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Bio: Gene is co-editor of The Conservative Activist, a citizen journalist, Vietnam Vet, patriotic American, and lifelong conservative artist. Now Gene finds himself in the role of Activist. Unwilling to set idly by and allow this great Nation and the freedoms he fought for fall prey to the Marxist ideologues of the left.

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Marxist Media, The Alphabet Channels
by Gene Long
November 18, 2009

The writers working for the alphabet channels have received their marching orders from above to define "Who To Hate In America". Code words have been installed and used often to re-direct one's thinking, while degrading millions of fellow America loving Americans.

Gun owners and members of state militias were the focus of an entire show last night on one of these channels. They were portrayed as dirty savages dealing in illegal arms trading. The entire Appalachian region took a nasty slap in the face with degrading remarks meant to imply a backward people, stupidity, and deserves to be hated.

Christians are getting much the same treatment. I was appalled at the blatant attempt of these people portraying Christians as radical terrorists, last night as well.

The list goes on, TV shows, commercials, and all forms of leftist media is openly defining who they feel we need to hate. They have without shame, or apology, fully signed on to promote a Marxist agenda, and destroy anything that resembles a Conservative America. Simply put, it's an un-forgivable betrayal. MSM, like Obama, have chosen Marxism over Liberty, and now is, in fact, State Run Media.

Yes, terms like conservatism, tea party, extremist, and God knows what will come next, continue to be put in whatever context to project negative images of millions of everyday, God loving, America loving people.

Do you feel you need to have someone tell you how to think, what to eat, who to hate, where to live, what to say, or not... just tune in to the alphabets for you daily "programming". They hate you, but at least they smile while saying it.


War Of Two Worlds - One Nation
by Gene Long
October 21, 2009

Fox News, foreign newspapers, conservative radio, and websites are our last remaining hope for truth in journalism. "Shamestream" media has failed America. They have chosen to turn their backs on principle, but worse still, The American People. It should be clear to anyone today that they, with glee, have signed on to do whatever this administration commands in the deliberate destruction of The United States Of America. Just a few minutes of scanning alphabet channels reveals a common thread, in that they have abandoned real journalism. What you will hear is that the great lie is truth, and what is good is now evil.

This same evil runs deep in the Republican Party. The ranks of gutless, worthless, excuses of mankind, are far too willing to sit "silently" by as our founding principles are used for kindling to fuel the rise to power of a communist government. It must be that or they are simply ignoring us, which reaps the same result. "OR" It is that they simply don't care. I will submit it is a combination of all the above, but most assuredly at least one of these reasons is truth. American representation in Washington is a disgrace. The decision to abandon America is at their own peril.

This great Republic is at war with an enemy that hates the very foundation of what we hold to be dear. The left, the right, are two completely opposite ideals. Two opposite worlds, if you will, exist within our nations borders.

These months past have now turned to weeks in which we have to try and stop this madness. Copenhagen. Obama will sign that treaty. Ratification aside, Obamas action in signing, alone, speaks volumes of his agenda and his willingness to sign over this great nation to the UN.

The sounds of opposition should be thunderous in both houses of Congress in these dark days, but we have precious few exceptions. I should add here that this has caught the attention of all America, and is quickly becoming a bi-partisan call to Washington. And America is saying "NO". Those are fools that refuse to hear. We are faced with an out of control power that is at war with the people of this country.

Admittedly, I suppose it was only a matter of time before these two completely opposite worlds were to go head to head on our own soil. Not remaining vigilant will have to be our cross to bear. All generations to come should be constantly reminded of how not paying attention will have repercussions.

Yes, we are at war with an evil world, and the prize is AMERICA! The inescapable truth of it is, we have come to the point of ugly. I pray God, have mercy. As these weeks turn to days, we must be heard. America, if you are not involved, get involved!


America, We Have A Problem...
by: Gene Long
October 09, 2009

What will you do when your source of information is no longer available? How will you react when you discover your opinion, and concern is no longer tolerated, or allowed to be expressed?

We, as Americans, are but just a step away from an event that could transform this nightmare into reality. Be it an attack on our nations soil, an American clash with unions, an uprising within our borders, or just about anything that could be considered a threat to national security.

This administration has openly expressed its desire for control of the information highway. It "is" after all part of the overall agenda. Be it a convenient opportunity, or one that is manufactured, it is a very real threat to our Constitution.

Obama has labored in opening all doors of chance in hopes of achieving this opportunity, the right crises, to further gain a huge chunk of control over the American People.

Google, and Microsoft are but two of the internet giants that have very cozy relationships with this administration, and gives a clear picture of how easy it would be to enact this administrations agenda.

The voice we now have is on borrowed time. I would suggest that, before it is too late, "all" Americans should exercise their Constitutional Right to free speech. Say what need be said, now. Voice your anger; send the message loud and clear. Internet sites, from news to blogs, and discussion boards, are available to everyone, and everyone must be involved. Now is not the time to be timid. Everyone should take 10 minutes and turn off TV, radio, and computer, everything... and sit there in total silence. 10 minutes... it doesn't even take that long to understand what it means to be silenced. The impact of an act of this magnitude is truly a scary thought for Americans, or should be.

Free Speech... What's it worth to you? The "Constitution"... What's "it" worth to you? Use it, NOW, or you will most certainly lose it.


Dark Days For America
by Gene Long
October 8, 2009

Rush Limbaugh remarked on his radio show that these are dark days for America. People across the nation, as I, would agree. This administration is openly operating in secret, and has a flippant attitude as to what America is saying. This overthrow of our Republic, from within our own government, is being facilitated by fascist appointments by Obama and his shadow advisers. The most radical, and communist tied people have been given positions of power.

The reason?

They hate America! They support and will further any and all endeavors to destroy The United States. This my friends is the very real threat to our Freedom as well as the world... mankind, and it is now at our threshold.

The power of The American People is being wrestled away, methodically, and with force. Obama is not listening, nor does he or his administration even care. It is shown to us daily America has no say in his new world. By design, this administration is focused solely on taking this country down.

George Soros is heavily invested in this tyrannical plot. He personally has funded this time in history for many years. For cryin' out loud he has footing in our own Pentagon. Looking at all his ties to Acorn, and radical sponsorships, his being involved in stealing an election or two, and a quite possible run on our banks back in Sept. '08, why is this guy still not being looked at with scrutiny. To think he has not played a role in this mess would be like saying rocks float! Obama is his puppet, a willing puppet, but a puppet just the same.

Those that are just waking to the fact that there is a real problem in America, we implore of you to take action now! Everyone can do something however big or small. Let your voice join with the millions of other Americans that are angry. Get involved for God and Country! America IS at risk. I make this not a party line call, but a shout to Americans. Differences aside we must unite and save this country. Do not let out children live in oppression and on their knees in servitude.

Do it NOW! Join the "United" States of America!


"One for the history books"
by: Gene Long
October 7, 2009

As The United States of America is faced with a fascist/communist all out effort to overthrow our beloved Republic, Americans are angry. They are witness to an "in your face" tyranny that begs to go un-noticed, but is openly displayed.

Anyone that is remotely paying attention today would have to marvel at this moment in history, in which The American People are rising against a government that does not care. A tsunami is welling up in this nation to deliver a backlash blow of historic proportions. Does the far left see it coming? I feel they do. Thus the need to proceed, at quick pace to head it off.

A shift to the center, or even center right have been options open to this administration, to calm the masses, but instead they still take their marching orders from the far left. It is a path that allows for the continued stripping of rights, and to gain even more power over the American People.

This demise, a self-murder of sorts, of the far left and its core ideals is a remarkable spectacle, one that is growing by the hour. To stay in power will require even more power grabs. To be sure, we will see it in the coming weeks. They must now destroy this nation with whatever means are available, from any or all fronts.

The drums of Freedom have been heard, and they grow louder. So it now comes down to how brave are those on the left to put their reputations on the line for the far left. Just how bad do they want to take on America? The fascist sees the brass ring within reach; they will try and snatch it!

This administration, funded, and manipulated by George Soros must now pay the piper. With Soros appointed czars, and the unions, Pelosi, Reid, and Obama all embracing the evil of the world, and ignoring the outrage turned to anger of The American People the intent is clear.

In 2010, they will hear us then...will they listen?



The yet to be tallied sums of the millions in taxpayer money spent in this arrogant administrations effort to bring the olympics to Chicago, is but just another failure. Obama is a failure. But, He has the whooole world, in his hands, he has the whooole world...

This little man, or, more like a little boy, Barry, is such an idiot! I can only hope this will bring his thinking around to the fact that he is not the legend his mind keeps telling him he is. But alas, just look for me, I'll be the blue man holding my breath... not LOL. Hey Mayor Daily, how is that hope and change workin' for ya? What a joke, and a damned expensive one at that! But, we are supposed to see the great sacrifice they have made... funny, all I see is arrogant corruption. Hey Mayor Daily, how about letting us all in on whatever it is you are holding over Barry's head.

Rock stars? Not hardly. Maybe they should have had Acorn aboard.

-Gene Long
Oct. 06, 2009


Rise To The Revolution

American presidents since George Washington have been elected to be the representatives of the free world. Nations around the world have looked to the United States as the only country that stands between them and an evil that would, at any moment, overtake them. They have known the U.S. would never stand for an overthrow of any nation striving to maintain their own freedoms and rule of law. That long standing confidence is today, strained at best, and they now look to America as a nation to be feared as a threat to them as well.

The present occupier of our nations capitol openly displays his contempt for free nations and supports everything this nation has stood against since our founding. He is fully aware of the will of the people, yet smugly, openly, and with malice is determined to destroy, reshape, and force America into the submission of being servants unto him for all time. This, my friends is the undeniable truth we are faced with today.

The coming weeks will be a test for we, The American People. This will be a time for all Americans to ask themselves the question, just how much am I willing to sacrifice? Do I really want my children living by third world standards? Do I want to be controlled in every aspect of my daily life? Do I want to be in a nation of no hope?

Obama knows he has a very real and persistent problem with the American People. He knows we are an angry nation, and chooses to try to marginalize us with rhetoric of we being the vast right wing conspiracy that are bitter haters, and in effect enemies of the state. There are many that are buying this bulls*** and fully onboard to demonize us in all media available to them. They like to think of themselves as above you and I. The "elite" could care less about destroying this country and feel they are above any of the repercussions of their deeds. Shamestream media, Hollywood, corrupt politicians and elitists across this land are willing to help him accomplish his evil agenda. But, what they fail to realize is that we the people see through all this bulls***, and we will have the final say. Once we have taken our country back, and we will, all of these people must face the fact that outside of their close knit circles of friends, our society will forever scorn them and their collective ideals. Their legacy will be disgrace.

There is a revolution growing in this country. I would suggest that it has this administration very worried. Hence the need to work as quickly as possible to enact legislation to try and head it off. It will be to no avail for them. They truly underestimate America. Only fools can think the United States will fall for this nations overthrow. It goes against every fiber of our existence.

Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and all the rest of the fools on capitol hill continue to provoke the American people into acts of violence with their whiney, liberal, rhetoric in hopes of getting a reaction that will allow them to point fingers at the heartland of this country as the evil that stands between them and their utopia. If this country does in fact erupt into violence it will be a reaction that is intentionally caused by "the vast left wing conspiracy". They want this country in anarchy, for with unrest will come martial law, which will achieve the ultimate goal of control, possible genocide, and an appointment of a permanent ruler/king. Now, are you awake?

I ask all of America to unite as one. The left is hard at work dividing this nation, for they know this to be the path to their victory. Resist! We must as Americans put our differences aside. If people can drop the hyphen from their heritage and declare themselves simply American and unite as "WE THE PEOPLE", we can defeat this division that is with purpose being instilled upon our beloved land. Again, rise up America, and to repeat my favorite saying...Any man that is not for this great nation, is in fact against it.

-Gene Long


We, The People of America

We, The People of America, are appalled at the Obama administration and the blatant and still ongoing snub of American allies. These shameful actions and comments coming from the oval office do not reflect the will of America. With clear intent, cruelty and outright deliberate contempt, Obama has disgraced this nation. He has dishonored friendly global relations with our nations closest allies.

His opening the door to dictators, murderers, and tyrants, and bowing to their favor is so crystal clear, so "transparent". We've all watched, we all know. Really.

Our allies abroad should know that this is "not" the will of The American People. We will right the terrible wrongs made by the madness that now occupies our oval office.

We have allowed this would be dictator-in-chief to trample on all that is good and moral in this nation. He has had ample time to prove an agenda, and it has been shown to be one of evil. History will not record greatness for Obama, but a great failure to lead a Free Nation. History will reveal, once again, We The People, The American People, stand upon our constitution, and we ARE the deciders. We ARE a Free Nation!

All politicians, federal, as well as local should take note that America is coming. America is angry and we will be making some changes in 2010. Chose now wisely your allegiance to this nation, for if you chose the way of the fascist, you are in the political crosshairs of that election. America WILL have the final say, make no mistake.

I suggest that 2010 will make remarkable history. America will shake this administration at its foundations and the crumbling roar will be heard around the world as a message of Freedom. America, has, and always will be a Free Nation, and will shine that light of Freedom to the world - one of "true" hope - the last "real" hope for mankind.

Washington, America IS coming - count on it!

-Gene Long



What kind of man would want to leave a legacy of complete disgrace? A legacy that will last for all time, passed from one generation to the next as an embarrassment to even be remotely associated with. What kind of loving father could look at his own children all the while knowing in the depths of his evil mind that he is trying to destroy all that is good in the greatest nation in the world? This is a legacy that will burden these children for all their years.

It would take a completely committed narcissistic radical, an, "at all cost" individual that down deep, really deep, "does not care". It is of my opinion that this is man that sits in our nations capitol.

His failure is being revealed daily. Discontent is growing at the same pace, and still his response is to snub the people that offered him the opportunity to do great things. He lied to us then, and lies still today. His open wooing the favor of dictators, murderers, and tyrants is rightfully alarming to us, but we get a bored yawn as a response. And while I'm at it, Hey BARRY! "ENOUGH" with slamming The United States of America every time you draw a breath! Not once has this failure expressed true heartfelt feelings about America and her major accomplishments and true greatness.

To be "scared" in the last months has now been elevated to red flag alarm. More and more people that were not listening are now wondering, how we got to this point -Wait this isn't what I voted for-. And of course let's not leave out the "Joe I don't wanna hear it's", and the "What?" "That will never happens", and the "Did she get voted offs?." We, the opposition ARE growing. Why does he refuse to listen? He could really give a flip about what we as Americans think. To him we must be silenced, and disposed of. Those that choose to say no to his agenda are his enemy, this is an undeniable truth.

When you look into the eyes of angels, beautiful, and full of wonderment, and completely innocent, your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or any child, you must ask yourself how could anyone...? We have a man in our capitol that will.

To those that are awake, Unite and Rise let our voices be heard!

- Gene Long


Obama: An American Failure

Healthcare, Cap & Tax, Global Warming, The war in Afghanistan, all of which are the failures of the Obama administration, and have an agenda of undermining the very foundations this country has used for over two centuries to become the greatest nation in the world.

We now have valid and hard evidence, a lesson of sorts, and a most clear and striking picture of what happens when the far left, extremist radicals control government. All with the blessings of a radical, hate filled tenant of the oval office.

America is fighting mad! We are met daily with descriptions of Nazi, Racist, far right extremists, and whatever else the left can use to demonize, demoralize, and divide America at its heart. We are, being lead by insanity, a madness that WILL destroy our country. America has come to its final days. That's right folks, we are finished. "Unless" more Americans join the fight to stop this person, we will soon be unable to do so. The time is NOW for loud protest at every turn.

If we can turn this tide, (and we have made progress) even George Soros money won't be able to save him, but we must unite now. As I write this, our failure-in-chief is handing over the United States of America to the UN, with the cheers of dictators, tyrants, and murderers resounding their approval. Are you awake now?

This is a most valuable lesson for Americans to learn. One that shows liberalism for what it truly is at it's core. Anyone today, that would support this agenda is ANTI-AMERICAN and will spit on what you and I hold to be dear. This fascist nation is fast becoming reality, and will require all Americans to rise in powerful opposition. Do it NOW! For to remain silent will surly complete our demise.

Shall you sit silently by and watch the outstretched hands of socialism snatch your country from you? Will you allow for the self-murder of the greatest nation in the world? If you answer no, let it be known, that every man and woman of good conscience must now leave your office, your farm, your workshop, and devote as much effort as possible to save our nation from the clutches of tyranny.

We have given barry his "chance", the one the left keeps asking for, and he has proved to be inept to hold our nations highest office. He is, for America, a failure. Many of us know this now, but still, there are those that refuse to see, for who knows what reason, but you and I know they are out there. We run into them everyday. I implore you to relentlessly show them that now is not the time to be complacent. Ask them every day, just what "IS" it that has to happen to make you say, "No You Won't"?

This day marks a moment in history. As Barry stands in front of the UN, He has revealed, once again what his true intentions and agenda are. He projected that America is no longer a world super power. He seeks support of dictators above allies, and all the while is showing a weakness to the world. This, I submit, is done with all the malicious intent to invite attack on this country. He could then finish America with the rest of his plan, to be ruler for all time. Farfetched? Maybe. But you must remember, this man is evil. He lives evil. He tells lies with such ease, it's evil.

Are you ready to serve? Your country, or barry, the time to decide is now. Remember, any man that is not for this great nation, ...is against it.

- Gene Long


Conservative Websites Being Scrubbed From The Search Engines

All of the search engines, it would seem, are tied to Barry and his agenda, and I don't have to tell you about the shameless mainstream media and their lack of journalism. We conservatives, that run websites, are being quietly isolated and buried deep in results. Just ask World Net Daily.

I submit it is time for conservative websites to get pro active in link trades. Andrew Breitbart recently said basically that he happily wants people to link to his articles. Smart man.

We are being shut out folks, and with Barry eyeballing the net more and more, we must take action for the American public to find truth. Without a search engine willing to give good and true search results, and purposefully hiding conservative results, I think this dirt road is about to turn to mud.

We can't hold that a strong conservative with deep pockets will swoop in and save the day with a true search engine.

My suggestion is that conservative websites make their link lists a bigger part of their sites. Promoting each other with like minds, building bridges, and sending out the truth for America. After all it is about patriotism, right? Now there are those that will balk and say they won't share traffic, to them I say, you need not apply. This is about networking for the survival of all conservative websites.

I'm open to conservative website link trades. I promote them openly on my front page, as I want searchers to have available as much as I can provide for them to find what they are looking for.

I would welcome any thoughts and suggestions anyone may have. You can post them here The Conservative Activist Forum or Contact us for a link trade.

We cannot let the socialist agenda of the left stifle our voices. Net working can be a good thing for conservatives!

- Gene Long


America Is Fighting Mad

In the face of America loving people, the left has no shortage of political hacks that are voicing their communist agenda. Singing praises of the likes of the Castro brothers, or trying to convince America that a coup has taken place in Honduras, when in fact that country was simply upholding their own constitution and the rule of law. U.S. citizens are not, (contrary to DC mentality) stupid. The mainstream media air waves are filled with these hacks of all stripes. All are pushing to destroy what this great nation and her principles stand for.

And who do the conservatives get to hear in support of their views? John McCain. The left's voice, now is so loud it almost makes ones ears bleed. From the right we hear,______________. I personally am sick of seeing McCain get in front of the cameras, and openly state how willing he is to still yet concede constituional rights to the left. By the way, JOHN, we are coming for you in 2010. RINO! How is it that the republician party allows this man to move his lips?

Just where ARE our true leaders, and why are they not shouting from the rooftops? They seem to be content in allowing the American people to do their job for them. For whatever reason we have precious few that will speak up, but then go into hiding for weeks on end.

We need strong, vocal leaders to step forward now more than ever, and what do we have to show for it? ____________. Let this be a bit of advice to those that are ducking the American public... 2010 is fast approaching, and America is fighting mad.

- Gene Long


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