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Global Warming - Fact or Fiction?
by E.A. Timm
November 02, 2009

Is the alleged man-made Global Warming fact or fiction? How do we know anything is fact, or fiction? Normally we question or try to recreate it to prove it as fact, or fiction. If we find from questioning a double standard of hypocrisy or contradiction, we know it cannot be true or fact.

The absurd thing is the proponents of global warming are blaming "global warming" on CO2 emissions, which is what we exhale when we breathe. Since the proponents are blaming CO2 emissions, the obvious would be to stop all immigration immediately. Besides we consume a lot more energy producing CO2 per person than other countries.

The hypocrisy of it all is the Feds do not intend to stop immigration, nor do they seriously want to stop illegal immigration. Besides the Feds want to give amnesty and benefits to the millions of illegals already here, and coming.

More hypocrisy comes in the form of: government people flying all around the world for activities, when a phone call could have handled it; and letting China drill for oil off our Southern shore and letting Russia claim property in prospects for oil off our Northern shore. If it is a global problem, why aren't we and the UN trying to ban drilling for oil worldwide? Why is it that our authorities only want to stop us from drilling for oil? Isn't it strange that the measures that would help our economy are not undertaken, and their proposed agendas would only hurt our economy with more Fed control and higher taxes? Isn't it strange nothing is being said about the administration's Venezuelan friend that is funding communists and terrorists from oil profits?

We also have seen how the White House with all their Czars are promoting the principles of communism to take control over our Nation, and attacking people and news agencies that disagree with them; not to mention those who are getting Fed money must be subservient to the Fed's. The Czars need to be deported to Russia. That is where the title and office came from, and even in Russia, there was only one Czar at a time. There is no Constitutional authority for Czars.

That which is contradictory cannot be true. Imaginary assumption science is not science. With a petition of thirty one thousand scientists denying man-made "global warming", it cannot be a scientific fact, because a scientific fact has to be at least acknowledged among the scientists. What is known about "global warming" is that the average temperature has increased 1.2 degrees F in the past 120 years, which is natural, and within the climate cycle. For the last 8 years it has been cooling not warming. Less than 5% of the greenhouse effect has been caused by CO2 emissions, and humans have contributed approximately 3% of the CO2 emissions.

World Net Daily posted: "Al Gore's global warming philosophy has been debunked by many scientists and studies, and now it has met the same fate at the hands of children, in 'The Sky's Not Falling' video/essay contest, sponsored by WND Books, formerly World Ahead Media." Winners received "The Great Global Warming Swindle" DVD by junkscience.com.

England's Lord Christopher Monckton was not allowed to testify before congress on "global warming" and Al Gore has refused to debate him. At: scienceandpublicpolicy.org you will find a DVD on "Apocalypse? NO! Why 'global warming' is not a global crisis" by Monckton. Monckton says it is a moral issue to - alter scientific truth, exaggerate the half-truth or fraud to promote a scary disaster.

At: noteviljustwrong.com the DVD film "Not Evil Just Wrong" shows the effects of extreme environmentalism. Its author has mentioned that the British High Court found Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" filled with nine lies. He also mentioned that the "green-jobs" hoax has created unemployment as high as 18% in some places in Europe. More jobs will continue to flow to China if the Senate passes "Cap and Trade"; is that what we want?

I stand behind my first editorial on Global Warming (9/17/09). It should be evident that our leaders are following the obliquity of political speech, and specious philosophy and reason. For what; if not, to steal the wealth of the Nation and filter all wealth and power through their hands - stripping away our freedom?

Proverbs 27:19(TLB) speaks of a mirror reflecting a man's face, but what he is really like is known by the kind of friends he chooses. The mirror shows his kind face and wholesome family, and we hear his eloquent speeches, but what he is really like is known by the kind of friends he has chosen - past and present. With Czars, cabinet, and friends that have been tax-cheats, racists, and admirers of the communist dictator Mao Tse-Tung (who believed in ruthless absolute power over the people) is it any wonder our dollar is being destroyed, with no hesitation on spending, and only programs of unconstitutional invasive federal control, with higher individual costs and higher taxes are sought?

We cannot neglect the words from the God of the Bible for our governance, if we seek His favor. Truth, at the least, must be our common denominator to face the challenges before us.


A Joke?

Is it a joke when politicians swear an oath to uphold the Constitution or speak of their fidelity to it? Are the politicians jokesters, ignorant, or diabolical deceivers for power and control?

We know politicians do not read the bills they vote on, and probably know less about the Constitution they swear to uphold. It is obvious they are not following what is Constitutionally American, which can be known by our founding documents that list the granted powers to the Feds, with the rest reserved by the Tenth Amendment for the States and people. Our Federal politicians offer us socialism (the stage between capitalism and communism - Marx) in the name of necessity to handle the crisis they created. William Pitt proclaimed: "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human liberty; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves." Do our politicians not know that what is unconstitutional, is unlawful? What is unlawful is lawless.

Now they offer us National Health Care and speak of what they want in it, or their opinion of it, without reading or understanding it. Why should we believe their words? What happened to The Bill of Rights? Why would anyone want the government to get between you and your Doctor? Is not the control of health the control of life?

They created the mess by forcing the insurance companies and others to cover the twenty to thirty million illegals (Federal law forbids inquiry of legality) and others that do not pay. The old way: If you want something you work out the terms of payment, would solve the problem. Instead, are they using the Communist Manifesto as their guide, which is all about control and giving up Rights for the common good? Besides they have exploited other programs (even with benefits for illegals) and run them insolvent. Could they be using "Rules For Radicals" by Saul Alinsky, which advocates spend to conquer and deception to rule?

What is American is: Freedom for the individual to decide; limited Federal power, and a Tenth Amendment for a State to take on what they want. If a State fails in it's endeavor, at least it cannot print money or sell debt to our enemies, thereby hurting the whole Union. Americanism is the resolve of Patrick Henry, who in his famous speech called on "Almighty God!" and chose "liberty" over life.

We have seen what the Feds have done to our banks, housing, auto industry, and jobs. Now it is National Health Care. Next it will be energy. Forget their cries of necessity, compassion, and sweet talk. Is it not all about control with needs never satisfied? Is the change in the emerging form of government - American? Who is the joke being pulled on?


Remember Our National Documents

Remember every day and especially on the holidays of Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and our July 4th Independence Day, what gave America its freedom and greatness. Everyone has their ideas, but what do our Founding Documents say? Our Founders wrote and spoke clearly about the Nation they founded.

Our Founding Documents describe our form of government and the relationship between the Federal and State Governments. Our Declaration of Independence declares that our Rights come from God (indicating source and kind) and that governments are to protect those Rights, and lists the corrupt ways their Rights were infringed, and concludes: " of Right ought to be Free and Independent States", declaring a right of secession. After the war the Free and Independent States sought governmental efficiency and created the Federal Government with limited enumerated (listed) powers - basically for taking care of foreign affairs and external affairs between the States.

The Federalist Papers explain The Constitution - as in: #39 - "Each State, in ratifying the Constitution, is considered as a sovereign body independent of all others only to be bound by its own voluntary act", #14 - "In the first place it is to be remembered that the general (Federal) government is not to be charged with the whole power of making and administering laws. Its jurisdiction is limited to certain enumerated objects", #10 - "A rage for paper money, for an abolition of debts, for an equal division of property, or for any improper or wicked project, will be less apt to pervade the whole body of the Union than a particular member of it…" The Anti-Federalist disagreed with the Federalist who believed in only listing the granted powers; they wanted all the powers not granted to be listed.

The Kentucky Resolution of Thomas Jefferson, and the Virginia Resolution by "The Father of the Constitution" James Madison, along with his 'Mr. Madison's Report', explain the constructed responsibility between the States and the Federal Government since all powers were not given to the Federal Government, and the Bill of Rights, for the States and the people - the first ten amendments affirm that.

In the Kentucky Resolution, Thomas Jefferson bring out the importance of the State's right to declare a Federal law that is outside of the listed powers granted to the Federal government, as null and void in their State.

The Virginia Resolution affirms the same as the Kentucky Resolution, which caused some Governors to complain. So James Madison said he would go through the Virgina Resolution line-by-line, point-by-point, to see if he was in truth or in error. He proved every line and point in his response titled 'Mr. Madison's Report'. An interesting point he brought up was even if the people, after a long time of persuasion, finally want the Federal Government to administer the Bill of Rights back to them and the States, it would be criminal degeneracy to do so.

The foundational principles that gave this Nation its greatness must be returned to, if it is to be great again. Foremost of those declared founding principles is that God gives people Rights, which would be the kind of Rights that only a Holy, Righteous, and Just God would allow.

Therefore only moral and personally responsible Rights could be allowed. Anything more would infringe on another person's Right. In other words God given of legitimate Rights do not come out of another persons pocket, or at the expense of another. That is why the culture of a people is so important, so that the responsible are not enslaved for the needs of the irresponsible and immoral.

If one is wondering what is happening to our country just identify: what they are doing (first and foremost) and what they are saying (secondarily) to our Founding Documents (what our Founders said and wrote), or to the Communist Manifesto (what Karl Marx and Frederich Engels wrote) to find your answer.

The Communist Manifesto is all about control and for giving up Rights for the common good. Its ten principles are: abolition of private property, a heavy progressive income tax, abolition of inheritance rights, confiscation of property or all emigrants and rebels, a central bank, government control of communication and transportation, government ownership of factories and agriculture, government control of labor, corporate farms with regional planning, and government control of education. It functions out of a centralized power through socialism and strives to abolish eternal truth, religion, and morality.

Our Founders Declared their foundational principles and the Nation united and ascended to greatness. Today we are far from their principles, and bankrupt. We are following the obliquity of political speech, and specious philosophy and reason. Our Heritage and Founders have been discredited unjustly, by ignorant hypocrisy, made evident when compared justly, to others and their nations at their time. The ACLU attacks anything displayed or practiced by the Christian Faith (which is not an established church) that is associated with the State by claiming a "separation" to ban that historical practice.

Remember what Byron Sunderland wrote in regard to our Nation and change, "The secret of all stability and enduring greatness in human governments, as with individual me, is to found alone in the quickening power of the Christian Faith… One generation passes away, and another generation cometh, and therefore the permanence of empire must rest in the ideas of a people. If then there be in such ideas no great enduring principles of spiritual life, there can be no perpetuity of national existence. If there be no grand, sublime, and imperishable thought, filling the soul of a people with its fire and fashioning their progress after its pattern, there can be no sense in which the may escape the inevitable mutations of the world or avoid the fate of so many that have gone before them. The most powerful empires of the past have perished because they were wanting in a principle strong enough and spiritual enough to resist the self-destructive energies of human nature. The pagan world could not furnish such a principle." Could that be why the 1776 NC Constitution only allowed those in agreement with the Christian Faith to hold office?

Where else can one find the noblest precepts, principles, and statutes of virtue for self and Nation? From the God of the Bible, which our Presidents take their oath on, flows all the beauty, stability, and wonder of life.


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