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Bio: John is a minister and a strict Constitutionalist. His insight and knowledge of the Constitution is educational and enlightening. His ability to point out the connection between natural law, the rights given to us by God, and the rights given to us by the Constitution affirm the fact that the Constitution was written for a religious, moral, and just society.

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Compassionate Conservatism? Really?!!
by John_Adams
November 15, 2009

Libs define compassion DIFFERENTLY than REAL People, i.e. Conservatives/Patriots. Let me 'splain:

1. A 15 yr. old goes to work full-time over the summer at a Hospital Cafeteria as a dish-washer, easily puts in 40"+" hours a week. He's making minimum wage.

2. There are taxes taken out- fed, state, local, fica. Money this 15 yr. old WORKED HARD FOR is FORCIBLY TAKEN from him WITHOUT his consent or even being asked. He takes home ONLY about 75-77% of what HE WORKED HARD FOR.

3. That money is given to a welfare cheat/bum from NYC who uses it to take his family of 5 on a VACATION in a NEW CADILAC to DISNEY IN CALIFORNIA...who hits the 15 yr. old's dad up for gas money & food money to get back to NYC.

4. Other of that money is given to a 16 yr. old girl and her ILLIGETIMATE kid to live on (famly threw her out). This 16 yr. old yr. gets HOUSING dollar$, WIC, daycare, dollar$ for gas, utilities...FROM THAT 15 YR. OLD BOY'S HARD EARNED PAY.

5. Some of that money is given to a crack wh*re with 3 kids who has a 67 in. plasma screen tv that the 15 yr. old boy PAID FOR WITH HIS tax dollar$ that were TAKEN from him.

The ABOVE is "compassion", "being humane" to a Liberal. Now a LibTurd may NOT label themseles a LibTurd, no, they may call themselves:
"Compassionate Conservatives"
"non-political"..."whatever"...BUT the fact IS: IF you are NOT Conservative then you are a LIBERAL. Oh, and these terms are ALREADY DEFINED, we DON'T need, want, NOR are we lookng for any RE-defining of the terms Liberal or Conservative. ANY attempt to muudy-the-waters is null-and-void.

Now, just WHAT IS Liberalism...it IS:

That is just the tip of the ice berg with these PERVERTS/Liberals!


Constitutional Conservative
Part 1

by John Adams
October 30, 2009

I am a Constitutional Conservative. By that I mean that I believe earnestly, passionately, 100% the following:

The First Amendment
"CONGRESS shall make NO law respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of religion, or PROHIBITING the FREE exercise thereof; or abridging the FREEDOM of SPEECH, or of the PRESS; or THE RIGHT of THE PEOPLE PEACEABLY to assemble, and to PETITION the Government for a REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES."

Things to take note of:
1. ALL First Amendment Rights are FOR EVERYBODY including Christians.

2. The 1st Amendment FORBIDS CONGRESS from setting up a National/State church, and it FORBIDS CONGRESS from mandating people pay tithes to a church.

3. BUT it does NOT forbid the DISPLAY, EXPRESSION OR CELEBRATION of Religion/Christianity ON/IN Public grounds or buildings! Since almost ALL the Founding Fathers WERE BIBLICAL CHRISTIANS, and 25% were ORDAINED MINISTERS, SINCE our Federal and State buildings and Monuments have Scripture, Biblical Characters, quotes from people of the Christian Faith ON THEM (Including The Ten Commandments!), SINCE one of the FIRST acts of Congress was to BUY WITH TAX MONIES 20,000 BIBLES to replace those destroyed in The Revolutionary War, SINCE other EARLY acts of the FIRST Congress was to pay WITH TAX DOLLARS to have a Christian Chaplain for Congress, The Supreme Court, The President and the Military it is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that "separation of church and state" as the LIBERALS "define" it today is ANATHEMA to our Founding Fathers!

4. A Christian does NOT have "less rights", or "a lower quality of rights"! Christians have EXACTLY THE SAME RIGHTS as ANYONE ELSE to say, celebrate, express, display, march, protest, proclaim THEIR VIEWS PUBLICLY. IF it is "o.k." for Sodomites/Homosexuals/Lesbians to march, have public displays and expression and TO BE IN AND HAVE THEIR PERVERSION TAUGHT IN PUBLIC TAX-PAYER FUNDED SCHOOLS, then it is EQUALLY O.K.- and more so- for Christians to do so.

The Second Amendment
"A well regulated Militia, being NECESSARY to the SECURITY of a FREE State, The Right of THE PEOPLE to KEEP and BEAR ARMS, shall NOT be infringed."

QUOTES from The Founding Fathers on the Second Amendment:
Fisher Ames, Massachusetts Representative wrote:

Tenche Coxe wrote in his "Remarks on The First Part of the Amendments to the Federal Constitution", which appeared in the Philadelphia Gazette in June 1789:

Joseph Story, 1833 U.S. Supreme Court Justice wrote:
"The RIGHT of a CITIZEN to KEEP and BEAR ARMS has JUSTLY been considered the palladium of The Liberties of The Republic, since it offers a STRONG MORAL CHECK AGAINST USURPATION and ARBITRARY POWER of rulers, and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, ENABLE THE PEOPLE to RESIST and TRIUMPH OVER them!"

James Madison's ORIGINAL draft of The Second Amendment:
"THE RIGHT of THE PEOPLE to KEEP and BEAR ARMS shall NOT be infringed; a WELL ARMED and WELL REGULATED Militia being THE BEST SECURITY of a FREE Country."

George Mason, "Father of The Bill of Rights", wrote:
" WHAT is The Militia? It is THE WHOLE PEOPLE! To disarm THE PEOPLE is the best and most effectual way to ENSLAVE THEM!"

Thomas Jefferson's commonplace book, 1774-1776, QUOTING from "On Crimes and Punishment" (1764) by CRIMINOLOGIST Cesare Beccaria:
"Laws that FORBID the CARRYING of ARMS...disarm ONLY those who are NEITHER inclined NOR determined to commit crimes...such laws make it WORSE for the ASSAULTED and BETTER for the ASSAILANTS; they serve rather to ENCOURAGE than to PREVENT HOMICIDES, for an UNarmed man may be ATTACKED with GREATER CONFIDENCE than an ARMED man."

Switzerland has a National law that REQUIRES EVERY household to have at least one gun- RESULT: the LOWEST crime rate in the world. Whereas Washington D.C. has some the most Marxist, stringent, ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL anti-gun laws- RESULT: D.C. is "The MURDER Capitol of the World"!

In the early 1930's Nazi Germany disarmed the German Citizenry which lead DIRECTLY AND QUICKLY to their OPPRESSION and GENOCIDE! Stalin and Mao did THE SAME THING respectively in the USSR and China, also leading "purges", i.e. GENOCIDE!!! 

If our Founding Fathers were present today they'd IMMEDIATELY ABOLISH the some 1,700 ANTI-2nd Amendment/ANTI-gun laws on the books!

The Third Amendment
"NO soldier shall, IN TIME OF PEACE be quartered in ANY house, without the CONSENT of THE OWNER, NOR IN TIME OF WAR, but in a manner to be prescribed BY LAW." 

Notice dear Liberals, that it is NOT the Federal government granted some right/freedom or power, BUT RATHER the Fed's power was RESTRICTED, DEFINED AND CONFINED. NOR was the aforementioned Right given to the State. NO, it too is restricted. NO, the right and freedom, the AUTHORITY was granted to THE PEOPLE! Except for TWO/2 specific and defined reasons the government and it's military could NOT EVER FORCE their stay on ANY LEGAL U.S. CITIZEN! Our Founding Fathers posited the rights/freedoms preeminently with and in THE PEOPLE. 

Also notice that even during time of War soldiers could only be quartered as prescribed BY LAW. One, the Constitution left it to the States first (THEN to the Federal Government) to determine the appropriate means to house soldiers in a PRIVATE RESIDENCE. This was most commonly done so by 1) STILL seeking permission FIRST, 2) By compensating the host for the inconvenience. 

Our Founders each step of the way placed the Rights, Freedoms, Authority and Responsibility with THE PEOPLE, NOT the State NOR Federal government.

The Fourth Amendment
"The RIGHT of THE PEOPLE to be SECURE in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, SHALL NOT be violated, and NO Warrants shall issue, BUT upon probable cause, SUPPORTED Oath or Affirmation, and particularly DESCRIBING the place to be searched, and the person or things to be seized." 

A man's home is his castle. That saying used to hold a whole lot more legal weight than it does today. Yet still, BEFORE the police or like-mannered law officers can INVADE your home, life, business...they MUST have a LEGAL AND SIGNED WARRANT. And the search and subsequent seizure MUST be clearly outlined IN the warrant. If the Warrant says "Search the house", that does NOT mean also search the Office, storage facilities...The search is RESTRICTED to what and where the warrant says! It is NOT a "living document"! 

This again underscores and highlights the ORIGINAL INTENT of The Founders: That the Rights of the People came FRI ST, BEFORE the Rights of the State.


Constitutional Conservative
Part 2

by John Adams
October 31, 2009

I am a Constitutional Conservative. By that I mean that I believe earnestly, passionately, 100% the following:

The Fifth Amendment
"No PERSON shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise famous crime, UNLESS on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, EXCEPT in cases arising in LAND AND NAVAL FORCES, OR IN THE MILITIA, when in actual service IN TIME OF WAR or PUBLIC DANGER; nor shall ANY PERSON be subject for the same offense to be TWICE put in jeopardy of LIFE OR LIMB; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness AGAINST himself, nor be deprived of LIFE, LIBERTY OR PROPERTY, without the due process of Law; nor shall private property be TAKEN for PUBLIC use, WITHOUT JUST COMPENSATION."

I'm making it EVEN MORE ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that the Rights and Freedoms of The Constitution and Bill of Rights are for ALL PEOPLE! Regardless of race, creed, color of sex. The ONLY reason the Amendments Eleven onward were added was due to LIBERALS "mucking" up the issue of said Rights and Freedoms, and LIBERALS wresting the Constitution by UNConstitutional, even ANTI-Constitutional, Amendments, that NEVER would have become Amendments had the Founders been present...for they understood that the Rights and Freedoms codified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights were for ALL people equally.

There should only be 2-3 further Amendments, NOT SEVENTEEN!!

NOW, about the Fifth Amendment.

Anyone who has watched ANY cop/court show in the last 40 years knows about an accused's Fifth Amendment rights are what we today call the "Miranda Rights" ( You have the right to remain silent...for rest see above.) BUT the Fifth Amendment goes BEYOND that, far beyond! The recent ANTI-Constitutional decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, the "Kelo" decision, TOOK/STOLE PRIVATE PROPERTY from a LEGAL AMERICAN, LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN and ILLegally "gave" the STOLEN property to another PRIVATE Citizen for "ECONOMIC REASONS"!

Our Founders were 100% against such THEFT! THAT'S the reason they Codified it into our Constitution in The Fifth Amendment!!!

The 5th Amendment Codifies INTO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION The RIGHT TO LIFE, i.e. "LIFE, Liberty, and Property"...the Declaration of Independence says we've been GIVEN THESE RIGHTS by Our Creator, "the Right to LIFE, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness." OUR Founding Fathers were PRO-LIFE!

The Sixth Amendment
"In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a SPEEDY and PUBLIC trial, by an IMPARTIAL jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be INFORMED of the NATURE and CAUSE of the accusation; to be CONFRONTED with the WITNESSES against him; to have COMPULSORY process for OBTAINING witness IN HIS FAVOR, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense."

This is a right that is sometimes neglected, at least in part. There are some who have been arrested, and jailed and have waited months- sometimes even years- BEFORE the trial EVEN STARTS!!! Appeal after appeal, stall after stall, legal briefing on some minutia of some sort causes the "SPEEDY" part from NOT happening as it ought.

This Amendment also, and more directly, speaks to the "Double Jeopardy" question. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights goes to great lengths to protect those who are charged with crimes. Today LIBERALS exacerbate, twist, and pervert our Laws and Rights to PROTECT those who are CLEARLY GUILTY and let them GO, WHILE attacking the VICTIMS and their families, looking for "dirt" and throwing up "smoke-screens" to get a case dismissed or a lighter sentence. THIS is NOT what our Constitutional Rights were EVER meant for!

The Seventh Amendment
"In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the RIGHT of trial BY JURY SHALL be preserved, and NO fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any Court of The United States, than according to the rules of common law."

This was to protect from "double jeopardy", one could NOT be tried twice for the same offense (unless jury and/or judge and/or evidence TAMPERING was evident.).

This was also to whittle down to a minimum the number of frivolous suits brought that did NOT have ample, verifiable evidence and witnesses.(Though LIBERALS have found a way around this aspect of the Amendment.)

At the MINIMUM 2 solid witnesses were warranted to proceed to trial. And the jury MUST be of his peers.

The Eighth Amendment
"Excessive bail shall NOT be REQUIRED, NOR excessive fines, NOR cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

"Excessive". The penalty was to be equal to the offense/crime, NOT LESS, NOR more. And seeing as the Founding Fathers, all the original States (and all since then) had at their inception the DEATH PENALTY, NO ONE can rightly claim the DEATH PENALTY to be "cruel and unusual punishment". Our Founders wanted Liberty and KNEW that there MUST NEEDS be Law and Order for there to BE true Liberty and it's accompanying rights.

The NON-Constitutional Conservative, i.e. LIBERAL, today wrests, twists and perverts the words of our Founding Documents to mean OTHER THAN, and often times, the OPPOSITE OF what our Founding Fathers instituted. This MUST be exposed and refuted at ALL TIMES and at ALL COSTS, or we'll continue to LOSE our Rights and Liberties to the Liberal Revisionists!

The Ninth Amendment
"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall NOT be construed to deny or disparage others RETAINED BY THE PEOPLE."

The Rights and Freedoms with their attendant responsibilities are NOT enumerated in every detail in The Constitution. Our Founders meant and intended that whatever was NOT spelled out plainly that it fell to THE PEOPLE. Thus maximizing our rights and freedoms. It NEVER was meant for the Government, Local, State or Federal, to become our "overbearing nanny"! Our Founders NEVER meant that Government would EVER be a "security blanket" for ANYONE! THAT was for the individuals, Families, Churches, Charities...NOT by FORCE of Government TAXATION and REGULATION! Our Founders put the HIGHEST emphasis and HIGHEST regard on INDIVIDUAL Freedom/Rights, and only believed Government was meant to protect the law-abiding from the NON-law-abiding.

The Tenth Amendment
"The powers NOT delegated to the United States by The Constitution, NOR prohibited by it to The STATES, are RESERVED TO The STATES respectively, OR to The PEOPLE."

Rights and Freedoms are GOD given. Our National Documents declare such clearly. Our National Documents merely codify into law what the "Laws of Nature and of Nature's God...Creator..." set as the Standard, the Norm at the Creation of mankind in Eden.

The 10th Amendment places the repository and guardianship of these rights FIRST with the individual, "THE PEOPLE", as does God in HIS Word. Then it graduates by increments up to local governance that MOST CLOSELY represent THE PEOPLE. Then to THE STATES. And, lastly, to the National/federal Government. The highest principles are Freedom and Order...and it is to each individual to RIGHTLY apply and operate within that Freedom and Order.

When The Constitution is SILENT then The People are to enjoy that right and freedom and to celebrate, express and display it as they deem proper. Then it falls to the local/state governing bodies. THIS does NOT in any means give a "seal of approval" to Anarchy, Licentiousness, Rioting and Chaos.


To "Bleep!" With Moderates!
by John Adams
October 18, 2009

"In Politics The MIDDLE Way is NONE AT ALL!"
-John Adams, Founding Father, Revolutionary Hero, 2nd President.

Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty!" speech: www.wallbuilders.com/LIBissuesArticles.asp?id=54

More Patrick Henry Quotes: http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quotes_by/patrick+henry

Declaration of Independence: www.constitution.org/usdeclar.htm

Constitution/Bill of Rights: www.constitution.org/usconsti.htm

Samuel Adams quotes: http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quotes_by/samuel+adams

James Madison quotes: http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quotes_by/james+madison

Quotes From various Founding Fathers: www.eadshome.com/QuotesoftheFounders.htm


- WHERE in all the above does ANYONE find a "Winning Formula" for being and governing as a Moderate? Where? It's NOT there because there isn't one! NONE exists!

- Where in all the above does ANYONE find a "Winning Formula" for BEING and GOVERNING as a LIBERAL? Where? Hmmm?! You will NOT find it because it it's NOT there! There is NONE! Blimey!

- Before I go any further let me post two Conservative Maxims.

#1] Compromise with LIBERALISM of ANY degree on ANY issue is NOT Conservatism. EXAMPLE: There is NO Conservative "PRO-Abortion" stance.

#2] Compromise AMONG CONSERVATIVES on Conservative issues is o.k. as long as we are ALWAYS MOVING TOWARD CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE. EXAMPLE: Whether it's Reagan-esque tax cuts, tax rate cuts or the abolition entirely of the Income tax and going ot a Flat National Sales Tax...it's ALL Conservative.

- So when you hear me say: "NO COMPROMISE EVER!" You now know it's me driving home Conservative Maxim #1.

WHAT is the Middle way? What Does it Mean to Be a Moderate?

- First let me use "Political Math" to show the various other terms/views associated with being a Moderate:

Now What IS a Moderate?

- A Moderate is either a "Stealth Liberal", a Liberal trying to sound and seem as Conservative as possible all the while attacking Conservatives and Conservatism, and working to DIVIDE REAL Conservatives. Moderates work to WEAKEN the Conservative Movement and message to point of not even being articulated let alone implemented.

- OR...a Moderate is someone too STUPID or too COWARDLY to admit they are ANYTHING BUT Conservative, i.e. a LIBERAL.

- Either way, a Moderate is an ENEMY of Constitutionalism, Conservatism and Conservatives, and their RESULTS are catastrophic to Constitutional Governance!

- A Moderate will say "I'm personally against abortion, but I will work to keep abortion safe and legal and defend a woman's right to choose."

- A Moderate will say "I'm personally for 2nd Amendment Gun Rights, BUT I can see having laws AGAINST 'assault weapons' and AGAINST conceal carry."

- A Moderate will say "I'm persoanlly for tax cuts and smaller government, BUT we NEED Global Warming and Emmissions Laws, and I'm AGAINST Privatising or Abolishing Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and Welfare."

- A Moderate will say "I'm a Real, Reagan Conservative, BUT that Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin NEED to Shut-UP and QUIT harping about the R.I.N.O.S."

- Now, I don't care one stinking bit if a "Moderate" takes umbrage at this- I don't know any REAL Conservative that does. BE CONSERVATIVE. BE HONEST. WIN!!

- America Can NOT BE America when "Moderates"/Liberals rule! America- not just Conservatives- AMERICA LOSES when "Moderates"/Liberals rule! America suffers, America is TORTURED when "Moderates"/Liberals rule!

- John Adams, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Samuel Adams, Edmund Randolph, Benjamin Franklin...FOUNDERS ALL, passionately and emphatically renounced and denounced "The Middle Way"! America's Founders were DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to the "Moderate"/Liberal world-view! America would NOT even have been thought of by a gaggle of "Moderates"/Liberals, let alone FOUNDED BY these LOSERS!

- America COULD NOT be Founded by or upon ANY "Moderate"/Liberal principles! I challenge anyone to READ ALL the quotes in the links provided at the beginning of this post ...and NO WHERE is there ANY of the "precious "Moderate"/Liberal world-view"!

- Let me close with this: The Moderate world-view is a tale told by IDIOTS, full of sound and fury signifying NOTHING.


"What Conservatism IS"

It used to be that when someone, anyone said they were a Conservative you knew exactly what they meant. But with so many "New-&-Improved" tv and radio talk-shows, web-sites, blogs, periodicals, newsletters each proclaiming some angle, some variety or "specialty" of Conservatism we now have "abbreviated hybrids" of Conservatism- "fiscal Conservative", "neo-Conservative", "paleo-Conservative", "Reagan-Conservative", "Compassionate Conservative"...blah, blah, blah.

Well, let's cut through all the "new-fangled hype" and lets look to what "ol' timers" like the Founding Fathers called Conservatism, i.e. Constitutional Conservatism. America's Founders knew our Liberties & Rights came from God our creator, NOT man. They put such a high value on them that they are Codified into Constitutional Law.

The First issue they mentioned, and they mentioned FIRST TWICE, once in the Declaration of Independence and again in the 5th Amendment was LIFE. Our Founders knew that without LIFE all the other Rights & Liberties were a moot point. Dead people don't need Rights and Liberties. So TWICE Our Founding Fathers listed LIFE FIRST: "LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happines" and "LIFE, Liberty and Property". I.e., America's Founders are ANTI-Abortion.

The next Right was the Right that America's Founders were the MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT: LIBERTY! It is IMPOSSIBLE to imagine them fighting the Revolutionary War - America's LONGEST WAR - had they not put such a High Premium on LIBERTY. After all, our First National Document IS called:

The Declaration of INDEPENDENCE! Think of the War slogans and rally cries of our Founders:


LIBERTY! America's Founders would have rather DIED FREE than to live to be a thousand UNDER TYRANNY!

The next Right or Principle that America's Founders Codifed into Constitutional Law was: PRIVATE PROPERTY/THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Again, this is from the Declaration & 5th Amendment. This IS FREE Market Capitalism! Private Business. A Man's house is his Castle...NOT The Governments! America's Founders would ARREST and either Exile or Execute every single Liberal- DNC, MSM & R.I.N.O.- for Subversion, Sedition and Treason! What Liberals have done to America's FREE Market/PRIVATE Sector Economy and Private Property Right IS TREASONIST! To TAKE PRIVATE Property/Finances from one and give to another is NOT "charity" NOR "compassion"! NO! It IS Marxism and it IS Tyranny!!

Next, the Founders Codified into Constitutional Law the LEGAL Citizens RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS...even against their own government should it become tyrannical and transgress the Constitution. The 2nd Amendment is "the teeth, the muscle" of The Constitution. It enables and empowers the LEGAL Citizen to protect His/Her Life, Liberty and Property from theives- Governmental or otherwise.

The first Amendment is where America's Founders Codified into Constitutional Law the DIVINE RIGHT for ALL LEGAL Citizens to PROTEST, MARCH, RALLY, BOYCOTT, PICKETT AND CALL OUT their Government representatives each and every time they transgress the Constitution! Article 6 Clause 2 of America's Constitution says that The CONSTITUTION IS The Supreme/Final Law of the Land! America's Founders gave us The Rule of Law - NOT the rule of man/men! We are CONSTITUTIONALLY GOVERNED by CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Any man or "law" that is CONTRARY TO The Constitution is NOT to be obeyed!

98% of America's population at it's founding was Christian. 98%! 25% of the signers/writers of America's Founding Documents were MINISTERS! 25%! ALL but 2 of the signers/writers of America's Founding Documents were REGULAR CHURCH GOERS. See: Quotes of The Founders
There you will see quote after quote of America's Founding Fathers calling America a "CHRISTIAN NATION"! My name-sake, John Adams and John Hancock signed a joint Resolution & Proclamation on August 17th, 1775 saying THIS:
"We have NO Sovereign BUT God, and NO King BUT Jesus!"

I bring this up to refute the silly, stupid and UN-Constitutional notion of the "separation of church and state", which has been defined by Liberals to mean "freedom FROM religion"! This Marxist idea is so absolutely FOREIGN to the world-view of America's Founding Fathers as to be laughable! From this we can see where and WHY Our Founding Fathers wrote State Laws in EVERY STATE against Sodomy, Incest, Pedophilia, Adultery and Fornication. Yeah, they took "Social CONSERVATISM" serious too. America's Founders were NOT "just fiscal Conservatives/Libertarians"! NO! America's Founders were 100%, through-and-through CONSERVATIVES. And so am I...it's the ONLY REAL KIND OF CONSERVATISM TO BE.


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