.

There just isn't any rationale in their thinking. Recently a psychologist released the results of a 30 year study of liberalism and has determined liberlism to be a mental illness. I will have to concur with that finding. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize these people aren't all there. They are somewhere between mentally ill and inherently evil.

14 Myths Commonly Held by Progressives aka Dems, Libs, Socialists, Marxists, Communists

1. Government taxes have no effect on unemployment.

2. Illegal immigration does not depress overall market wages.

3. Government regulations incur no costs on the economy.

4. When the wealthy acquire new wealth, they do so on the backs of the rest of us, making us financially worse off.

5. President FDR was good for the country, and the Great Depression would have been far worse had it not been for him.

6. The process by which a drug must be approved by the FDA does not contribute to unnecessary deaths by denying experimental drugs to terminally ill patients.

7. The government regulations enforced by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) do not contribute to increased health care costs.

8. Minimum wage laws do not contribute to higher unemployment rates.

9. Growth of big government and regulatory bodies do not contribute to corporate-government corruption.

10. Government programs are more efficient, because government agencies, by design, do not seek marketplace profits.

11. Corporate profits can (and should, whenever possible) be efficiently reallocated through government programs to increase efficiency.

12. Government spending in the economy is equal to (if not better than) spending in the private sector.

13. The Tea Party movement is a small minority fringe movement comprised of racists and white supremacists.

14. Government reforms proposed by the Democrat Party are not at all "government takeovers". In fact it is unfair to categorize them as such.


"College Educated Morons"

May 7, 2010

Obozo says those without a college education won't be able to find a job. Well, I don't know what planet this moron is from but he is dead wrong. My question is if his statement were true then who is going to mow your grass, repair your gutters, build your house, fix your plumbing, repair the wiring in your house, build your cars, ring up your groceries, pour your coffee in the restaurant?

The blue-collar workers have always been and always will be the backbone of America. It is those with the college degrees that will find themselves unemployed. Trust me, I know this first hand, with three college degrees sitting in the bottom of a box in my closet, I'm looking for one of those blue collar jobs.

Those over-educated elitists need to get a clue. Without the backbone of America laying the structure they would all be sitting home in mommy's basement spending their days twittering and facebooking. Oh wait! They are doing that now.

Without the people willing to getting dirty and put their sweat into their work there is nothing. Someone must get dirty to grow that food you eat everyday. I don't care if it is $2.99 lb ground beef or $100 lb Wagu steak. Someone has to feed the cattle. Someone has to wrangle that steer down to give him his shots. And in the process they have to muck their horse stalls, clean hooves, oil saddles, repair tack, and a myriad of other dirty tasks so you can eat that steak. That steer doesn't raise itself. It takes hard work, sweat, and muscle of an honest, hard working America.

And let's not forget our cowboys of the highway, the truckers that keep the goods flowing all over the country. They don't just simply sit behind the wheel of their semi. They have to get dirty. Their hands are made rough by lashing down their cargo with heavy chains. Tires have to be check. Engines must be maintained. Ever see a mechanic with clean fingernails? No, these highway cowboys work hard.

What about the lumberjack that cuts down the trees to provide those educated elitist with the toilet paper needed to wipe their sniveling, whining, little arses? Sawdust, dirt, sweat, and blood. That's what it takes so they can write sticky notes all day long or print mounds of useless memos.

I could go on and on. I think you get the picture. It is not the college educated that makes a great country. It is those with the backbone to do the dirty work.

Obozo your abilities as a leader is proof that college educated elitists are the most useless pieces of excrement in a great society.


Yes, Obama is transparent
by TerryCSA
May 01, 2010

This IS the most transparent administration ever. It is very transparent that Obama, his administration, and his minions are deranged, out of control, lunatics.

Obama does nothing till he is shamed into doing it. He wouldn't place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, preferring to place his hand over his crotch instead, until shamed into it. He wouldn't wear an American flag lapel pin until shamed into do it. Now, he wouldn't fly to see the oil spill in Louisiana until, again, shamed into it.

While Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is trying to protect the citizens of Arizona by enacting legislation that gives law enforcement the authority to question citizenship, a job the federal government has failed to do for all U.S. citizens, Obama and his minions are attacking Gov. Brewer for upholding her Oath of Office. And today's headlines "Pinal County Sheriff Deputy shot by suspected illegals hauling drugs", does not concern Obama.

Why? Because Obama wants Americans attacked from all sides. His constant onslaught of rhetoric against "Tea Partiers", i.e.: American citizens, has been amped up by a recently discovered military training exercise preparing to attack Tea Party attendees.

Transparency? Yes. It is quite transparent that Obama and his minions want to control and destroy everything American, including its' people. From the taking over of private industry, health care control (eugenics), National ID's with Biometric tracking devices, ordering military to train to attack Americans, allowing terrorists into our country and our White House. The taking over of vast amounts of public land, taking control of your home gardens, your private ponds, sport fishing, your homes. The list is endless. It is a daily onslaught of a communist agenda.

Yes, I said it. I'm tired of people pussy footing around the subject. Let's call it like it is - communism. It is not socialism or Marxism. It is flat out communism. Stop being afraid of the word like people have been afraid of being called racists. If we don't China will be a freer country than we are.

Yes, Obama and his administration are very transparent. One just has to open their eyes and step out of denial mode to see it.

Things are becoming so apparent. It is amazing how each time Obama and his minions present a piece of their agenda some crisis occurs to substantiate it.
Auto Industry - GM bailout
Banking - AIG, Goldman-Sachs
Coal - W. Va. mine disaster, Ky. mine collapse
Oil - BP oil rig explosion

It is all too convenient to be just coincidence. And it is far from good governance. But it is definitely transparent.

Obama has been stirring the pot of civil unrest since his election in 2008. His and Holders (DOJ) condoning the civil rights violations perpetrated by the Black Panthers. His message was it is okay for blacks to rise up against white people. A few heard the message. The gang of blacks that attacked a white family in their front yard on the 4th of July. The black students that attacked a white student on a school bus. And several other incidences around the country. But nothing in the magnitude that he had hoped for. Then he turned to SEIU. He told them to "Punch back harder" and "If they bring a knife, you bring a gun". The following weeks showed SEIU attacking an 80 year old woman and a black conservative, hospitalizing him, and several other assaults, skirmishes and intimidations. Still nothing in the magnitude he wants. Despite their race, political, or organizational affiliations these people are still Americans and do, somewhat, understand the confines of the law they grew up with.

Obama so wants Tea Partiers (white people) to retaliate he can't stand it. In his mind he can't understand why they have been so in control. Why they haven't retaliated.

So now Obama wants to make the Hispanics his useful idiots. A people who grew up in violence. Predisposed to violence. A people without a sense of honor to the United States. A people uncommitted to the Constitution or the principles of freedom that each of us have learned and had ingrained in us since birth. Obama is the violence provocateur and the Hispanic communities his tool. What do they have to lose? They are already here illegally. What's the worst that is going to happen to them? Amnesty? If they are lucky.

Yes, the Obama administration is very transparent. Obama has issued orders to the military to train for attack and arrest of Tea Partiers. Those old white folk, grandma and grandpa, that he fears so much. Well, we aren't all old and we do know history. We know what is coming. We see the transparency. But it won't turn out the way Obama would like.

IF we make it to November, which I have serious doubts at this point, we can change the course of history as it is being laid before us. And we will have to take drastic measures to save our country. The PC crowd will be screaming like banshees. But if we fail to fully reclaim our country, OUR COUNTRY, then we will have succeeded in nothing.

Yes, Obama is transparent. Open your eyes. And get ready.

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Obama bites off more than he can chew
by TerryCSA
April 28, 2010

Obama's mouth is writing checks his arse can't cash. This statement isn't about money. It is about Mr. Mouthy, his ego, and his grandstanding rhetoric running off at the mouth with not enough stance to back his crap up.

First he attacks individuals, i.e.: Joe The Plumber, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc. Then he goes on attack of a news media organization (Fox News Channel) for not bowing down and endorsing his lying rhetoric. Next he attacks the auto industry, taking them over and firing their CEO (GM). Then he attacks a whole industry giving himself the authority to regulate pay in the private sector. Now he wants to take on a State. Specifically, the Great State of Arizona. Be careful Obozo, you are about to bite off more than you can chew.

Arizona's new immigration law is the target of Obozo and his leftist Democrat Socialist Party (DSA). Since it is governments failure to protect our borders those States effected must take up the slack. This is what Arizona has done with a very well crafted piece of legislation that will withstand judicial review. And because Gov. Brewer and the legislature in Arizona stepped up to their responsibility in making its citizens more secure The State of Arizona is under attack by the Obozo administration, the DSA.

It is his intent to strip States of their 10th Amendment Rights. Yep, now we are all Tenthers. Which is an attack on all Americans. Several States are submitting similar legislation as we speak. Good! Since those who swore an Oath to protect and defend our country at the federal level have blatantly ignored their Oath and failed to protect the citizens of the United States.

Now, Obozo faces his biggest opposition yet. When you take on the several States of the United States you have a fight on your hands. We have been down this road before and, apparently, will go down this road again as a nation against a tyrannical regime. When you take on the several States you take on the American people. Obozo may or may not realize this. I don't think he does.

When a State stands up for its citizens those citizens will stand behind their State. That wields a lot of power for a State. And when you have several States standing together those are insurmountable odds for a federal regime. We, the American people, will stand up even more when we know we have the support and allegiance of our State officials.

Obozo cannot combat that simple fact without jumping held long into a situation that will spell disaster for his regime. Unfortuantely, for him, he is too stupid, arrogant, immature and narcissistic to see his own future. We are not the Jews of Germany. We are not the Russians under Stalin. We are not the Chinese under Mao Tse Tung. We are AMERICANS!

As Americans we have a 233 year history of standing up to and defeating tyranny. We are strong and proud and our beliefs are firmly implanted in the tenets of the Constitution as it was written by our founding fathers. We will not go quietly in the dark of night, but will stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for our Rights, our country, and our future. Obozo doesn't understand this concept and will bite off more than he can chew.


Take Control of Government!
by TerryCSA
April 1, 2010

This is the one of the reasons ( States Delay Tax Refunds ) and an important one of why I have railed for years to claim "Exempt" on your W-4's and stop having taxes deducted from your paycheck. For 29 years I have told people to do this. Too many people look at tax deductions as a savings account. It is not! It is government profiting off your money.

You are required to pay your taxes on April 15th of each year on what you earned the previous year. You are not required to give the government your money every week. Go to your company's HR office and change your W-4 status to "Exempt" on both State and Federal deductions. Take that same money that would normally be deducted from your paycheck and put it in an interest bearing account. At the end of the year you will not only have enough to pay your taxes on April 15th, you will have also earned interest (extra money) on that same money you now give the government every payday.

Take responsibility over your own money. Stop letting the government make money off your money. As you can see they are not obligated to refund your money in a timely fashion. Yet, you are required to pay them in a timely fashion.

Why do you trust the government with your money? When has the government ever been honest or fair when it comes to hard-working taxpayers? Your money has become Congresses money and they feel free to spend it recklessly and endlessly, then demand even more from you. Stop the cycle! If you want government to be responsible you must show them there are consequences for their actions. Just like you would stop giving your children an allowance when they violate the rules, we must do the same thing with our government.

Stop being Sheeple! Take control of government! We must get their hands out of our cookie jar. I know you say it won't hurt the federal government, they will just print more. Wrong. It will have a drastic effect on both Federal and State governments.

State governments rely on your weekly taxes to operate. You want to get their attention? Then stop feeding them. When they get hungry, and it won't take long, they will come begging with hat in hand. Now you have their attention. Only then will you have control as the Constitution grants the American people.


How Many More TimesÖ
by TerryCSA
March 22, 2010

I went to bed last night exhausted after sitting around all day watching the debacle of the HealthCare Reform debate and waiting on the vote. I woke up this morning numb. Poured myself a cup of coffee. Looked around for a cigarette. All out. No butts either. Just as well. My lungs will appreciate the reprieve. Sat down at the computer, drank my coffee, and did the obligatory search for the latest news to update The Conservative Activist website with. The more articles I read the more I shook my head. That little voice inside my head begins screaming louder and louder as I gather the latest news. I pour another cup of coffee. Throw a Pop Tart in the toaster. Still no cigarettes. Thought about jumping in my truck and running down to the store. Sat back down and ran through my usual news sources. Checked the tweet on Twitter. Went to the forum on TCA. Dead. Nothing. Nobody. Thought about posting some of the news I had run across there. No sense. Nobody there. Finished updating the website while drinking my coffee. Tried to formulate my thoughts on what transpired less than 12 hours ago. To hell with it. Go back to bed. Woke up again, mad as hell, tired of all the crap, and on a mission. What, I don't know.

How many more letter, faxes, and emails are we going to send? How many more phone calls? How many more petitions are we going to sign? Yeah, they make us feel good. Make us feel like we are doing something. But what are we doing? Just who is listening? Certainly not Washington and apparently not our fellow Americans.

How many more times are we going to peacefully march on Washington waving our signs and flags? How many times have we already been there? Did they hear us? Yep. Did they listen? Nope. They chose to flaunt their haughty self-importance right under our noses. Nancy Piglosi, strutting through the crowd with gavel in hand. How much more symbolic and telling an act that was. "I have the hammer. See how big it is. I am going to crush you filthy commoners with it. I know what is best and you will succumb to my wishes. Now bow down you minions just like that joker in the White House bows to your enemies. Your precious Constitution is dead. We slaughtered it."

How much more civil discourse are you going to participate in while they cram their socialist agenda down your throat? How many more emails are you going to send while they pass Amnesty for Illegals? How many more phone calls are you going to make while they pass Cap & Trade, better known as the largest tax increase in history? How many more peaceful marches are you going to attend while they devastate our economy and destroy every job in America?

How many more times are we going to say, "Just wait till November"? By the time November gets here our country will no longer be our country. It will be unrecognizable. It will be Russia, China, and Uganda all rolled into one.

Are you waiting for a leader? There aren't any. Oh we have some great statesmen and spokespeople - DeMint, Foxx, Bachman, Ryan, and Palin. As much as I admire each and every one of them I don't see a leader stepping forward and taking the reins. Don't tell me they are but the media isn't covering it. You can bet if we get louder and bolder they will pay attention.

It's time to get louder and bolder. It's time to stop Washington in its' tracks and make them wake up and take notice. It's time that the government fears the people, not the people fearing their government. It's time to fight back against this tyranny and end it.

We can start by stopping the flow of taxes into the hands of these spend happy, destructive, tyrants. If there isn't money to pay for their $100.000 bar tabs, fuel their planes, or even provide for electricity in their hallowed offices just what do you think they will do? They will panic.

Walk into your employers HR office and change your withholdings to "EXEMPT" for both federal and state. Don't let the bookkeeper give you crap over it. Her job is to report what you claim, not tell you what you can and can't do. This automatically stops your payroll income tax dollars from going to the federal and state governments. Now they are going to still deduct F.I.C.A., no sweat. You are allowed by law to do this. You are not required to file your taxes until April 15th. On April 15th file for an extension. By the time the extension is up the government will be broke. No basic operating cash coming in.

Now think about all the other things you buy that send tax money to the government. Every time you put gas in your car you are giving your state and federal governments tax revenue. Every time you shop you are giving tax revenue to your state government and federal government. Yes, every time you buy something the feds get their share. Remember all that imported crap carries an import fee. Stop it! Stop living like it's 1999! Trust me it's not. Stop feeding those tyrants in Washington!

Now you got their attention. Demand your State invoke the 10th Amendment. Demand your State enact legislation counter to legislation being passed in Washington. Remember:

Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their Constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it. - Abe Lincoln

Read that again. You have not just a right, but a duty, to save your country, your rights, your freedoms, your liberties. We can't wait on somebody else to do it. Those "somebody's" helped get us here in the first place.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." - Mark Twain

It's time to take our cue from past Patriots. Have you heard of the Window Wars? If you haven't, read it here The Window Wars. It's time to make a statement all across this Nation. It's time to send a clear message "We are mad as hell and you WILL NOT destroy the Constitution!".

If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Will you sit by while all your freedoms vanish waiting on "somebody" else to do something? Will you sit around waiting on November in hopes of a better outcome? Remember come November there will be 12+ more Democrat voters on the roles from South of the Border. They are use to being told what to do. And they will do just what the Democrat arm-twisting unit of ACORN, along with the communistic La Raza, tells them to do. Do you want to entrust your future to Michael Steele and the RNC? Yep, he has done a real good job of backing those that hold the Constitution near and dear.

If we don't do something now then blood will flow in the streets in the future. That blood will be our blood. As I read the news last week about the Thai people throwing blood on their PM's house I thought, `here are unarmed people under a repressive regime that have the testicular fortitude to show their government just exactly how they feel`. Where is our testicular fortitude? It's time we do the same thing. Symbolic blood in the streets created by gallons of red paint at every intersection of every street in America.

Last September we had almost 2 million people march on Washington. We came peacefully. We left peacefully. What did we change? Absolutely nothing. This administration laughs at dignified, peaceful people. They view us as a nuisance. The peons that need to be put into their place. Piglosi said as much as she laughed her way through the crowd of peons on her way to the Capitol.

It's time to get louder, bolder, and send a strong message. It's time to put the fear of God and the People in our government.

"We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution." Abraham Lincoln

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government." Patrick Henry

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783

"If taxes are laid upon us without our having a legal representation where they are laid, we are reduced from the character of free subjects to the state of tributary slaves." Samuel Adams

These men knew of what they spoke. And now they are speaking to us. These are more than just words, they are the legacy and the warnings of great men, most of who risked all for freedom - our freedom. Will you give it up so easily? Get up off the couch, get away from your computer, take to the streets, wake your neighbors, and reclaim your country.

"If we wish to be free, if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending, if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained _ we must fight!" Patrick Henry


Obama and 'First Americans'
by TerryCSA

Obama is determined to fully implement President Clinton's Executive Order 13175 relating to "Consultation and Coordination With Indian Tribal Governments." Clinton's decree coincided with the United Nations' adoption in 1997 of the Declaration of the "Rights of Indigenous Peoples." The USA and Canada voted against adoption, and this may help explain why President Clinton waited until the very end of his term to quietly issue the Executive Order.

Wow! what a conundrum. This is the most disastrous situation Indian people could face, and all Americans, for that matter.

First the Indian people are NOT one nation. We are one race made up of hundreds of Nations here in the U.S. alone. And if you think white mans politics is a pile of confrontational partisan crap you haven't seen anything till you try to get Indians to agree on anything. Corruption abounds in many tribal governments.

From the beginning all the Indian people ever wanted was sovereignty. To regulate and be responsible for ourselves, self-sufficient. But this is not an offer of sovereignty. This is replacing one controlling nanny system for a dictatorial system under the control of the U.N. This is further detrimental to the Indian people.

The idea of sovereignty is one the Indian people have dreamed of for a long time. Just compensation for our lands has been an ongoing legal battle for over 120 years. The ideology of it is very tempting. but the strings attached to it would be beyond disastrous for everybody.

The Indian people have been dependent on the Federal government for so long that to suddenly cut off that support, which is what would and should happen if a sovereign nation was formed, would be the final death knell for many. Imagine if tomorrow the government just stopped paying unemployment to the unemployed, cut off the food stamps and other assistance to all Americans, what do you think would happen? Anarchy.

It is not that I agree in any way with the nanny state in which our government operates, because I do not. But because they have set up this dependency people have lost their ability for self-sufficiency. Under this nanny state we have an 80% unemployment rate on many of the Reservations, an alcoholism rate that matches that, and a suicide rate that is triple the national average. The Indian people have been totally dependant on the Federal government for everything from funding their tribal governments, social programs, housing, energy, and income. It would blow most peoples mind to know just how much funding is given to tribal governments, even tribes that are not recognized by the Federal government.

Now imagine if this EO was to be implemented. Automatically you would have U.N. forces on American soil, albeit Indian soil.

Passage through Indian lands could be denied. That includes all transporation, cars, trucks, trains. The movement of goods would be impeded to the detriment of the rest of the country. For those that live near and travel through Indian land you know what a disaster this would be.

Allowing a separate nation to have a say in our Federal government would be in direct violation of our Constitution. And a separate nation under the control of the U.N. is even worse.

This entire situation will be used by Obozo to further his agenda of breaking the nation apart. He wants to create total chaos and anarchy as directed by the Communist Manifesto. He wants all races at war with each other. Whites against blacks against hispanics against Indians. It would be a civil war of epic proportion.

The current administration is full of eugenists. They firmly believe in thinning the population. Their abortion agenda hasn't worked to their satifaction over the last 40 years. Their health care reform isn't moving forward, which is designed to cull the herd of American people. Their last option is a racial civil war, which Obozo has been inciting since even before he entered politics.

I would happy to believe I am a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. But I see nothing good coming out of this, for any race, and not for the American people as a whole.


How do we stop it?
by TerryCSA
February 04, 2010

I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out we are in deep doo-doo in this country. More damage has been done and is in the planning stages than we have ever seen in our lifetimes. How do we stop it? Will we be able to stop it in time? Will we be able to undo the damage? Those are million dollar questions.

What scares me more than anything would be the Supreme Court. If we lose just one conservative Justice our country will be in a tailspin. Lifetime appointments are a disastrous thing when a Marxist administration is doing the appointing. Losing any of the current liberal justices under this current administration isn't a good thing either. They would be replaced with the most extreme left-wing ideologues (Marxists), such as Harold Koh.

Having Koh on the Supreme Court would be an all out attack on our Constituion. The man is seriously deranged in his thought processes. He makes Sotamayor look like a conservative.

Could you imagine Janet Napolitano as a Supreme Court Justice? The person that has failed repeatedly in every position she has ever held to uphold the law and couldn't tell the truth if her life depended on it. Yes, she is on the short-list.

Even worse than Nappy is Cass Sunstein. If it were up to him people would have absolutely no rights, no freedoms, but animals would. Another deranged individual from the Obama minions.

When the confirmation hearings begin we must turn up the heat on the Senate and demand that put up a full fledged fight to keep these anti-American, anti-rights, anti-constitution, haters of American people from ever getting confirmed.

Legislation and Executive Orders aren't of as much of a concern. These things can be repealed under a new administration. We will have to contend with alot of damage control after the Obama administration is removed from office. But it can be done. Provided we don't slip over that line to full blown Marxism. Marxism is where we are headed.

Google and the NSA is collaboration only spells more invasion into our privacy, virtually eliminating anything resembling privacy. Consider NSA having access to Google Earth. Not that they don't have that now, but with the legal ability under the mindset of the current administration to further violate our rights. They are making the Patriot Act look like kids play.

Police agencies want access to our email accounts without having to go through the "tedious" task of obtaining a search warrant. They want an online database that they have access to. Can I scream "First and Fourth Amendment loud enough?" The FBI has already violated these rights according to a Justice Dept. report that states, "the FBI obtained Americans' telephone records by citing nonexistent emergencies and simply asking for the data or writing phone numbers on a sticky note rather than following procedures required by law."

The Constitution has been virtually ignored by every administration for the past 20 years. Now we have a Marxist regime in office who doesn't believe in the Constitution, let alone uphold any of the tenets contained within. Rights do not exist and they are using the actions of previous administrations to justify their actions. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right!

It is imperative that We The People get out and vote in every primary and every election between now and 2012. We must get conservtives that believe in the Constitution and the Rights of the people and the Rights of the States elected to office. If we fail to do this then all is lost. We cannot become complacent like we have been throughout our lives. Times are not a'changin', they HAVE changed. It's time we stand up and exercise our Rights. If we don't we WILL lose our Rights.

Vote now or you may never get another chance.


Are you happy electing a RINO?
by TerryCSA

January 24, 2010

Scott Brown - young, vibrant, a "new" Republican.

New Republican same as the old Republican. McLame. Grahamnesty, Snow, Collins.

Why are we celebrating this "victory"? Another moderate elected to office that wants to work WITH the Democrats. I thought the American people wanted true conservatives that really believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

If you are happy with the status quo then read no further. Keep doing what you are doing and you will get exactly what you want. No change. No freedom.

But if you want to reclaim our country then act now. The Charter of the Republican Party expands on the original Charter of 1856. It lays out the tenets with which those that wish to carry the (R) behind their name should agree with and uphold. It reinforces their oath to the Constitution and makes it clear what is expected of them. If you want real change get this Charter into the hands of every candidate and elected official that carries that (R). Let them know in black and white just exactly what is expected of them in exchange for your vote and your support.

Put it in their hands, their mail box, their email. Demand a response. Let's see just how many are willing to truly represent the will of the people. See just how many will agree with the Charter.

Will your elected officials in Washington agree with it and walk the talk? Mine did and does.

It is simple. Just send them the link and tell them you want to know their position. It can't be any easier.

The Charter of the Republican Party.


Obama's Angry, Dems Are Scared
by TerryCSA
January 23, 2010

Obama is an abysmal failure. Most of us knew he was a fraud, a phony, a liar, and incapable of holding the office of POTUS long before the election. His calm a faÁade and his anger always just below the surface. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see it in his eyes and his mannerisms. It was only a matter of time before it bubbled to the surface. Having been handed health care reform failure and his derriere on a platter his anger cannot be hidden.

The Dems have watched Obama throw one supporter after another under the bus for the past year and they know he is the death knell for their careers and their political party. They are abandoning him at a rabid pace in an effort to save their own butts. Too little, too late. They sided with Marxism and abandoned the principles of our Republic.

Now, that Obama is starting to realize he is a man-child standing alone, we will see the tyrannical tantrums of a failure who was deluded and delusional in thinking he was "The One". He made the grievous error of trusting those that he thought were his minions. He made the mistake of one too many lies on everything he stated, everything he intended to do. He made the mistake of thinking the American people were stupid and too complacent to revolt against him. He was deluded by those behind the curtain into thinking he was greater than he was. He is the useful idiot. Now spent and all but used up.

The future will behold a great display when common thieves turn on one another. As the old adage states, "There is no honor among thieves". And there is no honor to be retrieved by those in the Democrat party. For one must have it to begin with before one can retrieve it. The left will, in time, bash Obama harder than they ever bashed Bush. They will do this in a desperate attempt to not only remain in office, but to keep out of prison.

There was a time in the no so long ago past that they could have pulled it off, too. A time when the American people were complacent and disconnected with politics. But that time is gone. We are awake and have our eyes wide open. We are paying attention and responding. And we are intent on removing the would-be destroyers of our great Nation and serving them their much deserved justice.

Removal from office will not be enough to compensate for the crimes they have committed. They are not above the law and must face the consequences of their actions. Something the left seem to think doesn't apply to them. They are oh so wrong. We must make examples of each and every one of them to prevent what has occurred to ever occur again. At least for many generations to come. For if we do not we will have failed our children and grandchildren. It is not enough to just kick them in the butt. We must send a strong message to those that wish to destroy all that our founding fathers fought for and all that we believe in. Those guilty individuals both in and out of public office must be tried for High Crimes and Treason. They must be made examples of. We will not allow the destruction of our country, our Constitution, our morality, our freedom by any individual, party, organization, or nation. We are Americans and we will defend all that we hold dear.


If Obama Was White He Would Be Impeached
by TerryCSA
January 14, 2010

But, wait! He is! He is half white, raised by white grandparents, given an Ivy League education any white child would desire, yet people still consider him a black man. Could it be he continues his rhetoric of associating himself with the poor, down trodden black folk? What does he know about living the life of a black man? Absolutely nothing. What he does do is lie, and lie often.

If he was considered a white man people would be rioting in the streets screaming for his impeachment for his treasonous acts, his repetitive violations of the Constitution which he swore an oath to uphold, for his thuggish bullying and corrupt behavior, for selling out the American people.

Obama is taking us on the fast train to hell and people are still drinking the kool aid. "I voted for a black man. I'm not a racist." Well screw them. Call me a racist. Call me a bigot. Call me a Right Wing Extremist. I don't vote for a person based on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character. Obama is lacking in character. He is a traitor to our country and to the American people.

It is time people opened their eyes, stopped being ashamed of their own skin, stop feeling vindicated for any misplaced guilt that caused them to vote for a man they knew absolutely nothing about.

Educate yourselves:

Obama's mythography: An Orwellian disaster http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/

President Barack Obama's Orwellian rhetoric has become absolutely pathological. And it's become so blatant that you can almost guarantee that the truth is the exact opposite of what he says. To wit:

The president insisted he had no intention of taking over Chrysler and General Motors.

He did.

The president calls "cap-and-trade" environmental legislation a "market-based" approach, based on "sound science."

It is not.

The president claims his health care reform plan is not "socialized medicine."

It is.

He claims it won't harm private insurance.

It will.

He claims service won't be rationed.

But to control costs as he proposes, it must be. (Even top aides concede the point.)

Mr. Obama says he supports "democracy" in Latin America.

How can he? He also supports the Marxist ways of Manuel Zelaya, legally removed from Honduras' presidency by the constitutional actions of the legislative and judicial branches.

And the examples of this president's mythography go on and on.

Some will dismiss Barack Obama's pronouncements merely as "rhetoric" and "posturing." "Everybody does it," they'll say. "It's politics."

But this is different and decidedly more dangerous: The president of the United States says one thing and does another and claims things that cannot possibly be.

Whether by delusion or by design, Barack Obama is being dishonest with the American people. And that is a harbinger of national disaster.


What A Difference A Decade Makes
January 01, 2010

Y2K started off great. A new career making good money. New adventures in a place I had always wanted to live. A new sense of life, new opportunities. Y2K began in hope, change, warmth, and sunshine.

A decade is all it took to turn the world upside down. It ended about as opposite as it began. Things had changed alright. Changed for the worst. It ended in the dark, gloomy, frigid night. No revelry. No hope for the future. No sense of life. No new opportunities. No career to look forward to, just the next unemployment check. The adventures that lay ahead are hard, scary struggles. A fight for survival. A fight for freedom. A fight for our future and that of our children and grandchildren. A fight for our very lives.

Yes, what a difference a decade makes.

Y2K started off with everyone waiting to see if our entire computerized system would shut down at the stroke of midnight. People had stockpiled food & water, flashlights & batteries, candles, non-perishables, and gasoline. All the preparation in anticipation of a glitch, an oversight in computer design. Luckily the computers didn't care what the year was, they kept on working. Chaos averted.

The decade ended with the people stockpiling food & water, guns & ammo, non-perishables & medical supplies, fortifying their residences, and mapping out emergency escape routes, bunkers, and shelters. All the preparation in anticipation of the next move of the deranged, tyrannical regime that had slid in and taken over our country.

Would they step over the line and thrust us into a civil war? Their power hungry socialist ideology and actions indicate that it may very well happen. We are preparing. They thought they could walk right in, strip away our rights and freedoms, and turn our Republic into a Marxist nation without so much as a whimper. They are dead wrong.

The one thing they have done right, much to their dismay, is unite the people of this great nation. They underestimated our sense of pride and renewed our patriotism and determination. Determination to save our Republic. They underestimated our belief in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all this great nation was founded upon. They underestimated our resolve and willingness to fight. We outnumber them. We surround them. We will defeat them.

Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their Constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it. - Abe Lincoln

Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do. The Sleeping Giant has awakened and is stronger than ever before. We will use everything at our disposal to save our country, our freedoms, and our way of life. And we will win!


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