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Bio: Gene is co-editor of The Conservative Activist, a citizen journalist, Vietnam Vet, patriotic American, and lifelong conservative artist. Now Gene finds himself in the role of Activist. Unwilling to set idly by and allow this great Nation and the freedoms he fought for fall prey to the Marxist ideologues of the left.

Gene Long
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Would you have ever guessed?
by Gene Long
April 9, 2010

Just step back, say 10 years. Would you have ever guessed, in what seems to be a blink of the eye that we would be in such a place we find ourselves today?

the Tree Of Liberty is in a condition of draught. Our nation is in such decline, that it will take decades to right the wrong done to her.

Americans are now made criminals with the mere stroke of a pen.

The tax burden on U.S. citizens has now broken their backs, and even more burden is laid upon them as if to bury them where they stand. The country "we" built is being taken away at rapid pace. Many now are facing the reality that they can no longer afford to live here any longer, and deemed the enemy as well.

In our near future, Americans will owe all monies earned to the government. Told, where to live, work, what career you will be in, and will be given government allotments, of what you are allowed to live on. You will have no currency, but a card issued by the government. Or even worse an implanted chip.

We will have then, a permanent working slave class to support the lifestyles of the elite class. The "worker class" will continue from that point to re-elect the ruling party from that point on.

This administration openly has declared law-abiding citizens as criminals, and continues to divide this nation into neighbor against neighbor. Those that believe in the rule of law and the constitution as was intended by our founders, are defined as the new enemy of the state. Christians have a full on assault to destroy them, while Muslims are being lifted to power.

This decline of the greatest nation on earth is heartbreaking. What is happening is sinister. The speed with which it is happening is amazing.

We hear our politicians say, "wait until November" we'll take our nation back. I can only hope they are right, but, remember we have 3 more years of this madness that will be filled with EO's, Czars, Unions, and communists, all looking to usurp power, while we are told to sit down and shut up. The struggle for the future of America will continue for years. The writing is on the wall.

Secretly, I think that there are many that know what the end game will hold, though to say it will expose them, and thus they will have to be destroyed.


Bad Moon Rising
by Gene Long
March 16, 2010

The "Far Left" is arguing a political move as a Constitutional move, when it is not! It is clear to the American people that this is, in fact, a rejection of the Constitution. A usurp of power, not of a matter of health care, but tyranny, and an overthrow of America, Plain and simple.

The very root of this dark time in our country, traces back to George Soros, who has been working on the destruction of America since he came here, after being thrown out of the UK for trying to do much the same thing. He and his evil minions, Barry, Nancy, Reid, have dreamed of this moment in history for a very long time and will not let The Constitution deny them victory, and hand over our nation to a world government.

Mark Levin has said that this is NOT Constitutional law, but in effect, the instillation of martial law and he is right! Never in history has our government "required by law" Americans to purchase a product, and make criminals of those that cannot, or will not comply. That, my friends. is loss of freedom no matter how you look at it. A troubling thought is that there are so many among us that willing to forego freedom for government control over their lives.

I blame our educational system for this. We have allowed leftist, so called educators to undermine this nation for far too long, and now, they are after our children beginning with the smallest and most innocent minds. I ask, how can anyone not see what is going on when a czar of education promotes perversion and destroys the morals we have given our children?

The "taking of our great nation in a new direction" is a most telling mission statement. This communist administration is openly defying American opposition to force us into submission. We are, due to our own government, on the threshold of losing our country. Should we not throw out this government and rebuild a new one that reflects the American Principles that our founders intended from the beginning?

Those of us that have sworn an oath to protect this nation, still honor that oath. We have committed our very lives for such, and still do. Like all those that made that ultimate sacrifice to preserve our great nation, before us, we stand ready to once again fight. How anyone that claims we support our troops, then call these same troops, past and present, extremists, is beyond remarkable. I committed to my oath back in '69, and still today am willing to sacrifice my life to ensure my grandchildren remain free. I am not alone. We number in the millions.

Reconciliation, removes that Freedom. If allowed to get away with this, it will be time to take it to the streets. November may not be our saving grace.

There is a bad moon rising on America.


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